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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tolerance and Children

These days I find that I have very little patience if any. My tolerance for people, other than my husband and children, is zero.

The problem is I don’t mind telling people what I think of their stupidity…

So to you, the douche bag texting while driving next to me and my precious babies. I had no problem rolling down my window to tell you: You are a fucking asshole and I hope you run your car up the curb and hit a pole (of course injuring no one).

To you, the guy in Starbucks that decided to walk in front of me after I had been waiting 15 minutes for a Latte ,with a toddler impatiently waiting for her blueberry muffin while holding my now fussing 11 month old. I had no problem asking you: What am I invisible to you? His response: Oh, sorry, I did not see you there. Me: I guess I am invisible; kind of surprising being that I have a toddler yanking on my skirt and a fussing baby hanging off my hip.
Him: Here let me buy your coffee.
Me: Damn right… as I grab my latte and Addison’s muffin and we head out the door.

To you, the teenager who cut me off; nice to see you at the red light. I had no problem rolling down my window to tell you: You are a fucking moron and I am sure your mother would be so proud.

And finally, to you cashier at Target; who forgot to ring up half my stuff before totaling, then needing a manager to override and having the nerve to blame me. I had no problem telling you: Learn how to do your fucking job; it’s not rocket science.

Maybe it is because I worked in a restaurant for 12 years and had to deal with idiots all day (especially over the phone) or maybe it is because I have to reserve what little patience I have left for my children.

So, if you ever happen to run into me and piss me off, you can be assured I am going to tell you that you’re a jerk and it will most definitely be in a not so polite way.

Day 2. 363 Days Left

Another Day at Gredda's...

A peek over the fence.

My parent’s neighbor has Chickens and Roosters for pets.

(My parents have Two German Sheppard’s and a Rottweiler.)

Boys will be Boys.

Playtime in the hose.

Another day well spent...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

365 Days of Pictures

I am a camera toting Mama… the camera comes everywhere with me. I have been a pathological picture taker from the very second my daughter was born. Well, actually; my sister was the photographer that moment.She managed to capture me with my legs spread in full glory as the OB. was pulling out Addison, my husband and girlfriend holding my legs and my mom a cool cloth to my forehead. Don't worry, I will spare you the image.

I have tens of thousands of pictures occupying space on both computers. I have captured every milestone both babies have experienced thus far. They hate the camera. Mostly because it has been in their face from the moment of birth. I love that I have every moment we have experienced together. They will appreciate my annoying efforts once they have children of their own- scary thought.

Since I have a crap load of pictures why not do something about that?! Sort of a virtual baby book…

Day 1:

We spent yesterday at Gredda's (my mom). On our way there, I decided to treat Addison to Dunkin' Donuts. I got her a cup of ten Munchkins...
The itty-bitty finished all ten before we arrived at the house.

Once there; they spent the day in the backyard...
Playing in the hose.

But as usual,

Jackson preferred drinking the water.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Yo Gabba Gabba Generation

I remember the first morning my husband walked in the room and Addison and I were fixated on the TV. He came over to see what we were watching so intently. He said, "you guys aren’t really watching this; are you? What the hell is it?" I remember thinking the same thing as I stare intently at the TV.

I had just stumbled on the show. Addison was nine months at the time. She loved it. From that moment Gabba became a favorite. In fact, it was the only show that would keep her attention for the full half hour. So Yo Gabba Gabba became my favorite.

While at Target one day we discovered the Gabba Friend plushies. She was in love. We had to collect them all. Including their larger speaking counter parts. Then the silly balls. The boom box learning laptop. The books and DVD’s. The Plex train and Plex car with all the friends to travel along. Now that she is potty trained; the undies- which are so stinkin’ cute on her- just love them.

Never did I imagine that she would be hooked.

Yo Gabba has been a part of your daily schedule. Seriously, outings are scheduled around the show. We look forward to new episodes and dancey dance time (we includes mommy). Now Jackson is hooked. He has been watching since five days old. When I need a mommy moment, to make dinner or run the trash out, I know if Yo Gabba Gabba is on they will be entertained for the half hour.

Because my daughter is so in love with Yo Gabba it seemed appropriate to plan a Gabba themed party for her third birthday and the gifts to go along. They have some pretty awesome toys. Gabba LIVE here we come! And Foofa bounce-on; well I am just going to be the best mommy ever… beat that Santa Claus!

I stumbled across the ultimate fan-site call Gabba Friends;

There are so many amazing ideas. If your children are into it as much as mine, you should have a look at the site.

Repeat after me: Yo Gabba Gabba Yo!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where Have My Babies Gone

Jackson is walking. He has actually been walking since 7 ½ months. The past three weeks he has really favored walking and the past two days; well, he just walks. No more crawling.

He is able to do things like get on and off the sofa and Addison's toddler bed, without help. He is able to bend down and pick up his bottle or toy without losing balance and falling. He is able to follow his big sister around and keep up, quiet well.

I can get rid of the baby cloths- no problem. Out with the old in with the new. It is watching them grow and lose all the “baby”; very bitter sweet. This comes as we approach Jackson’s first birthday and shortly after Addison’s third.

They have grown so fast. Jackson much faster; as most second babies do.

My little baby boy is becoming my little guy. And he is looking for the trouble to go along…

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Mother’s Plea

For ALL our family and friends…

To you Santa Claus and Easter Bunny…

I beg you to have pity on a mommy.
Stop bringing, sending and delivering so many toys.

They are just as happy playing with the empty box.

I can not keep up with them. They have me out numbered.
The messes just keep getting BIGGER...

One very exhausted mommy

Monday, August 23, 2010

Captain Kimo

Congratulations to our family friend Kimo for his achievements with his HDR Photography Blog. He has finally made it to Google’s first page.

He has had his HDR Photography Blog for a little over two years and has made it primetime!

Just visit his site

His HDR Photos are amazing; well worth the visit!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Cats and Dogs

Cats, dogs and children do not mix…

I say this mostly because the expense of owing a pet; well 80% the other 20% is the amount of energy and time it takes caring for them.

There was a point in time I loved my pets. Long before children and probably until just after pregnancy.

There was a point in time I thought three cats and three dogs sounded like a great idea. Once again, long before children.

Addison and Jackson both adore their pets, especially the dogs. Mostly our Pug Petunia.

Me on the other hand- I hate them all.

Allow me to explain.

One cat has hip-dysplasia; yes, a cat. One dog has glaucoma which requires regular eye specialist visits and three to four daily medications. She also has a platelet condition which required chemo treatments, hospitalization and more medications. We discovered she is allergic to bees which may have caused the problem. A fucking bee sting. The damn dog almost died. Now when we walk her, we have to move the grass around, checking for bees, before she can walk on it. Another dog has anal glad problems. Yes, it is as disgusting as it sounds. Each time they rupture it costs $400.00.

First cat, pisses in our bathroom sink. At least he is not doing it on Addison things anymore.

Second cat, shits in front of the litter box. I mean really, take the extra step. Then he will sit in front of the water bowl and meow until it is dumped and replenished with fresh water. The water could just have been changed but if another animal took a drink, well, change it again.

The third cat, vomits piles of food all over the house. He does this four times a day.

I hate loading up the kids in effort to take the dogs out in 100 degree temperatures. It’s not like letting them out in the backyard. No, I have to strap both kids in the double stroller, make sure to grab the house keys, juice sippy cups & snacks, leash up all three dogs and take the elevator to the ground floor, walk past the condo drive way to the street while pulling and fighting with the dogs which are trying to eat the kids snacks. Then I get to battle it out with the spiders in hopes the dogs will shit in a four x four patch of grass. This usually takes 45 useless minutes.

The dogs beg and snatch food out of the kid’s hand. They bark at any sound or any thing that moves. During nap time, I sit quietly at the computer. I do not move in fear the dogs will wake the kids.

One of the cats likes to scratch the furniture, including sofa pillows. And another goes for eyes- yes, kids included; everyone is fair game. While our rescue dog pisses on my living carpet.

Petunia the “beloved golden pug” has eaten too many of the kid’s puzzles and toys to be considered “golden” any longer.

Those damn animals are lucky Addison and Jackson love them so much because to me they have become nothing more than animals. Maintenance.

It is the moments when I see them laying together and running through the house having a great time that remind me of why,at one point in time,I loved each of them .

I guess every now and then I just need those small reminders.

Friday, August 20, 2010

One Day I Will Finish

Each day I wake up with a number of goals.

1. I will have more patience with my children, especially Addison.

2. I will make it through the day without screaming so loud the entire condo building can hear me (and probably the surrounding houses).

3. I will enjoy our afternoon walk with the dogs rather than yanking them around and getting pissed off at them or the kids.

4. I will not call my husband 50 times, while he is at work, bitching about the spiders.

5. I vow to use words like bitching (and the not so mild words that are part of my vocabulary) less.

6. I will not freak out that the kids have torn apart the nursery- instead I will let them do it and have fun in the process.

7. I will eat a healthy and nutritious meal and maybe exercise a little.

8. I will finish what I am writing for my blog and actually like what I wrote.

One day all of the above will happen; it is just a matter of when that day will be.

I sit down at my lap top and write down my thoughts. I piece everything together and really get moving when all of a sudden they decide naptime is over. I have to stop and entertain two children. Or I have to stop to change a poopie diaper. Help a toddler go potty. Make a bottle. Make lunch or a snack. Take the dogs outside.

My only hope is that when I come back to my computer and open my practically written document I can remember where I was going or what my actual thoughts were.Sometimes it works. Most of the time not.

I have a number of titled and half completed writings on my computer; lovingly started, haphazardly completed. They sit waiting for that moment that I can return to them and finish.

This has happened so frequently that I decided to start writing things down as they come to me. Unfortunately the only tools around the house for me to do this with are colored on sheets of paper, receipts, and crayons.

I write in a flurry as not to leave anything out. All too often that piece of paper becomes jumbled in the mix of the forgotten. Lost. Thrown out. Hid along with the tons of other missing toddler coloring pages and coloring utensils. They are almost certainly gone.

One day I will complete my thought.

One day I will write and post that witty and enjoyable piece.

One day I will make it through my day meeting all the above goals.

But not today- I have to go scream at my children. They are awake and being monsters.

One day I will finish…

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Money Does Not Buy Happiness

Have you ever heard of or played that card game. The one where everyone goes around saying how many of a certain card the have and the others have to guess whether or not they are telling the truth? Well the name of the game is Bullshit. When your opponent thinks you are lying about your hand they yell “BULLSHIT”…

I mention that because the above statement reminds me of the game BULLSHIT!

The person who said this first and those who honestly believe it obviously have never been truly poor in their lives.

So to them, all I have to say BULLSHIT!

I have a wonderful family. I love them more than life itself. I have been blessed with a supportive, understanding, helpful, loving husband and together we made two healthy beautiful children. (That is after the first year of specialist, hospital stays, MRI’s, CAT scans, MRA’s, ultrasounds, x-rays and an EEG with Addison and then worrying for three months that Jackson may have a heart murmur.) I digress.

Yes, I am blessed and they do bring me most of the happiness in the word.

All the happiness would be having the above with money to go along.

I was laid off while seven months pregnant and around the same time my husband’s job cut his hours. Between the two we lost roughly $50,000 dollars a year- ouch! Not so great when you have two children and the bills to go along. Complete lifestyle change- to say the least…

I have gone from buying that cute little outfit or toy for the kids, to waiting until it goes on clearance and hoarding it for Christmas or birthdays. The dollar bin and clearance racks have become my “go to” places. I have given frugal living a whole new meaning. I can stretch any dollar and have become quite good at it.

I am sure you are thinking, well at least she and her family have a roof to live under. Yes, that is true but a house would be way nicer; for all of us, including the three dogs and three cats.

And on the days the hubby gets home from work at 11:30am (as he did today) or when I find out he is off the next day (as he is tomorrow) I would like to show excitement. Rather today I had to be secretly excited because I knew not working meant a rough following week. Having the money to be excited that he was unexpectedly off and maybe go somewhere (lunch, water park, zoo, etc.) would not be all that bad after all…

You see, the person who believes money does not buy happiness probably was never really happy to begin with.

So to that stupid women in Target, and her overflowing basket of cloths and toys, I over heard say “Just more things for the kids and they will still be brats- I guess all the money and toys can’t make them more appreciative” … BULLSHIT! You can’t blame the “money, toys and things” for making them unappreciative. No, it is your parenting that makes them not appreciate what you do for them.

All this while I am digging through the dollar bin for a dinosaur that I know my daughter will want to sleep with for the next week. Although, getting her that fabulous $45 pony, for no reason, she has been eyeing would be pretty spectacular also. But the dinosaur is a little smaller and easier to sleep with.

It would be nice to find out if money would buy more happiness than we already have… at least just a few things.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Selfish Me

I am selfish.
Yes, the above statement is very true.

I have no reason to be. After all, I am the oldest of three. I have had to share almost everything my entire life. Perhaps that is why.

Last night I went to bed late; by late I mean 1am. My husband falls asleep with in seconds of lying down- I hate him for this. I however, toss & turn, watch TV, replay my day and sometimes worry about the next. The last time I looked at the clock was 1am.

I was up late because we are (correction I am) driving to Ocala tonight to see my bestie, her hubby and their little baby boy. The hubby, kids and I are visiting them for the weekend. I was up packing and getting things together in preparation for our weekend trip. My goal is when the hubby gets home from work this evening; we leave.

I was hoping to get some sleep knowing I would be up with Jackson at 6:30am and not able to nap. I wanted to be rested for the four hour drive I am going to have make.

This is how last night played out:

Addison woke at 1:30am. Shit. I put her in bed with us.

After fighting to get her to sleep in the middle of the bed rather than on mommy’s side, it was 2am. Finally some sleep.

Jackson wakes at 4am. I yell; “goddamnit". No one moves…I wake my husband (who has to get up for work at 5:30am) and say “you need to get him.” Yes, I realize this was selfish but I was tired and I will be the one driving not him; he will be the one sleeping. I wanted sleep.

He tends to Jackson; warms him a bottle and brings him in bed with us. Jackson throws-up all over our bed. FUCK! I chase them both out of the room and clean the bed as much as I can without disturbing the quietly sleeping toddler that lays in the middle.

I peacefully go back to sleep. Selfish? Yes; I know. I wanted sleep.

6:15am Jackson is back in bed with Addison and me. The hubby has left for work.

6:30am Jackson is awake and ready to play. FANTASTIC! (sense my sarcasm)

7am I call the hubby to bitch. Complaining about how I was up all night.
Complaining about not being able to nap today. Complaining about being the one who will be up driving tonight. I end the conversation with “sounds like fun?”. (sense more sarcasm)

His response is “Yup”.

“Yup?! Oh really yup? You ass”... as I hang up the phone.

Yup is such a lazy, uncompassionate word. I hate the word yup.

Perhaps he will be the one driving; being that I am so selfish…

Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to kill a spider

Addison woke up this morning and the first thing we do is go potty. Yes, it is a family effort. Jackson hangs around in the bathroom with us. (I will save you the details because everything below happens during this very moment)…

I picked up the bathroom garbage knowing Jackson grabs anything he can get his little hands on and shoves it in his face. Pretty disgusting. I know.

As I do this I notice a huge spider. Jackson is two inches away from it.

The damn thing has built its web in between Addison’s Elmo potty seat and the garbage. I must have disturbed it. I shout “Holy Fuck!” (more than once). Jackson starts screaming, as I throw him in his crib, and I yank Addison off her little blue toddler potty- midstream. Thankfully she opted to use that instead of Elmo seat because I would have been wearing the bastard.

I am terrified of spiders. Well, now so is Jackson- he is 10 months.

I shut the door call my husband. He can’t help. Call my mom. She can’t help. Fuck.

I opt to kill it myself. I get the bug spray, point & shoot. The bastard put up
quite a fight. Finally I saturated it enough that it curls up and dies. The bathroom is literally soaking wet from the bug spray.

While doing this- Jackson is still screaming and I am praying that Addison doesn’t pick-up on my language. No such luck. I can hear her crying,“Oh No! Oh No, my fucking Elmo Potty”. (more than once). Shit.

Finally, I am able to move Addison’s potty stuff. I set it up in my bedroom bathroom. This is where it will stay until my husband is home from work and can get rid of the thing. I just hope Addison can make it to the other side of the house every time she has to go.

For those of you who know me. This was quite a moment.
Today I killed a spider.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Two year olds don’t cry wolf

I blissfully ignore my toddler yelling something about “Jackson playing in the potty”.

Why would I ignore such a thing? Well, the potty is child proofed.

I will think twice the next time she says something!

Cereal, Cinnamon, Sugar & Toast

Once upon a time, I was that annoying mom…

The mom who, during conversations about picky eaters, would say "my daughter does not have that problem!".

She ate anything you put in front of her… cooked & raw veggies, fruits, meats, pasta…mashed potato and spaghetti nights were two of her favorites.

While pregnant with my son, she and I would devour bowls of guacamole- No chips needed!

Then she turned two!

Try giving her an avocado now… forget raw veggies and the cooked ones are left mostly untouched. She laughs in the face of meat. Mashed potatoes are lovingly given to her baby brother and spaghetti fed to the dogs.

For the past year my daughter has lived on cereal and cinnamon–sugar toast. This has become its own food group in our house. She will consume it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. God forbid your try to sneak something else on her plate. She will sit screaming, food left untouched, for her bowl of cereal and her side of cinnamon-sugar toast. Waiting. Arms crossed until it is presented to her.

Tried negotiating. Tried bribery. Tried threatening. We have given up.

We oblige. Cereal and cinnamon-sugar toast it is; for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Addison just after the meltdown that led to more cinnamon-sugar toast.

In the world of motherhood, KARMA is a real bitch.
My son won’t eat anything…especially not his baby food.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Unspoken Dance…

The Hubby and I took the kids to the beach Sunday morning… we generally make it there once a week.

I pack a cooler of snacks and drinks and we hang out swimming, digging for sea life, building castles, chasing seagulls, collecting seashells, laughing and making more memories. This is one of my favorite days of the week…beach days.

They are usually Saturday or Sunday mornings but sometimes we take them on a week night when the hubby gets home from work. Beach days are always fun and a great way to tire-out the kids… that is when my husband is around to help me.

I am writing this because in previous post I mention how chaotic things get while out with the kids; whether alone, with my mom, sister, brother or anyone other than my husband.

We spend our two hours at the “seaside” ,as Addison calls it, which is about as long as Jackson can last before getting entirely too cranky. We pack up and head to the showers. It was this very moment, after the chaos from the past two weeks of outings, which helped me realize...when the hubby and I are together, packing up and rinsing off the kids is effortless. We do not have to say a word, we don’t argue, we swoop up the kids, all the beach stuff and head to the showers; we begin our dance.

We manage to gracefully move around each other, packing everything neatly, showering off babies (this is the best moment watching those two little naked tushies rinsing off), dressing them, rinsing ourselves, organizing who takes what and then head back to the car with all our neatly packed “stuff”.

Not for one moment do I feel overwhelmed or annoyed; it is just very easy.

This is a dance we have done together for the past three years.
It has become very natural, comfortable and, as mentioned, effortless.

This is our dance and I could not imagine sharing it with anyone else.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Online Weight Loss Challenge

I was recently sent an invitation to an online weight loss challenge. The challenge begins tomorrow and will last for six weeks! I decided to participate for a number of reasons…

1. I am hoping the motivation of 87 other participants will keep me motivated.

2. The fact that I am reporting my measurements each week will keep me honest and on track.

3. I can no longer make excuses… Like I am too busy with the kids during the day to find time to exercise and eat right. After all, most of the other participants are moms like me and probably have heard all of my sorry excuses before (or even have used them)!

4. I am finally excited about losing the extra “baby weight” I have been carrying around for the past 2 ½ years.

5. I have always struggled with my weight and I am hoping this challenge gets me on the right tract.

My husband will be doing the challenge along with me. It is great to have the encouragement and support at home. We will take our measurements tonight (only mine will be submitted). I am actually horrified to see what they are…

Each week I will be reporting my success that way I continue on the right track and hopefully meet my goal of losing 20 pounds at the end of the six weeks. I am excited to see my progress…

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Spontaneous Trip

My mom called 9am Thursday morning. She needed to drive to Tampa and see my sister “The Dentist”. I decided it would be fun to bring the kids and go along for a couple of days; plus I have never had the opportunity to take a trip in the middle of the week… what was I thinking?! Why did I think making a five hour drive with two kids would be a good idea?

I packed our bags and the cooler (yes, we nee an assortment of juice boxes, sippy cups and bottles for the drive up and back). In toll we had my huge overnight duffel bag with enough clothes, diapers, pull-ups, bottles and toys to last and entertain for three days, the giant blue cooler (that was placed in between the carseats), the umbrella stroller, my mom’s overnight bag, Addison’s portable potty seat, an assortment of DVD’s and my diaper bag. And we were off…

Two hours into our drive we see a sign stating the exit 141 was closed- great we were on Alligator Alley and no turn off. What do we do now? Nothing! We sat in traffic for an hour. Meanwhile, Addison is in the back crying she had to go potty. We pull over and try to get her to go on the side of the road- NO WAY! We could not go anywhere. We were traveling four miles per hour if even that fast. Finally Addison gave up and we assumed she went in her pull-ups.

We made it through the traffic and come to a rest stop just before the skymile bridge going to St. Petersburg. We stop; Addison and her carseat are soaking wet. We get both babies cleaned up and head back to the car to finish the last two hours of our drive.

Before we load ourselves in, Addison found a little log to sit on looking out to the inlet. She turned to me and asked that Jackson sit next to her. This by far was the best moment of our drive up.

The couple of days just snowballed from there.

We made it to my sister’s house. After dinner we decided to take the kids swimming(it was 8pm). Addison pooped in her swimsuit, in the pool. As quickly and quietly as we could we undressed her then rinsed her and the swim suit. My mom ran into the house to get her underware. I went over (holding Jackson) to check how “the clean-up was going” and slipped in the poop! As I mentioned it was 8pm and dark! Needless to say, we cleaned up the kids and pool area, gave them a bath and left my sisters.

During our visit, we stayed in a couple of different hotel rooms.

On our way to the first hotel we ended up circling the Tampa airport. We finally arrived and the stoned front desk boy (he was barely a teenager) informed us our room was on the second floor; with no elevator. It was 9:30pm both babies were cranky and wanting to be held. We had the giant cooler, both over night bags, the bag of toys, Addison’s potty seat and my diaper bag strategically placed on the umbrella stroller so we could make it up in one trip. Well the stoned boy decided to carry the umbrella stroller, which was beyond loaded, up the stairs (after I protested more than once) - I am sure you can see where this was going… at the fifth step everything went rolling down. I tell him to forget it, make it up the stairs, back outside and down 15 doors to our room. The stroller is broken-AHHHHHH!

We left the hotel, packing all our stuff and the babies back into the car (thinking we were leaving after our visit to my sister’s dental office). We headed to get breakfast then our teeth worked on. FUN...

For two days we lived on McDonalds. We ate it for breakfast and lunch. My daughter decided she liked the Littlest Pet Shop toys they are carrying;she desperatly wanted the giraffe. No luck- sorry Addison maybe next time.

Four hours later, I had my cleaning but my mom and to go elsewhere. We go get lunch; What a nightmare! The kids were miserable, my mom got horrible news and I was now finding out we were going to stay in another hotel- I was pissed.

I go to my sisters and wait for them to come back from the second appointment of the day.

My mom tries to eat leftovers from last night (but after having two root canals she is quit uncomfortable), Addison refuses to eat (she wants to go swimming) and Jackson is, well, just miserable. I decided to get everyone ready; I did not arrive at the hotel late. This time we choose a hotel across the street from my sister’s house, with an elevator!

We settle in; Addison hates the room and is having a meltdown which in turn causes Jackson to meltdown (AHHHH is now SHIT!)

They finally fall asleep at 8:30pm; my mom and I not far behind them. We get up in the morning travel yet again to McDonalds and bring breakfast back to the room. Both kids are happy. We put them in their swim suits and take them downstairs for a little playtime in the kiddie fountain; the second most relaxing part of our spontaneous trip.

My sister drives over to say goodbye. We pack up and are off for our five hour journey home.

We make a stop at another McDonald’s for another Happy Meal. We sit down to eat but Addison wants to see her toy (three toys in she is hoping this time it is the giraffe). I pull out the toy and it is one for a boy. My mom quickly swoops it up and brings it back to the cashier. To my surprise she comes back with the giraffe- she is Addison’s superhero.

The rest of the drive home was listening to Addison play with her beloved giraffe while Jackson was soundly sleeping.

What was I thinking taking a spontaneous trip with two kids?...

Making more memories…

I got to spend two days with my mom (Gredda), with my sister (Aunt Monka “The Dentist”), watching as my two children contently gazed into the inlet, watching them squeal and play in a fountain and finding the golden giraffe… pretty amazing, disasters and all!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our First Outing as Three

You may laugh- especially if you are a mother of more than one.

I have made it 10 months not going out, with both kids, alone. Yes, ten whole wonderful glorious months! I did meet up with a girlfriend (at her house) for play-dates but that was the extent of our outings as three; until recently.

I got sick of waiting for the hubby to get home at night, and quite often it was late, before going anywhere. So one morning I decided to take both kids to the library. I thought Addison would enjoy selecting books and bringing them home. I packed the diaper bag and we were off…

I have not had a library card in nearly 15 years so I needed to reapply. I finished the paper work and thought boy that was easy, now to turn it in…

Me: “Here is my paper work for a card.”

Women behind the desk: “I need your driver’s license.”
I handed it over. Now Jackson is starting to get cranky so I throw a bottle & sippy cup his way hoping one will work.

Women behind the desk: “I need your maiden name, former address & phone number.”
I give her the information; the whole time thinking I must have an outstanding fine of like $500.00. Jackson is crying and trying to gag himself, Addison pulling on my skirt saying “Mommy, mommy-Dorothy dinosaur book; Mommy mommy- go get it”… come on lady can’t you type my info any faster?!

Women behind the desk: “You have an outstanding fine from 1998.”

Me: “You have got to be kidding! How much?”

Women behind desk: “$28.95. I will give you your new card and the old will be cancelled when you pay your fine.” She hands back my license and asks me to sign my new library card. As I am signing she says “no, no, no dear you signed it upside down!”

Me: “does it really matter; it is just a library card!?” You see, by this point I am holding Jackson who took my license (he is finally quiet), trying to keep Addison from a meltdown over books and signing a library card.

Still holding Jackson, holding Addison’s hand and pushing an empty stroller we finally make it to the children’s books. Jackson is quiet, so I put him back in the stroller, while Addison carefully makes her three selections. She heads to the couches and asks me to read to her. I find this amazing because she has never been in a library so how does she know to do this? I happily oblige. We are halfway through her book when a 15 month old little girl approaches Jackson and begins playing with him. The little girls’ grandmother comes over and begins talking to me. I try not to be short with the women but am irritated that my moment with Addison has just been stolen.

Jackson who was being quiet is now beginning to fuss. I apologize to the women, tell Addison we can bring our new books home and read them in Tinkerbell bed, grab everything and check out.

I get everyone situated in their carseats; unpack the stroller and go to put my license and new library card into my wallet only to realize I can’t find my license. I dump my diaper bag upside down, everything falling out onto the passenger seat and I rummage through it- nothing. I get out of the car, unfold the stroller, check the seat and cup holders- nothing! I look back at the kids and Jackson is sleeping and Addison thumbing through her new books. FUCK! I was tempted to leave with out it but was too worried. So I put Jackson, who is soundly sleeping, back in the stroller, get Addison and we head back in. I did a quick walk through- nothing! Damn I have to go back to the desk lady… I ask if anyone has turned in a driver’s license and she explains that she gave it back to me. I guess you can see where this is going. Finally, five minutes later, I get her realize that I lost my license because the wonderful mom I am allowed my 10 month old to hold it so he would shut-up! No one turned in a license- so after another three passes I find it lying on the floor in an area we didn’t visit.

We arrive home and I say to myself “what the hell was I thinking?!”

Funny- we have being doing this once a week for the past three weeks and I must say it gets a little easier each time.

We now have outings as three…

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Two Sides: Good Mom vs. Bad Mom

Yesterday I spoke with my mom and made plans (for today) to take the kids to a little lake I visited as a child. Yea, let’s get them out of the house for some much needed weekday fun & for mommy's sake.

As 7:30pm rolled around everyone was sleeping- I thought to my self… good they will be nice and rested for tomorrow and maybe even temper-tantrum free. That was the moment I jinxed myself…

Addison woke up at 11pm and would not go back to sleep until 1am. Good Mom suggested she lay in our bed…Bad Mom wanted to put her back in Tinkerbell bed crying and all. Jackson was still sound asleep (they share a room) and I did not want to wake him, so Good Mom won the battle and Addison cozily tucked herself in next to my hubby and me.

2am Jackson wakes up crying… the two of them took turns waking up every couple of hours until they both were in bed with us. 6:30am came quickly and the moment Addison spoke I knew what kind of day we were going to have…

Good Mom: “Good Morning Pumpkin undies off please”

Addison: “NO!”

Good Mom: “Addison take your undies off and go potty”

Addison: “NO NO!”

Bad Mom: “Addison -take your undies off now or I will do it for you and you will not like the outcome”

Addison: “NOOOOOO!”

Bad Mom: Pulling (more like yanking) her undies off, while yelling at her and firmly putting her on the potty…”Now go potty or go to time out- either way I don’t care!”…

Yes, it is Bad Mom who, at some moments, just does not care.

By this point, Bad Mom wanted so badly to tell her we were calling Gredda (grandma) and telling her we were not going. But Good Mom thought that getting them out of the house would be easier than listening to the fighting and temper-tantrums the day was bound to bring. So Good Mom packed our beach bags and made lunches, dressed everyone in their “swim-swims”, walked the three dogs, locked them up, got both babies settled in the car seats, packed the car with the beach bags, cooler and towels and we were off.

Five minutes into the drive we hit pouring rain. Bad Mom was ready to call and cancel, being that we were still close enough to the house and knowing that nap time would be forfeited while at the lake...meaning that two cranky babies on no sleep from last night would lead to two miserable babies and us most likely having to leave the park. Good Mom continued to drive…each time we would make it past the rain I would turn the wipers off and sure enough it would pour. It was as though that damn storm cloud was following us the entire way! Bad Mom: “See I knew this was a bad idea!” Good Mom decided to continue driving leaving the windshield wipers on even when we finally made it through. I was afraid the moment I turned them off the stom would return.

We picked up Gredda & Uncle Brian; made it to the park and the kids, Gredda, Uncle Brian and Good Mom had a wonderful day by the “seaside” as Addison calls it… They should have no problem sleeping through the night (Good Mom says with her fingers crossed)…

(This is my constant battle…Good Mom vs. Bad Mom… Bad Mom wants to keep Addison in time out for the entire day, prays that Jackson takes more than one nap, wants them both in bed by 7pm just so she knows the day is over; but it is Good Mom who Triumphs, it is Good Mom who looks forward to doing it all over the very next day…it is Good Mom who makes the best of each day as we did today)!

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Damn Mondays

Once upon a time I worked and like most people I hated Mondays. For some reason Murphy’s Law always applied to Mondays…anything that could go wrong- would!

Once I stopped working I figured I could kiss those dreaded Mondays & Murphy and his stupid law goodbye…forever! Boy was I wrong.

Yes, we stay-at-home moms have those damn Monday’s too. They are not dreaded but some days they sure are long. It seems as though both kids take Monday to wind-down from the weekend. They suck every little bit of energy out of me leaving nothing behind…no amount of coffee even helps.
It is like they are still all hopped up from the activities of the weekend (we stay pretty active the entire weekend).

Monday morning Addison likes to test her boundaries to see what will apply for the week; her biggest target, her baby brother Jackson! I swear an hour into the day my voice is gone, time-outs & the word NO are played out and toys are put on shelves out of reach… they don’t care. To them, on Monday, mommy is fair game!

It is not until the end of the night that I truly realize how different my Mondays are from the “working world”…

I have the privilege of being home with my two beautiful children. I am teaching them. I am watching them grow & learn. I get to see each milestone along the way (I get to witness them first). I get to cheer and dance and be silly for them, they are admiring me.

It is the moment when they are unwinding for the night, when my son climbs into his sister’s Tinkerbell bed to drink his bottle and watch a movie with her and when I am watching my daughter sleep, while singing lullabies into my son’s ear and dancing him to sleep, that I realize my Monday’s are truly special days no matter how stressful they may seem.

My damn Mondays are one of my favorite days…

So this is me and MY Three Little Quirks…

So I am new to blogging and have joined a number of sites. While going through some blogs and reading I found this challenge. I was working on a new post similar to this. What prompted the post was a conversation with some of my girlfriends.

One asked “so what is your thing?” Me: “My thing?” Her: “Yes, your thing, the one thing you always have to do or have done.” I looked at her and laughed. I said: “Just one?” as my two closest girlfriend laughed…

I do have many quirks (more than three) but to save face we will leave it at my three biggest quirks…

I am a perfectionist… I know that is very broad… but if you knew mw you would understand! Perfectionism is a belief that work or output that is anything less than perfect is unacceptable. Yes, this is me. My house is clean and yes, I have three dogs, three cats and two children under the age of three (2 ½ years and 10 months to be exact) and my house stays clean. I vacuum, swiffer and mop the floors everyday(sometimes more than once)… This would be my first quirk.

I do not leave dishes in the sink or hand washed dishes on the counter- they are washed, dried and put away or put in the dishwasher after each meal. I hate dishes in the sink! I guess that would be my second quirk.

(After posting this my mom loving called to remind me of my microwave. For this purpose we will include my microwave quirk with the dishes. They are all located in the kitchen so it seems appropriate. My microwave quirk: I hate a dirty microwave. We have lived in our condo for 2 ½ years and my microwave looks as though it did on the day we moved in (it was brand new). I wipe It down after every use and the front is wiped down anytime I am in the kitchen).

The Nursery… The nursery being a mess drives me crazy! I know I have two children, they play, they drag out every toy and they play. To quote everyone who comes into my house “it is a nursery it is supposed to be a mess”…I ask why? Why can’t I teach my daughter that if she is finished playing with a toy to put it away before taking out a new one?! So that is what I have done. But on most occasions you will find me scooting behind the two little room destructors and cleaning their path of terror. If I know we are having company the nursery will be completely cleaned five minutes before your arrival… I guess this is my third quirk.

Along with being a perfectionist I am what people call a “control freak”. My husband, daughter, son (if he could talk), sister and two closest friends would vouch for that! I know there are days when I drive them insane. What is amazing is that they all see through these quirks and love me for me!

Let's make things a little fun... In addition to my quirks and my control issues, I have a phobia… I am terrified of spiders. Not just ewww I don’t like those things- oh no, I am not walking anywhere I know a spider to be or have been.

The problem with this is I live in spider central in So. Florida. Of all placee my husband and I decided to move. It was fine until we started to settle in then all of these unwanted house guest began to make themselves known; mostly in the nursery.

One morning I opened the blinds only to find a web strung in between them. Nursery was closed and my daughter moved in our room. Well, we finally got the spider situation under control in the house.

While walking the dogs one summer morning I happened to look up and there he was. A massive spider; I freaked and we ran inside. Yes, summer months are the season for our Golden Orb Spiders...hideous they are!

So now as we walk the dogs our path is the same during the summer months… we walk out to the side walk to a tiny patch of grass, not under any tree and the nearest spider is 10 feet away. I like to know where they are without being next to them (this season, where the ONE was last year, there are 30!).

I am sure you are all thinking this is NUMBER FOUR and yes, it probably is… but let’s just stick with the three.

This is just me...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Rock-A-Bye

I sometimes forget that my daughter is only 2 ½.

What I mean by that is… she spends everyday watching me hold her baby brother while feeding him (he is 10 months) and rocking him to sleep every night. She is so independent and such a wonderful helper I sometimes forget she too needs to be held.

She gets countless kisses and hugs during the day, I praise her constantly for her help and the wonderful job she does, we play together, laugh together and she is loved.

On this particular night she asked to be “rock-a-byed like Jackson”… so of course I obliged. I held her for an hour, rocking her and singing her nightly lullabies, while stroking her hair and rubbing her back. I missed this- she is my baby girl and I missed holding her…

I felt her breathing get heavy and knew she was sleeping. I gave her a final kiss goodnight and thanked her for asking mommy to rock-a-bye her.

Yes, she is only 2 ½ and I do need to be reminded of that.

After all, I am 30 and while my husband was working nights I would go to my parents, a couple of times a week, with the kids to spend the night. (At the time we were being harassed by a downstairs neighbor, it was worse when my husband was not home. This is another story)… I would go to my parents to seek the comfort of my mom. My dad knew on these nights he would be sleeping on the sofa for his wife, daughter, granddaughter and grandson would be sleeping in the bed (one of the rooms is a nursery & the other a spare). Yes, I too needed the comfort of my mom- why would I expect anything less of my 2 ½ year old.

So tonight I would like to say thank you to my beautiful baby girl for allowing me the comfort of rocking you to sleep- what a wonderful way to end this night…mommy loves you more than any words could ever express.