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Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Unspoken Dance…

The Hubby and I took the kids to the beach Sunday morning… we generally make it there once a week.

I pack a cooler of snacks and drinks and we hang out swimming, digging for sea life, building castles, chasing seagulls, collecting seashells, laughing and making more memories. This is one of my favorite days of the week…beach days.

They are usually Saturday or Sunday mornings but sometimes we take them on a week night when the hubby gets home from work. Beach days are always fun and a great way to tire-out the kids… that is when my husband is around to help me.

I am writing this because in previous post I mention how chaotic things get while out with the kids; whether alone, with my mom, sister, brother or anyone other than my husband.

We spend our two hours at the “seaside” ,as Addison calls it, which is about as long as Jackson can last before getting entirely too cranky. We pack up and head to the showers. It was this very moment, after the chaos from the past two weeks of outings, which helped me realize...when the hubby and I are together, packing up and rinsing off the kids is effortless. We do not have to say a word, we don’t argue, we swoop up the kids, all the beach stuff and head to the showers; we begin our dance.

We manage to gracefully move around each other, packing everything neatly, showering off babies (this is the best moment watching those two little naked tushies rinsing off), dressing them, rinsing ourselves, organizing who takes what and then head back to the car with all our neatly packed “stuff”.

Not for one moment do I feel overwhelmed or annoyed; it is just very easy.

This is a dance we have done together for the past three years.
It has become very natural, comfortable and, as mentioned, effortless.

This is our dance and I could not imagine sharing it with anyone else.

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