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Monday, August 2, 2010

My Damn Mondays

Once upon a time I worked and like most people I hated Mondays. For some reason Murphy’s Law always applied to Mondays…anything that could go wrong- would!

Once I stopped working I figured I could kiss those dreaded Mondays & Murphy and his stupid law goodbye…forever! Boy was I wrong.

Yes, we stay-at-home moms have those damn Monday’s too. They are not dreaded but some days they sure are long. It seems as though both kids take Monday to wind-down from the weekend. They suck every little bit of energy out of me leaving nothing behind…no amount of coffee even helps.
It is like they are still all hopped up from the activities of the weekend (we stay pretty active the entire weekend).

Monday morning Addison likes to test her boundaries to see what will apply for the week; her biggest target, her baby brother Jackson! I swear an hour into the day my voice is gone, time-outs & the word NO are played out and toys are put on shelves out of reach… they don’t care. To them, on Monday, mommy is fair game!

It is not until the end of the night that I truly realize how different my Mondays are from the “working world”…

I have the privilege of being home with my two beautiful children. I am teaching them. I am watching them grow & learn. I get to see each milestone along the way (I get to witness them first). I get to cheer and dance and be silly for them, they are admiring me.

It is the moment when they are unwinding for the night, when my son climbs into his sister’s Tinkerbell bed to drink his bottle and watch a movie with her and when I am watching my daughter sleep, while singing lullabies into my son’s ear and dancing him to sleep, that I realize my Monday’s are truly special days no matter how stressful they may seem.

My damn Mondays are one of my favorite days…


Becky said...

It's so true, isn't it! But even Mondays when the kids are feral (like I had yesterday!) are worth it!

Jennie said...

Hi, thanks for the follow. I'm following you back. yeh, I'm not a fan of Mondays either. Well, especially after a nice long weekend. Anyways, hope you have a great week!