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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday & Day 118. 247 Days Left.

It’s no surprise kids’ say the funniest things, and what comes out of the mouth’s of toddlers is often hysterical and sometimes downright pee your pants funny! When what they say isn’t humorous, their words can melt your heart. To help make sure I never forget these little toddler quips and because they make me smile, I have decided to share them in a weekly post called “Toddler Talk Thursday.”

While watching Dinosaur Train...

Addison: “Mommy may we please have a goldfish?” we have been working on manors lately.

Mommy: ”I think we have enough pets.”

Addison: ”No. We don’t.”

Mommy: “Addison, we have three cats and three dogs, that makes six. Six pets are more than enough for mommy.”

Addison: “But we don’t have a goldfish.”

Mommy: “Well you have three jellyfish in your room.” A Discovery Kids Jellyfish tank; they look real the kids have no idea they are not.

Addison: “We can put the goldfish in with the jellyfish.”

Mommy: “They won’t all fit. Besides, jellyfish eat goldfish.”

Seconds later…

Addison: “Mommy, I wish I were a dinosaur so I could eat goldfish.”

Mommy: “Well, you can eat other fish while being Addison and not a dinosaur. Mommy makes fish all the time and it is very good.”

Addison: thinking of a way out of this one… “No mommy. That is yuck. I don’t want to be a dinosaur so I never eat my goldfish! He is my friend!”

Mommy: thinking to myself: we are so NOT getting a fucking goldfish!

What are your toddlers saying?

Day 118

Mr. Charming

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This is my life & Day 117. 248 Days Left.

As a mom, my days are filled with many toddler activities. Most of my time is dedicated to Addison and Jackson. I don't say this to shed myself in a favorable light; after all, I am the type of mom that yells loud and often.

My days are spent sitting on the floor playing cars with Jackson often while Addison is styling (pulverizing) my hair or "reading" me a book. I do, spend a lot of time DOING stuff for them. I didn't realize how much time was going to be spent just trying to keep up.

My kiddos are busier than some, they require constant attention. They like to be entertained; Addison talks from the moment her eyes are open, expecting an answer to her every question and a response to her every thought. Jackson spends his days following Addison around trying to get her attention by hitting, pinching, pulling, biting, wrestling and occasionally kissing and hugging (but more often violence is his go-to attention grabber!) When they are not fighting or talking my ear off, they want more mommy time… mommy to color with them, paint with them, read to them, sing for them and dance with them. Jackson wants to play outside but Addison wants to play in their room. They are rarely quiet, or still.

When they are quiet, there is trouble… paint on the tile, crayon on the sofa and walls, artwork made by using condiments, Jackson standing on furniture or playing in the toilet because Addison “forgot to close the bathroom door”. Toilet paper and tissues have started to go missing; perhaps why the toilet keeps getting clogged, so occasionally (several times a week) I have to plunge the toilets... what do you think is happening to the toilet paper? Jackson has a fascination with wipes, diapers, toilet paper and toilets. That is pretty exciting right? This is a SURE sign that potty training is right around the corner... no, the only thing that might be around the corner is a pee puddle or poop that seems to have mysteriously appeared there while Jackson has taken off his shorts and diaper for a little "air"! Be careful at our house or you might just be the next sucker to step in it!

Ah, yes, The Sankey clan; (once you have more than one child you are forever referred to as one entity. We come with our own demolition name and warning… can’t you hear it: “Look out here comes the Sankey clan”) we are loud, we yell from room to room to communicate, we laugh loud- play hard, we are constantly chasing a toddler around yelling “NO!”, someone is always in the middle of a meltdown, Addison I can mostly reason with but Jackson’s come with laying on the floor, limbs flailing, head banging all while screaming- first class temper- tantrum. Wow! Will I make it through another TWO YEARS?

This is my life... Always chaotic...Always amazing.

Day 117

The Potato Heads

Monday, June 27, 2011

A magic brush in my bed & Day 116. 249 Days Left.

Every night before I go to sleep, I go on a scavenger hunt; searching Addison's and Jackson's beds for whatever random toys they managed to slip in with them. This is my way of avoiding a wake up call from toddlers rolling over on hard plastic dinosaurs or race cars; because once up, they end up in our bed.

Last night, while pulling toys from under Addison, I woke her. Her eyes popped opened and she whispered “mommy, there is a magic brush in my bed… and a mirror… and flashlight.”

I run my hands through the covers and found the brush first than the mirror and flashlight. I asked why she had this stuff hoarded in bed. Her response; a quiet, half mumbled, “I wanted my hair to grow like Tangled and be magic. I needed to brush it.” I ask her “but why the mirror and flashlight?“ She replied; “how else do I see?” Sounds about right.

Twenty minutes later, she, her magic brush, mirror and flashlight, along with a handful of Toy Story Friends, ended up in bed with us.

What has been the strangest thing you found stuffed in your little cutie's bed?

Day 116

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday & Day 115. 250 Days Left.

It’s no surprise kids’ say the funniest things, and what comes out of the mouth’s of toddlers is often hysterical and sometimes downright pee your pants funny! When what they say isn’t humorous, their words can melt your heart. To help make sure I never forget these little toddler quips and because they make me smile, I have decided to share them in a weekly post called “Toddler Talk Thursday.”

Mommy: ”Addison, please pick up your shoes and put them away.”

Addison: “Why?”

Mommy: “I don’t want them in the hallway.”

Addison: “Why?”

Mommy: “Because someone could trip over them and fall.”

Addison: “Why?”

Mommy: “Because you left them in the hallway.”

Addison: “Why?”

Mommy: “I don’t know why you left them there. Just go get them and put them away. NOW!”

Addison: “Why?”

Mommy: “Because I said so. That’s why!”

Later that afternoon…

Addison: “Mommy I want to watch Bubble Guppies. Put it on please.”

Mommy: “Addison, mommy doesn’t want to watch that again. We have been watching Bubble Guppies for three days.”

Addison: “But NOOOOOOO! I love Bubble Guppies! It’s my favorite show!”

Mommy: “But not mommies.”

Addison: “Yes huh.”

Mommy: “And why is that?”

Addison: “Because I said so. That’s why!”

What are your toddlers saying?

Day 115

Woke up at 3:00am to find this in place of the hubby. I knew I didn't fall asleep watching Qubo.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The day that keeps on giving

This is very rare… two posts in one day. I am typically lucky if I fit one in.

Wondering what could possibly be so important that it warrants two posts in a day?

Well, it all began last night...

10:45pm: I am exhausted and fed up enough I shut the kiddos TV off. (yes, I am the mom who lets her kids fall asleep with the TV on. Go ahead judge me. I do.)

Around 11:00pm: (the last I looked at the clock) the hubby and I feel asleep lying on the nursery floor. Probably long before the kiddos because just before I shut off the TV, they were showing no signs of going to sleep.

12:00am: I wake up, body aching from sleeping on the nursery floor, mumble a couple of swears words under my breath as I try to pry my fat ass off the floor. I wake the hubby doing so. Jackson is soundly sleeping. Addison stirring. We creep out of the room so not to make any noise.

1:15am: finally we lay down in bed.

2:30am: Addison wakes crying. Take her potty and settle her in between the hubby and me.

4:00am: Jackson wakes crying. Change his diaper and settle him in between the hubby, Addison, me and a dog or two.

5:30am: Hubby’s alarm goes off.

6:00am: wake to the hubby getting ready for work- he is late and being excessively noisey.

6:15am: wake to the hubby loudly shouting “No! Jackson!”

6:30am: force my ass out of bed.

The day greeted me with exhaustion. Poured my first of many cups of coffee and turned my "off duty" sign to “on”.

Looking forward to naptime- which for Jackson thankfully came early today- I put both the kids in bed and settled down in their room waiting for them to fall asleep. Jackson did with in minutes. Addison, never did. She woke Jackson within an hour and started dozing herself. My thought: she sure as hell not taking a nap if I can’t; especially after waking her brother so soon. I woke her and decided we would take the dogs for their walk than have lunch.

Made lunch, Jackson devoured two bowls of pasta. Addison took two bites and with that said ”I am not eating, I am not hungry.” Not in the mood to play games, I told her she was sitting at the table until her lunch was finished. She did just that… well, until she fell asleep, at 5pm.
I figured I would leave her and wake her for dinner. A few short minutes later I hear “I am not hungry mommy. I am not eating. I am mad at you!” She picked up exactly where she left off.

I told her to go potty. While doing so I started the potatoes for dinner. When a few minutes passed and I did not hear her call for me, I decided to check. She was peeing with the toilet lid down and Jackson standing on the lid behind her. I stood there briefly, in amazement, turned around and walked out to laugh… which is a good thing because laughing kept me from completely loosing it. (I have come to understand what it really means)

I went back into the bathroom; asked what the hell she was doing. “Oh, I so sorry mommy. I don’t know.” Clearly half asleep and no way to get her to stop midstream, I place towels around to catch the rest off the run off. When she finished, I throw her in the shower and run out to grab something to clean the pee from around, behind, along side, the lid and between the seat of the toilet. Upon returning this time, I find Jackson in the shower, completely dressed, with her.
I dry them, put Jackson in a dry diaper and tell Addison to put on new unddies. Deposit the kids on the living room floor, and get back to making dinner.

Just then I hear a sound. A sound I recognized immediately. Run out to the living room to find Jackson pulling out our very extensive DVD collection.

As I am cleaning up yet another mess and hoping dinner is not completely burnt, the hubby walks through the door. At this point I am a very cranky mom… I turn to him “the next time you decide to wash the blender/ food processor blade, could you be so kind not to leave the blade facing up, so that I may avoid another prick.”

Oh and I woke up with a huge zit on my chin. La-dee-fucking-da!

And another reason why I am slowly going insane & Day 114. 251 Days Left.

As I am turning the corner into the hallway, I saw Addison’s little box of hair-ties, splattered about the hallway like a spilled bag of confetti. “Addison, come here for a second, please!” I called out in a very authoritative, Mom-means-business tone.

“What?” She responded, holding a handful of her barrettes.

I ask why her hair ties were spilled all down the hallway.

"What hair ties?" She asks.

“What do you mean what hair ties? Those!” pointing down to the mess on the floor. The mess she had to walk around and through to get to me. “Why are they all over the hallway floor?”

“Where?” she asks.

“Where? There! Look down in front of you!”

Addison looking to the side “I don’t see nothing.”

"Anything." Addison: "huh?" Me: "Anything. I don't see anything." She looked confused... Me: "Forget it. Just, please pick up the hair ties."

"huh?" Looking around. clearly confused by my requests.

"Addison! There! Look IN FRONT of you!” Finally, looking down… “Why are they all over the floor?”

“Because Jackson didn’t sit still.” She retorts.

Clearly she’d been playing dress-up with Jackson.

After snapping a few pictures, of a less than happy Jackson, I ask her to pick up all the hair ties before they get lost.

Again- “What hair ties mommy?”


Before she can ask “what?” I reiterate, “THERE!” pointing now, frustrated from repeating myself several times. “Put them away. NOW!

“What?” she asks.

“What do you mean what? The hair ties. Pick them up, put them back in the box and put them in the drawer. You know, where they belong!”

“The drawer?” she asks.

“Yes, the drawer!” I repeat.

By this time, my patience- GONE. “Addison, why are you just standing there? Go PICK them UP and PUT them AWAY. OVER THERE! I motion, again, pointing to her drawer and this time giving a little nudge.

“Oh! These hair ties.” she responds.

"Are you freakin' kidding me?" I mumble under my breath, grateful she finally seems to get what I’m saying.

Day 114

Day at the butterfly gardens of a local nature center

Sunday, June 19, 2011

House-sitting & Day 113. 252 Days Left

My parent’s decided to revoke our father’s day dinner invite and spend the weekend with Dr. Doyle, DMD (Aunt Mon-ka). My thought- ahhh, a quiet weekend at home; there are plenty of to do’s around here.

Should have waited until my parent’s were out of the house before having that thought…

Phone call from my dad…

Dad: "Hey hun. Your mom and I are heading out this weekend to see Monica.”

Me: “um, ok”

Dad: “Listen. Why don’t you and Justin bring the kids and have dinner here Friday and Saturday nights, I have steaks out for Justie and fresh fish for you, You guys can grill, the kids play in the yard, plus we are taking the German Sheppard’s so you can bring the dogs and they also have the yard. So plan on spending the next two nights, would you babe? Your brother will cut the grass so you don’t have to worry about Petunia with the bees (yes, the pug is allergic to bees. In fact the first time stung almost killed her).”

Translation: Please come over and baby-sit man-sit house-sit for the weekend.

Me: “um, ok”

So with that I pack for a weekend, less than an hour away. Load up enough shit necessities for two toddlers, three dogs and a couple changes of clothes for the hubby and me. With toddlers, light packing does NOT exist. No matter the circumstance.

Get to the house, unload everyone and everything, say hi to Uncle Brian who huffed “you my babysitters”, made dinner, cleaned the kitchen and went to bed. Kids finally fell asleep around 11pm.

Saturday the kids enjoyed the late morning and afternoon in the yard. They played in their sandbox, in the pool and Addison even helped Uncle Brian with the yard work.

(see how helpful- she is putting the leaves “away”)

This morning Addison made the hubby blueberry pancakes; dumping almost the entire bag of frozen blueberries into the batter. They were blue.
(notice the blue face. she just about ate as many blueberries as she dumped in)

(Addison's "bestest blue blueberry pancakes")

(the hubby & Jackson enjoying Addison's "bestest blue blueberry pancakes")

Later, we decided to take the kids to Target to pick out a slip-n-slide. Toy Story for obvious reasons. How very exciting and so much fun! We spent another afternoon playing in the yard. Really can’t complain because we had a great weekend after all. My parents do so much for us that house sitting for a few days was the least we could do for them. The kids really did have a wonderful weekend.

Hope all of you amazing dads out there had a wonderful Father’s Day.



One amazing daddy

Friday, June 17, 2011

The jumping game & Day 112. 253 Days Left.

Addison likes to jump on the sofa. No matter how many times I try to stop her, she just never stops. I am afraid that she is going to fall down and get hurt (she has suffered one concussion- quite enough for this mama). So now, to avoid that, I yell & scream to make her stop. (We, including my neighbors, all know how well I yell)

This morning, as soon as she woke up, she ran over and pounced onto the sofa. She asked for her morning chocolate milk and requested I put on her Moose & Zee music videos (a DVD collection, daddy made, of her favorite Nick Jr. and Disney channel music videos). I happily obliged, looking forward to so quiet time while the kiddos drank their milk and watched a little TV. While in the kitchen, responding to the chocolate mile request, I hear laughing. A lot of laughing… followed by squealing. This much excitement can only mean one thing…
Seeing her, Jackson started doing the same. I told them to stop but nope, they continued. I tried to distract them but it didn’t work either. Then I yelled. Jackson stopped but she kept laughing & jumping. I screamed “Addison stop jumping on the goddamn sofa NOW!” Yes, one of those proud parenting moments.

She laughed (apparently I am funny when I yell or I do it so often it is just pointless) and jumped landing on her butt, smiled at me and continued watching her video.

I head back into the kitchen to grab their sippy cups of milk (chocolate for Addison) and a bowl of grapes. Should I have been at all surprised when I came out to find this…

He jumped down as soon as I came out. As I turned my back to reach for the camera I could see he was getting ready. again.

Happy Friday!

Day 112

How cute are they when they are not acting like little hellions

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday & Day 111. 254 Days Left.

It’s no surprise kids’ say the funniest things, and what comes out of the mouth’s of toddlers is often hysterical and sometimes downright pee your pants funny! When what they say isn’t humorous, their words can melt your heart. To help make sure I never forget these little toddler quips and because they make me smile, I have decided to share them in a weekly post called “Toddler Talk Thursday.”

After hearing a commercial for Egg-land’s Best eggs…

Addison: “Mommy I want some Egg-land’s best eggs.”

Mommy: “I don’t have those but we SunnyFarm eggs.”

Addison: ”Noooo!” (as she is inspecting the eggs for the official EB stamp) ”Egg-land’s best because they are the best!”

Mommy: “Okay- why don’t you go and find your sippy cup and I will get them started. You can come scramble them.” (I crack the eggs and dispose the evidence of my lie egg shells as quickly as possible)

Addison: (while eating her scrambled eggs) “See mommy the Egg-land eggs are the best.”

She devoured two eggs. Most mornings I am lucky if she will take two bites.
She even helped Jackson with his.

What are you toddler's saying?

Day 111

Welcome to the family Slinky Dog

Thank you Pop-pop and Gredda

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Embracing the “Good Enough" & Day 110. 255 Days Left

After years of planning, conceiving and raising children, I realize that I forgot a little something along the way... me.

When we conceived our first I was ecstatic, certain that everything was going to be, well.... PERFECT. The wheels started to fall off of the bus when I was pregnant, I was sick, I was working, fat, a little bit nuts and every bit exhausted. NOT the magical picture that had been painted to me by friends, family and society.

Once our daughter, Addison, arrived things only got worse. I couldn't breastfeed, she didn't sleep, she had colic, I was a little depressed- feeling alone and isolated and it was affecting both me and the hubby. I felt like a failure. This mom thing was a lot more difficult than anyone let on. The hubby was amazing every step of the way and we managed to get through- together.

Then along came Jackson, a "happy coincidence." The pregnancy plunged me back into the depths of prenatal depression and high risk prenatal care (precaution after my pregnancy with Addison). I am not sure that my body is meant for pregnancy and I know my marriage sure isn't!

Every day that went by after Jackson was born was a lesson in coping! I had so many struggles along the way and most of those struggles were and are tied to my need to be the "perfect" mother... what society tells me to be: You have to breastfeed (which I didn’t do with either Addison or Jackson *gasps*) because obviously formula is purely toxic, you simply MUST NOT co-sleep (which I did and continue to do even now that Addison is almost four and Jackson two), don't dare fulfill YOURSELF it is all about the kids, eat all organic, put your kids in preschool, don't put your kids in preschool, let them graze all day, No, no feed them three meals and two snacks.... the list goes on and on…

My life as a stay-at-home mom has took on a life of its own… about the kids and for the kids. ALL. DAY. EVERY. DAY. Some days are exhausting, others are amazing but the perfect day never really existed.

After 3 ½ years of parenting and two pregnancies, I have decided to make up my own mind and trust my own instinct. I am a mom that let's my kids watch TV sometimes so I can get some time to myself blogging or searching the internet, I feed them chocolate on toast for breakfast some days and I have learned that the term "survival of the fittest" was meant to apply directly to the parent-child relationship (unfortunately I am not sure who is outsmarting who)! I don't always make my kids excuse themselves from the table or clean-up their room after playing. I let them resolve battle out their fights on their own (for the most part) ... I know I am not perfect; my kids are certainly not- they are loud, a little too energetic and can demonstrate the perfect pint sized meltdown on cue! But we love each other; we dance and sing together almost every day. We have tickle wars, we talk all at the same time when we get excited and we hug and kiss a million times a day.

I yell (more than that I would like), and I can be selfish. But my kids are well adjusted, well mannered, social, independent and brilliant... so I am taking the reigns and bucking against the "should" of society… I will parent on my own terms AND take care of myself too. I will choose to step down from my high horse in preference of an average height horse. I will not judge the parents of the crying baby, the melt-down throwing toddler, the bratty child or the wild teenager, because I have either been there or will be there soon enough.

I am encouraging honesty about the highs and lows of parenting and hoping to create a more realistic version of parenting... not perfection, but "good enough" parenting.


Day 110

Evening in the park

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Loving ButterBeans&ChicPeas & Day 109. 256 Days Left.

About a month ago, I ordered the first of two adorable outfits from ButterBeans&ChicPeas.

I have ordered a number of handmade outfits and always find I am disappointed by the length of time it takes to arrive and the quality.

I found myself poking around on Beverly L’s facebook fan page and Esty shop, always loving what I see and how sweet her adorable daughter looks modeling the outfits, I just had to order Addison something.

I decided on a custom pillow case dress with matching headband for the Fourth of July. They arrived in less than a week and I was so happy to receive them that I made Addison try it on that night! She looked so adorable we decided we just had to go out; what better than icecream!

(matching headband)

I love the fact that it is a one-of-a-kind item I'm able to give to my daughter that no one else has. The best part Addison loves the dress too!

The second outfit was a must have. No sooner than Beverly posted the picture I had one ordered for Addison.
Seriously, how cute is this sunsuit and matching headscarf?!

The quality of her work is incredible. The outfits came with cute brand name tags which add a lovely touch.

If you are interested in unique, handmade items for your little ones or even yourself, I definitly recommend checking out ButterBeans&ChicPeas. You will certainly find something both you and your little ones will love!

On Facebook: ButterBeans&ChicPeas


Day 109

A weekend covered in sand