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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I ain't afraid of no ghost & Day 106. 259 Days Left.

We hit a new phase.

Saturday evening, after we finished dinner; I asked Addison to pick up her toys and put them in her toy box. She threw a fit about wanting to put them else where, anywhere, “just not in my room!” Me thinking she was having a random drama-tantrum did what any wonderful mom would do; I screamed at the top of my lungs yelled “Addison go put your toys away now or I am going to put them in the trash." Which, of course, only prompted more screaming and crying.

I clear the table and go into her room, only to find her hiding behind her shoe cabinet, holding the toys. Something was wrong. I called in the hubby and we ask her what was going on and why she wouldn’t put her toys away. “The TV is spooky.” We ask what about the TV is spooky and she freaks out… “no, no, no! I am sorry it is not spooky.” I tell her if the TV is not spooky she can put her toys away. She ran over to the toy box, not taking her eyes off the TV, tossed the toys towards the box, ran away so quickly she tripped over other toys lying on the floor. She was hiding in the corner of the room crying. The hubby asked if she would rather us take the TV down. “NO!” Well now what in the hell do we do?

Trying to figure out exactly what was bothering her we attempt another round of questions. Addison, who has absolutely no problem saying what she wants, needs, likes, or doesn’t, would not tell us what was going on in that little toddler mind. We ask “is it the dark?” "NO!" (Addison has never been afraid of the dark. She doesn't even like a nightlight on. We wait until after she is sleeping before turning on the light), “Is it a movie bothering you?” "NO,NO! but you have to put a movie on now!" Maybe we are getting somewhere… “Is the TV spooky when there is a movie on?” "NO, just when the red light is on. When the red light is on the TV is spooky when the green light is on the movie is on and the TV is not spooky.” Seriously, could it be that our 3 ½ year old is smart enough to play this game? She knows how to get the TV on and stay on?

We are ready for bed. Their TV on. Baths finished. Room clean. Jackson in his crib. Addison crying about sleeping alone in her bed… here we go again. She wants to sleep with Jackson in his crib. We explained that there is not enough room for both her and Jackson. Insert another dram-tantrum. Now it is 11pm. I am tired, the hubby tired, Jackson tired, dogs tired, Addison is having a meltdown. She wins again. I toss her in the crib with Jackson, his must have pillow pet, her must have green pillow and her two dozen Toy Story friends which ”will help protect her from the spooky TV.” They slept in the crib together the entire night. Then again Sunday afternoon during nap time.
Not wanting her to get into the habit of "needing" to be a pain in the ass in the bed with Jackson; after their afternoon nap we went out and purchased Jackson his very own toddler bed. Let the fun begin!

After they each made a few trips to the livingroom and bounced on the beds for half hour; 11:30pm they were finally sleeping.
The hubby and I are pretty damn tired why aren’t they?

Day 106

Playdate at the park


reanaclaire said...

As parents, we can never catch up with their stamina.. lol.. kids are real active..

The Good, The Bad, & The Family said...

They are like little evil geniuses aren't they! My 4yr old knows dad is the bed time push over and refuses to let me put him to bed. When mom does bed time its over and done with relatively quickly. When dad does bed time it can be drawn out for hours if our son plays him just right. Remember never wanting to sleep? Now it's what I day dream about all day! Great post lady! Shows we're all ih the same boat!

Margaret (@goodbadfamily)

mommysankey said...

Oh yes- evil geniuses! We were totally played and I am ok with that- because I was exhausted.