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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Most Insulting Comment Ever & Day 36. 329 Days Left…

First and foremost, I write to express an idea or something I have experienced. Blogging is about telling a story. Often, opinions become part of that story. Some will understand and agree while others may find themselves completely offended. I get that. It is all part of the territory.

Part of the joy, with sharing my thoughts, is receiving comments. I am a comment whore; I crave them. I love comments. All of them. Yes, I even enjoy reading the comments where people disagree with what I wrote. If everyone liked what I had to say or agreed with me it would be pretty boring. At times you may get offended or think what I post is distasteful but they are my opinions. It is MY blog. I will post and say whatever I want.

The worst comment ever came on a post I titled “The One Without a Title”. For those of you who have read the post you will understand.

The offensive comment:
Blame It On The Stork said...
“Thanks for stopping by our blog! Your kids are so cute! I love the picture at the end of you blog where they are sleeping nose to nose! So adorable. We are following you right back!”

Are you wondering why this was so insulting?

Well, this particular post was about my children, mother and me being attacked by hundreds of bees and the fear I was going to lose one if not both babies. Her comment was not even relevant to the topic. She basically scrolled through my page(my pictures) and left a comment on the most current post.

Well ladies, thanks for the follow but I just unfollowed you. Feel free to do the same.

Truthfully, I don’t care about numbers. I would rather have readers.

I find this is very common. As I am searching through the bloggy-verse reading post and the attached comments, I often come across someone asking for a follow. Could you really not take two minutes to read the post and write a relevant comment before asking for a return follow? It only take a couple of minutes! Come on people. Comments like that are for places like Facebook, Bloggy Moms, Blog Frog or E-mail.

So just remember if you really want to visit my blog and leave a comment have something pertinent to say.

Day 36



Adriana said...

That really irks me too! I remember that post, I even remember telling my hubby the whole story and tearing up all over again. Some people are just about the numbers and at one point even I thought how cool would it be to have a million followers, but it really doesn't matter if they're not actually reading what you write. Well, I read the post and although your kids are super adorable that was not the time or place for that sort of comment, how rude!

Anonymous said...

i must agree with you on the insult. Today is the first day i have read this. I read it because i saw it posted on FB. hey, at least im honest. I cant stand people that jsut comment on pic that they see without reading the bolg (which,by the way, your children are beautiful). i dont normally "follow" blogs, but i might start withthis one. I am a stay at home mom also, so maybe if i start reading your blogs, i wont feel so alone!

Skye said...

Oh my gosh! You hit the nail on the head! It is so true. I joined a certain popular 'mom blog' website to promote my blog and maybe pick up a few interested readers. I did get a few more followers (hopefully some will actually read) but I felt like some just followed me so I could follow them and make their # go from 506 to 507. I did find some great mom blogs this way - but you can also get some bad apples out there just looking for shameless blog traffic. I personally only want people reading my blog that are truly interested even if that means I have 400 less followers than other bloggers.
If I am not interested in your blog, then I'm not going to follow you - and I hope you would not follow me for that same reason! :)

For what it's worth- I do like your blog a lot- I am a new reader... I love any blog with similar interests to my own!

Well said in your post - un follow that person - and Keep on bloggin! :)

Julie said...

I don't know. I read "The One Without a Title," was horrified, cried and commented on that post. I would never want to experience that or anything like it. However, I saw your post earlier today and honestly it just felt wrong. The fact that you named names on this "insulting comment" doesn't feel right. I can click on the name and find a blog shared by two moms. These women wrote nice things about the picture you have on your blog at the bottom of the screen and thanked you for following them. I agree the placement of that comment was entirely inappropriate(!!) but I don't think there was a malacious intent.
I am a follower of your blog because I love to see all the cute things your two do and to hear your take on being a mom. I am a stay at home mom of two myself. I make mistakes on a daily basis. Sometimes I say or do things that I do not even realize what mistakes they are until much later, sometimes not at all. I would hate to look on a blog I follow and see MY name for all to see called out for being insulting, heartless and mean.

Kirsten said...

I feel EXACTLY the same way. For a couple days I got completely roped into the whole "scroll-through-as-many-blogs-as-possible-and-beg-for-followers" thing, but realized that that is NOT what it's about!

Lindsey Muth said...

Great post! Cute pics! Please follow me!

Just kidding :) I totally agree with the spirit of this post. I'm a comment whore too, but only the real ones where I'm like "wow, it's a connection, bless the internet gosh dammit". Oh, and I like when the pornbots find me too. I dunno why they like my blog so much!

Do you find that finding a balance in this whole weird blogoverse is a little intimidating? I do. Like I really do. I don't want to be "like" any of the blogs I've seen. That's the beauty, I guess. But then I'm like "people are going to think I'm obnoxious, or inappropriate, or..." (for example, my MIL totally does). Ugh.

Well just keep on keepin on mama. And your kids really ARE totally adorable! I'm not just saying :)


Becky said...

Yes, yes, yes! I agree that this is oh-so insulting. People who comment only for a follow I stay away from and unfollow if I have followed previously. It is especially frustrating that they made such a comment on a scary moment in your life, which you chose to share with us.
I am with you, I prefer readers to followers and love comments. I don't know what these people get out of leaving such comments.

Michelle said...

oh man, i tried. i really really tried to come up with something witty but i just fell flat. sorry.

LOL...that's probably okay though, because on a blog once, i was (mostly) joking around buy they took me seriously and the spouse of the lady blogging started harassing me on my blog. Not fun.

i found you by following a link from Michelle g's blog...who is my evil twin. She's teh evil one though, i'm the angel. just ask her.

Kimberly said...

Another thing that totally irritates me is when someone will comment and say something like "Great post and I hope you follow me or here's my latest post" grrrr...I take the time to READ blogs not skim through it just to add a comment in hopes that the blog writer will follow.
So annoying.
Good for you for not following them back!!
PS. Those pictures are adorable...but I read your post first ;)

Life by Cynthia said...

After reading this post I see that we are meant to be blog pals! Well said my new friend. Well said!

"Truthfully, I don’t care about numbers. I would rather have readers."

I am the same way. I also love feedback from readers and thrive on differing opinions. Or any opinons at that. I too don't mind someone leaving a contradictory comment. Please do expose me to a different point of view! I may or may not change my mindset, but I'll give a listen. What I dislike are generic "spam" comments begging for a follow.

You don't know how grateful I am that our paths crossed! I finally feel like someone in Blogland understands where I'm coming from.


Ado said...

I am a new blogger & I must say I have definitely noticed - and bristled at - all the "you follow me/I'll return the fave" stuff. There's something cheesy and artificial about it. It makes me feel like I'm speed-dating or doing something icky in Vegas...(and I'm married!). Gross. Anyway I did read this post and one other on your site, and I appreciate the head's up. PS: Please don't follow me. (-:

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