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Monday, February 7, 2011

Plum Addict & Day 55. 310 Days Left.

Jackson stopped eating pureed baby foods at six months. It was a war to feed him; he refused to be spoon fed. He would throw, spit up, hit the spoon out of my hand, scream, cry, ending with the container on the floor, a baby to wash and giant mess to clean. It was a battle; so I gave up. I gave him fresh veggies and fruits in mushy, tiny bites which he tossed off his tray to the greedily waiting dogs. I always felt that he was not really getting full; I supplemented bottles in between meals.

I saw a commercial for Plum Organic and didn’t think much of it. Friday I noticed them on sale at Target and decided to grab a couple. On our way up to our condo, Addison spotted her bestie and we were chatting for a bit. Jackson got fussy so I decided to give him one of the Plum pouches. I opened the pear mango and handed over expecting him to toss it on the ground. He finished the pouch in a minute. I stood there in disbelief. The next morning I ran to Target and purchased a hand full.

The pouches are awesome and the combinations of fruits and veggies very tasty. He can eat it by himself straight from the pouch .It’s less mess, portable, so easy and healthy! Jackson loves the Plum Organics baby food and I love that it's organic, no fillers, no toxins, and not one thing I can't pronounce. It comes in a BPA-free pouch with a twist off lid and they come in great flavor combinations. Jackson’s favorite snack is the pear & mango.

Addison is all about the Plum Organic Super Puffs. They are bright colored, yummy, nutrious, organic nibbles that both my little ones can enjoy on the go. They make great snacks that are full of flavor, color and best of all healthy!

Check out the entire line of baby & tot foods

Day 55

Jackson enjoying


Mry Jhnsn said...

I found you on Bloggy Moms and your title of your blog post caught my eye... I love their products! I am a big Fan (CoreysMom) and they have a large selection. has a great selection as well. My 10 month old digs there advanced stage dinners, too.

tBirdie said...

I've been wondering about those, thanks for posting!

Jerico'sMom said...

We just found Plum foods and we love it! In fact my Mother and Father-in-law got it for our little Jerico. He just loves them! He's 6 1/2 Months old and he has never been picky with food but he started to have a lot of stomach problems, I'm so happy that He loves all their food selection and it happens that Babies r us just had a sale on PLUM products... so we got a ton!!
Thank you for posting and I can't wait for him to be able to eat them by himself!!

Skye said...

Hooray for Jackson!!
So that's the deal with those pouches? They can eat it themselves? I never knew that. I just figured that's the way they are packaged & never gave it another thought. BUT knowing that, I might try a few for Jules for road trips, etc ... like you said. Thanks for the advice!

mommysankey said...

@Skye They are wonderful. I hand them over to Jackson and he sips them dry in just minutes. He loves all the combinations. Addison actually likes them too but she really munches on the super puffs. Try them- Jules and you will be hooked. (Jackson does try to share, by squeezing out some puree, with the dogs, cats, toys and floor... so just a heads up try to keep her in the same room.

Our Little Bubble said...

I've got to try these plum foods out! all the mother's in my moms groups rave about them. I am just a procrastinator of 3 little boys! Very cute blog, and adorable little kiddos you have :)