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Friday, April 29, 2011

Take a peek inside… & Day 90. 275 Days Left.

First, I will begin with the simple fact that I despise clutter. The hubby on the other hand has a terrible habit of cluttering every inch of the house. Counters are littered with mail and loose change, dirty work clothes piled on the bathroom floor and clothes laying around on the chair, the wicker bench in front of our bed and exercise bike (at least it is being used) in our bedroom.

Every couple of weeks I set out on a mission. My sole goal: de-clutter. I pack bags full of clothes that have not see the light of day in months and toys that have not been brought from the bottom of toy boxes for fresh air; they are donated and out of my house. forever.

This obsession began in my childhood. I was a slob. Lazy. Disgusting.

My idea of putting my junk away was shoving it in a drawer and what would not fit shoved under my bed. My sister and I shared a room and this drove her nuts. She would come home and throw all my crap on top of my bed. I was a repeat offender so most of my childhood I never saw the top of my bed.
Fast forward to today. Now most aspects of my life are clutter free. I do a pretty good job of staying on top of the messes my hubby and toddlers make. But every one has a dumping ground; and I think, three years later, I have found mine.

I have mentioned in previous post of my diaper bag packing champ status. Perhaps this is why. I have everything imaginable in here.
(My diaper bag- my crutch... when children in tote, I never leave home without it)

Take a peek inside my diaper bag…

1. change of clothes for both Addison and Jackson. MUST!

2. Old Navy sunglasses… I lose or break a pair once a month.

3. cutest foe-zipper turquoise clutch wallet by Xhilaration for Target.

4. non glitz and glamour cell phone.

5. Huggies moist wipes. Needed for sticky fingers and dirty little butts.

6. diapers for Jackson and extra Pull-Ups and undies for Addison. I have learned. The hard way.

7. travel sippy cups. Buzz Lightyear and Dora. because obviously.

8. Munchkin no-mess snack container filled with our favorite Plum Organics Super Puffs and dried fruits.

9. sunscreen SPF 50+ for those spontaneous park days. Apply and repeat.

10. cute lil’ froggie notebook , happy meal stencil and assortment of color pencils, pens and crayons for Addison while in the car… and for mommy to jot down all my crazy ideas that come at crazy times.

11. extra camera and back-up battery which may or may not be charged… I am a pathological picture taker and refuse to miss any perfect moment.

12. tissues. Toddlers need I say more.

13. lip gloss and chapstick. My go to lipgloss: L’OREAL colour juice in raspberry mash- yum!

14. NIVEA hand cream … a must have. I am a cuticle picker- can’t let them get dry.

15. REVLON nail polish in Amber. Mommy with two toddlers therefore always in need of touch-ups.

16. miscellaneous hair ties Addison pulls out long before we reach our destination.

17. lollies I use for bribery while in the supermarket or any other public place.

18. Napkins from Mc D’s, DD’s and Starbucks from the various stops for Happy Meals and iced coffees.

19. first aid at its best. Toy Story band-aids, children’s Neosporin, Infant Pain Relief and Benadryl (which I will forever carry since the bee incident).

20. hand sanitizer. Again toddlers one of which is a thumb sucker and another potty trained.

21. Plum Organics: tots mish masheslove. love. love. Jackson agrees.

22. various tags and wrappers from new friends and snacks which have been opened, before check out, to prevent meltdowns; or new DVD’s opened for the car ride home.

23. a kazoo- which landed in the trash just after writing this post and bubbles to distract Jackson.

24. these adorable strawberries transform into reusable bags. I got them from a vendor while at a children’s event over Easter. They are awesome.

25. The true reason my diaper bag weighed 45 pounds…

I knew the hubby and I had a habit of tossing loose change into my diaper bag... but seriously?
Perhaps this is why the counter tops have been change free.

Best part about this post… my diaper bag is clean!

Have you done a what‘s in my bag post?
If so add your link to my comments… I would love to take a peek.

Day 90

While on the subject of clutter


OneMommy said...

I haven't done a post like that yet, but what a fun idea! I have quite a few similar items... I have to second the need for a change of clothes for each kid and the hand sanitizer!

Skye said...

Ooh you just gave me an idea for a new post! Love it! ANd I can't stand clutter. I am soo with you on that!!

Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

Great nappy bag post!!! I've just outgrown nappy bags as my littlest is now 3!!!! Following along now - Caz

Life by Cynthia said...

I have been meaning to but haven't done the purse/bag dump post yet! One of these day I hope to get around to it. Did it really way 45 lbs?! Carry it is a workout in itself!


JennyBean said...

Love the pictures. My closets, my drawers, my cabinets, my pocketbook--they're all like your diaper bag was. "Organization" is a dirty word!

mommysankey said...

@one mommy- do it, do it- write the post... hand sanitizer goes everywhere... it takes me 15 minutes to sanitize the public restroom before I will allow Addison to go... meanwhile Addison is jumping around hands in the air (so she dosen't touch anything) holding her pee while I disinfect. As far as clothes, I have delt with one to many blowouts (not tires) to not have an extra pair or two with me, AT ALL TIMES.

@Skye- I thik you should do the post- I would love to check out another mama's bag.

@Caz- My daughter is 3 1/2 and my son 19 months-I can not imagine my life without my diaper bag... it is my crutch.

@Cynthia- almost 45 pounds... there were a few of Addison "friends" in there but once I pulled them out she took off and refused to have their picture taken. The change was insane... it was coming out of every pocket and didn't include the change busting from my wallet... now if that change had only been bills....

@Jenny- you should have seen the mountain of crumbs I emptied. I have not always been so organized.The hubby and kids have made me crazy.

MM said...

Found you on Bloggy Moms.

I love your post! I have not done whats in my bag but I think I should. I cracked up at the pile of coins you had. I actually went digging into the bottom of my purse the other day and started pulling out coins from the bottom. I had almost $20 in coins! My purse was so much lighter, LOL.

I think as mothers we seem to carry so much in our bags! I almost need a crane sometimes to lift my bag for me and take it to the car.

Anyway I look forward to reading your blog.

Monnie said...

I am forever leaving my sunglasses places and losing them drives me crazy. I keep the first aid kit in the glove box of all of our cars, but the diaper bag is probably smarter. Thanks for stopping by and i'm a new follower!


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