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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cereal, Cinnamon, Sugar & Toast

Once upon a time, I was that annoying mom…

The mom who, during conversations about picky eaters, would say "my daughter does not have that problem!".

She ate anything you put in front of her… cooked & raw veggies, fruits, meats, pasta…mashed potato and spaghetti nights were two of her favorites.

While pregnant with my son, she and I would devour bowls of guacamole- No chips needed!

Then she turned two!

Try giving her an avocado now… forget raw veggies and the cooked ones are left mostly untouched. She laughs in the face of meat. Mashed potatoes are lovingly given to her baby brother and spaghetti fed to the dogs.

For the past year my daughter has lived on cereal and cinnamon–sugar toast. This has become its own food group in our house. She will consume it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. God forbid your try to sneak something else on her plate. She will sit screaming, food left untouched, for her bowl of cereal and her side of cinnamon-sugar toast. Waiting. Arms crossed until it is presented to her.

Tried negotiating. Tried bribery. Tried threatening. We have given up.

We oblige. Cereal and cinnamon-sugar toast it is; for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Addison just after the meltdown that led to more cinnamon-sugar toast.

In the world of motherhood, KARMA is a real bitch.
My son won’t eat anything…especially not his baby food.

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