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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Cats and Dogs

Cats, dogs and children do not mix…

I say this mostly because the expense of owing a pet; well 80% the other 20% is the amount of energy and time it takes caring for them.

There was a point in time I loved my pets. Long before children and probably until just after pregnancy.

There was a point in time I thought three cats and three dogs sounded like a great idea. Once again, long before children.

Addison and Jackson both adore their pets, especially the dogs. Mostly our Pug Petunia.

Me on the other hand- I hate them all.

Allow me to explain.

One cat has hip-dysplasia; yes, a cat. One dog has glaucoma which requires regular eye specialist visits and three to four daily medications. She also has a platelet condition which required chemo treatments, hospitalization and more medications. We discovered she is allergic to bees which may have caused the problem. A fucking bee sting. The damn dog almost died. Now when we walk her, we have to move the grass around, checking for bees, before she can walk on it. Another dog has anal glad problems. Yes, it is as disgusting as it sounds. Each time they rupture it costs $400.00.

First cat, pisses in our bathroom sink. At least he is not doing it on Addison things anymore.

Second cat, shits in front of the litter box. I mean really, take the extra step. Then he will sit in front of the water bowl and meow until it is dumped and replenished with fresh water. The water could just have been changed but if another animal took a drink, well, change it again.

The third cat, vomits piles of food all over the house. He does this four times a day.

I hate loading up the kids in effort to take the dogs out in 100 degree temperatures. It’s not like letting them out in the backyard. No, I have to strap both kids in the double stroller, make sure to grab the house keys, juice sippy cups & snacks, leash up all three dogs and take the elevator to the ground floor, walk past the condo drive way to the street while pulling and fighting with the dogs which are trying to eat the kids snacks. Then I get to battle it out with the spiders in hopes the dogs will shit in a four x four patch of grass. This usually takes 45 useless minutes.

The dogs beg and snatch food out of the kid’s hand. They bark at any sound or any thing that moves. During nap time, I sit quietly at the computer. I do not move in fear the dogs will wake the kids.

One of the cats likes to scratch the furniture, including sofa pillows. And another goes for eyes- yes, kids included; everyone is fair game. While our rescue dog pisses on my living carpet.

Petunia the “beloved golden pug” has eaten too many of the kid’s puzzles and toys to be considered “golden” any longer.

Those damn animals are lucky Addison and Jackson love them so much because to me they have become nothing more than animals. Maintenance.

It is the moments when I see them laying together and running through the house having a great time that remind me of why,at one point in time,I loved each of them .

I guess every now and then I just need those small reminders.


Autumn Bradshaw said...

Oh my! Looks like you've got your hands full. I dumped my dog off at my parents' house and never looked back... but then again, my daughter wasn't born at the time. Good luck!

Heather said...

I understand that feeling. I had to get rid of a caat because she attacked anything that walked near him. Not good at all for kids. And my cat Sam....well when the baby came he has been put aside...not as much lovin and attention as he used to have. But I do have to add I don't have it as health problems with the cat other than an occasional hairball, so my sympathies are with you.

Following you from Bloggy Moms. Would love for you to follow and visit me as well! :)

Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

Becky said...

Our dog went to 'visit' Grandma just after Ellie was born because he would not stop barking when she was trying to sleep (mainly because our feral neighbours revved him up) and he's been there since. We do have a cat now, that the girls adore and I think it's good for them, even when he's annoying the crap out of me.
I love those photos, though - too cute!

AnnCrabs said...

I understand! I really neglected my dog when the kids were really small. Seemed if they didn't need something, she did. It was just too much. But now that the kids are a bit older, I am returning to being a dog lover again. Following from bloggy moms--thanks for the follow~

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with ya! 2 dogs and 2 cats... just last night one of the cats ran down the hall throwing up. Fun stuff. It is cute to see the kiddies with the animals though. Lots of extra "to-dos" with the pets around though. Oh ya, it seemed like a good idea for us too... before kids. Good luck! Thanks for the follow.... following you back!

Carrie said...

I hate pets after motherhood too! I refused to get one until now and all it is is a turtle- low maintenance.

Cindy said...

Hi, I'm a following you back.

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Simplegirl said...

You can say that again. Following your blog. Bloggy moms

Ember said...

Here from Bloggy Moms, cute blog! I know these frustrations all too well! =)