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Friday, February 25, 2011

A for Apple, B for Butt, H is for Hoo-ha & P is for Poop. & Day 63. 302 Days Left.

Recently Addison has become especially interested in the way words are spelled. I get asked several times a day to spell words for her. Since the hubby and I are planning to send her to school in August, I have taken full advantage of this and sound out the words for her to give me the letter name.

That being said, today, while we were in the room playing with her critter clinic, she asked me to spell "butt". I sounded it out and she gave me the letter names. Next, she asked me to spell "penis". Trying not to laugh, I sounded out the word and she gave me the letter names. Once we spelled penis, she asked me how to spell “hoo-ha”; the word we use for vagina. I said to her “how bout we spell animals words instead.” She didn’t like the idea because “spelling animals words is so boring”. She than asked me to spell “poop”. I asked why she only wanted to spell potty words. She responded with: “Because they are so so so so so funny mommy.”

Great, as long as we've got that clear.


Day 63

4th floor balcony swimming

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The not so perfect and oh so tired. & Day 62. 303 Days Left.

The problem I see with a lot of Facebook posts and an overwhelming majority of blogs is this: People only ever talk about the 1% of things that are perfection. Perfect pictures, edited as such, perfect posts about a perfect meal (not mentioning the fact that you’d fed your kids cereal for breakfast, snacks for lunch and leftovers for dinner the five days up to leading that), how positive and perfect you're feeling, turning illness into a great learning opportunity, talking about how great your kids are when we all know they're driving you up the wall more often than not, the highlights of a trip that leave out the fact you have to stop at every other rest stop for a pee “non-pee” break, the fact that your one year old vomited all over the car seat & himself while in protest to the length of the drive, the screaming over who gets to watch what DVD and the never ending “are we there yet” from a three year old.

Typically, I try to be honest in my posting. I’d hate to make someone feel bad by getting a less than realistic view of my life and think I’m anything close to perfect. I’m not.

Yes, like others, I do have good days, some really good days and the occasional “wow, my kids are really great and made this day easy” days. And yes, I do post about those days. But for the most part my days, as a stay at home mom, are about same.

With that being said, I Am Tired.

Exhausted really.

Correction, Fucking Exhausted.

I am tired because I basically have not slept in four years. Yes, Addison is three but I do count the 10 months I spent incubating her. She gets up every night to pee, and although it is nice that I do not wake up to a wet bed, most mornings, it would be even lovelier if she just went in on her own and went back to bed, instead of waking me up and requiring a chaperon for what is definitely a one-person job. When she is not waking to pee, she is coming into our bed complaining screaming about her legs, feet and knees hurting. I understand growing pains are excruciating but this goes on for two hours. The entire time I pray she does not wake Jackson. On the nights she is not waking, Jackson takes over. Teething. Diaper changes. Something. Always something.

Before you anti-complaining, sugar-coating mommies mention it- I am fully aware these are the responsibilities I signed up for when becoming a mother. I get it. None the less, the thought, most days, does not make my job any easier…

I am tired because, as usual, Addison was literally in. my. face at 7am asking when I was going to make breakfast, cause she's "really, really hungry." Probably because she barely ate her dinner do to the fact she "wanted peanut butter and jelly” for the one millionth time.

I am tired because, all before 8:00 am this morning, I made three meals for two children (two for Jackson because the first he threw to the dogs), each with its own variation, each with a different beverage, and each with a lot of whining. I cleaned up vomit of various types, cat, dog and Jackson’s. I had to wash and change a crib because Jackson vomited all over it and himself. I unloaded a dishwasher and loaded the breakfast dishes.

I am tired because my kids fight every second of every day. They fight over everything. And Nothing. At the same time. They are currently in two different rooms watching two different movies. It's bad parenting, but it affords me peace.

I am tired because it is a battle to get my kids to eat. Anything. So I offer Addison chocolate milk and Jackson a bottle so they feel somewhat full. Obviously not going for mother of the year. I choose my battles.

But, despite all of this, it is safe to say that I am not nearly as tired as Jackson.
Who would not be falling asleep during lunch had he taken a nap when I put him down.

Day 62

Snack Time- Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Monday, February 21, 2011

Where They go to Die & Day 61. 304 Days Left.

Welcome to Surviving Motherhood.
The place bloggy awards go to die.

I am not an ungrateful person. Rather, I am a stay at home mommy of two wild toddlers who keep me busy. When I do have the chance to sit and read or write something, I am a bit, dare I say, lazy. I have gone months without posting. I most days lack the time, energy or creativity to keep up with the bloggyverse.

I have to admit, when I first began blogging and was trying to build my readership, I posted and followed the rules to every award. Then I got lazy and decided I really did not have the time or the ambition to search through bloggyland for newbies to pass along awards.

Am I really alone?

After all, how many of us can say we actually go back to visit or read post from the people we award… I don’t.

I have a handful of blogs I read- not religiously- but when I have a few. It is difficult to keep up with my blog let alone the gazillion others out there.
So I am going to finally accept the award that was giving to me in December with the hopes that no one ever sends me another award or tags me in another game. Ever. If you do decided to hand over one of those awards, don’t be hurt if you never receive the appropriate thanks and it certainly will not be passed along.

So thank you, Tricia from mom is the only girl for passing along the stylish blogger award. I am much honored you think my blog is “stylish” enough to award. I do visit your blog frequently but just never got around to actually accepting the award.

Day 61

Watching Bambi

shit…Bambi’s mother dies. How do you forget something like that?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Morning Chores and Day 60. 305 Days Left.

While in the nursery with the kiddos, I heard a bunch of commotion in the living room. I went to check what all the noise was. One of the cats was running around playing. I noticed his toy of choice was a giant fur ball. Perhaps it is time to vacuum. So I did just that. I typically wait until the kids are lying down just before they fall asleep; mostly because Jackson follows me around the house trying to help or ride the vacuum. Well I figured what the hell lets get it done now. I made my way through half the house before I realized no Jackson. Maybe he got bored with the vacuum. He is probably watching TV with Addison. No problem better for me. I get to the dining room where I not only discovered Jackson but the art box, empty bucket of crayons and his masterpiece all over the floor. Looks like I am mopping next.

The look of guilt clearly says it all... yes Jackson, you have been caught.


Day 60

All the coloring must have been exhausting

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hooray for Package Day & Day 59. 306 Days Left.

The doorbell rings, the dogs bark, Addison and Jackson come running out of their room half naked because the only time I dress them is when we leave the house- I digress…

This can only mean one thing… it is package day! There is a twinkle in Addison’s eyes as she jumps up and down waiting for me to sign and get the package in the house. I ask her “who do you think this is from?” and without hesitation she shouts “memaw and pa-pa S.”

I open rip open the package with the help of a one and three year old; they throw the paper and peanuts in every direction. It is a competition to see who can get to the goodies first. The clothes get a brief glance and go flying… what they really want – the toys! Today’s package came loaded with clothes (which mommy loves) and musical books. Thomas the Train for Jackson and Tinker Bell for Addison. They both jump up and down, grabbing and anxiously waiting for me to rip open the cellophane and hand over the prized goodies (as if they don’t have a room full).

I finally hand over the goods and they each play with their new books; only momentarily. They want what the other one has. They switch back and forth for 15 minutes before deciding Addison decides which book suits her best. Today it was Thomas the Train. Sorry Jackson, Tinker Bell it is.


Day 59

Picking Flowers

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Happy V-Day Weekend & Day 58. 307 Days Left.

The weekend was filled with photos, laughter, tears and fun (just as any other weekend would be spent).

we spent Saturday eveing with a great friend. He came over for dinner, drinking and much needed catch up time before leaving to Cambodia for 50 days. An evening well spent.

Sunday we decided to take the kids to a portrait studio for some Valentine photos. We left there disappointed and vowing NEVER to go again. We were given 20 minutes for a photo session and with two toddlers that is hardly enough time to get a great shot let alone even a decent one. So the hubby and I set out on a mission to get great Valentine’s Day photos of the kids. On our own. We took them to a park, we each grabbed one camera, each a kiddo and began snapping away. After a little photo shop we managed to get some great pictures and bonus the kids got to run around and play.

The hubby managed to have today off (not that we celebrate Valentine’s Day). I worked in a restaurant for many years; you could not pay me enough money to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. Crazy. And with two kids it is easier to spend the extra money (when there is extra money) on them rather than ourselves. Instead we took our lil’ guy to get his CBC and lead test (I know we are great parents) but he was long overdue and the fact that he has eaten half the paint off his crib was haunting the back of mind. So we took him. On Valentine’s Day. We were there for 2 ½ hours before he was taken back. Afterwards, we brought the kiddos home for a much needed and deserved naps. What little troopers.

They finally woke up from their three hour long naps, with the promise we would take them to the mall for new Disney friends. We did just that. Loaded them up and headed out. Our first stop was a jewelry store so the hubby could replace his wedding band… he had a little accident at work. While he was paying I took the kiddos over to the Disney store to pick out their new friends. Addison immediately grabbed Eeyore and Jackson grunted for Goofey. Everyone was happy. You are probably thinking “what about you”… well, since you asked; the hubby surprised me with a Pandora bracelet. He is such a wonderful hubby. Not just because of the beautiful gift (but including that) but because of his unconditional love 365 days a year, because he is such a hard working and awesome hands-on dad, because he has blessed me with two beautiful children and because he supports me with every decision I make. Really, who could ask for more (except for maybe a Pandora bracelet)?

So Happy Valentines Day to each of you. Hope you are filled with love today and everyday.


Day 58

Valentine Pictures in the Park

Friday, February 11, 2011

Up Butt Coconut & Day 57. 308 Days Left.

For Christmas Auntie M got Addison her very own digital camera… but that was not all.

Addison loves surfing around on YouTube with us. She loves watching the various music videos from Nick Jr and other preschool favorites. When mommy is not around the monkeys (which include Daddy and Auntie M) will play. The hubby found some not-mommy-approved music videos that he and Addison were rockin’ out to and later discovered Auntie M reinforced. I did not know any of this until Addison was walking around the house singing “Up Butt Coconut”. I asked her where did she get that and her response was “Daddy and Auntie M”. Fantastic.

Well today, Addison & Jackson were playing with their dancing monkey toy when she suddenly got the urge to grab her digital camera. She pulled it out and started to "snap" pictures of all her stuffed monkey butts; the entire time signing “up butt coconut- hahaha butts are funny!”

Her pictures were not limited to monkey butts. No, she decided to include the pug butt, Jackson butt, plastic toy butts, Maggie (our other dog) butt, jellyfish butt and even mommy butt (I will spare you the visual of the mommy butt). Why? Well because “butts are funny”.

Oh my. Maybe she's going to have a gallery of art someday only of butts.


Day 57

When she is not taking pictures of butts and saying bad words she is my girly little princess

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fairies, Wings and Bad Words & Day 56. 309 Days Left.

Damn it”... a few seconds later I hear “Arrrgh, Damn it. I can’t get them in there.” I go into the nursery to see what is going on; “Addison what is the problem?” She is playing with Tinker Bell and her fairy friends. “Mommy, I can’t get them in the damn school bus.” Being mother of the year, I of course couldn't help myself from laughing. "Mommy, are you laughing at me?" "Yes, pumpkin I am." "You're laughing because I said damn, right?" (Laughing harder at this point!) "Yes, I am!" “So, it is fine to say damn?” Now I am scrambling to figure this out. “No Addison, it is not okay to use those words; they are bad words.” She pauses… “Oh, just like shit is a bad word?” I am trying to hold back the laughter, in disbelief that I am having this conversation with my three year old.“Yes, they are both bad words.” I can see she is thinking… “But mommy you say shit and damn it.” more thinking “so when I am big like you I can say shit and damn it huh?” Trying to turn the conversation, I tell her "fairies do not need to ride the school bus they have wings, they can fly.” She looks at me and says with the most serious face, “No mommy, they don’t have wings. You took the bad word wings off.” Really can’t help but to laugh… because the fairies clearly don’t have their “bad word” wings.


Day 56

Breakfast: I am mother of the year

Monday, February 7, 2011

Plum Addict & Day 55. 310 Days Left.

Jackson stopped eating pureed baby foods at six months. It was a war to feed him; he refused to be spoon fed. He would throw, spit up, hit the spoon out of my hand, scream, cry, ending with the container on the floor, a baby to wash and giant mess to clean. It was a battle; so I gave up. I gave him fresh veggies and fruits in mushy, tiny bites which he tossed off his tray to the greedily waiting dogs. I always felt that he was not really getting full; I supplemented bottles in between meals.

I saw a commercial for Plum Organic and didn’t think much of it. Friday I noticed them on sale at Target and decided to grab a couple. On our way up to our condo, Addison spotted her bestie and we were chatting for a bit. Jackson got fussy so I decided to give him one of the Plum pouches. I opened the pear mango and handed over expecting him to toss it on the ground. He finished the pouch in a minute. I stood there in disbelief. The next morning I ran to Target and purchased a hand full.

The pouches are awesome and the combinations of fruits and veggies very tasty. He can eat it by himself straight from the pouch .It’s less mess, portable, so easy and healthy! Jackson loves the Plum Organics baby food and I love that it's organic, no fillers, no toxins, and not one thing I can't pronounce. It comes in a BPA-free pouch with a twist off lid and they come in great flavor combinations. Jackson’s favorite snack is the pear & mango.

Addison is all about the Plum Organic Super Puffs. They are bright colored, yummy, nutrious, organic nibbles that both my little ones can enjoy on the go. They make great snacks that are full of flavor, color and best of all healthy!

Check out the entire line of baby & tot foods

Day 55

Jackson enjoying

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Easy as Pie & Day 53. 312 Days Left.

I remember bringing Jackson home from the hospital; Addison wanted nothing to do with him, I was exhausted and knew in five days the hubby would be returning to work. I remember thinking it was difficult enough dealing with Addison when she was a newborn how in the hell am I going to do a newborn and a one in a half year old?!

I was frightened that the needs and demands of a newborn and toddler would not mix well. I knew I would be changing diapers and handling feedings almost all day. Addison was not yet potty trained and I was not going to start while trying to adjust to life with a newborn.

As the months past I kept asking “is this going to get any easier?”…
it never did.

Addison hated Jackson. She became so resentful. As he started moving around, if he touched her, she screamed. She threw the biggest pint sized meltdown you have ever seen. She did not want him any where near her; except for nap time. She loved sleeping with him. I remember thinking, maybe there is hope…

That was until Jackson began crawling and pulling himself up. Addison wanted no part. She would throw various toys, hit, push, scream in his face or run him over with her cozy coupe car. She spent a large portion of the day in time out. This is not how it was supposed to be… raising two children was extremely hard. I was exhausted. I wanted to pull out all my hair and scream. On days when both kids were crying I would start crying too. Seriously, what were we thinking?

The most difficult part of the day seemed to be walking our three dogs.
People always stopped me just to say things like…
"You sure do have your hands full."
"I know you didn't plan it that way, did you?"
“What came first the children or all the dogs?”
“How many times a day do you have to do this?”
I got angry. Really? You need to stop me to ask these stupid questions. You can obviously see I am busy!

I was terrified to leave the house; fearing I would never be able to handle the two of them out at the same time.

I woke up one morning and Jackson was one. In a few short weeks, Addison was three and life just seemed to be easy as pie.

Addison is amazing with Jackson. You see the love and concern in her eyes.(When did this happen?)

The days of that frustrated sad mommy who thought her life was spinning out of control are gone.

We enjoy our daily walk with the dogs (rain or shine… Addison, Jackson & the pug more so rain). People still stop and ask me how I handle it but now I respond with “I have two amazing children who make it very easy.”

Day 53

A Lazy Afternoon

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Girl in the White Shirt & Day 52. 313 Days Left.

Just when I think I am the most unreasonable parent some dim-witted mother comes along…

I decided to take the kids to the park for a little weekday fun and get the hellions out of the house to burn off that pent up energy. Addison found a little girl around her age to play with. They were having so much fun together. The mom was sitting close by with her newborn twins. Jackson was climbing up the stares and sliding down the slide on his belly- I don’t know; he just likes to slide that way and why would it bother me? Well Addison brought her new friend over to play on the slide with Jackson. The three of them took turns climbing and sliding down on their bellies. After a few minutes the little girl’s mom looked over and said “No, don’t slide down on your belly you are going to get your shirt dirty, slide on your butt.” The girl’s mom dressed her in a white shirt and told her not to get it dirty…AT THE PARK! Really? So the little girl decided she did not want to get in anymore trouble and left Addison and Jackson behind. Stupid mom.

Day 52

A Day at the Park