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Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 48. 317 Days Left: Things I Have Found in Our Christmas Tree

The tree is up; I turn to both kiddies and say "No touching the Christmas tree. Understand." Addison answers, "Yes, we understand." But do they really? After all Jackson is only one. A very curious one.

They seemed to be doing somewhat well with the concept. I did have to tell Jackson "no" a few times. As expected. How much does a one year old really understand...

Obviously not much...

I guess the Pug didn't get Jackson's pancakes after all.

Not quite sure which one is responsible for these...assuming Jackson since finding the random decorations I have been keeping a watchful eye on him and have witnessed him trying to shove all sorts of toys, paper, food and beverages into the tree.

My kids sure do keep life interesting.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Stay at Home Mom Syndrome & Day 47. 318 Days Left.

Though rewarding, being a stay-at-home mom isn’t easy. In fact, I was surprised to find it’s the hardest job I have ever had. Most days are spent without a single adult conversation, quieting my child’s screams at home or in the store, wiping poopy butts, making bottles, making five different things for breakfast and lunch, disciplining, splitting up battles, getting toddlers to nap (at the same time), doing laundry, hauling a double stroller while entertaining two toddlers and walking three dogs, cleaning house and planning nightly meals often leave me wondering, “Is this really worth it?” The “I’m just a mom” syndrome attacks routinely, suggesting the world is moving on without me while I watch Yo Gabba, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the Wiggles with my 3 & 1-year-olds for the one millionth time.

Like anyone, I have good days and bad days. Admittedly, even a bad day at home is better than the worse day at an outside job. But I often find myself answering most how do you do it questions with “Well, I am just a mom.”

On a really good day, Addison and Jackson are cooperative, playful, hungry at food time and actually eat what I make, sleepy at nap time, the housework gets done, I find a bit of time to write a blog post and most importantly, to enjoy one-on-one time with the kiddies.

Most typical days for this stay-at-home mom go like this:

Wake up when Jackson wakes up (between 5:30-6:30am), change him, get him a bottle. Rub open my eyes and luckily if he is not screaming I can find time to pee. Addison is usually just waking up (7am-ish). Make Addison juice and get her on the potty. Make them breakfast. Jackson throws it overboard. Make him something new to eat. Pour a cup of coffee and pray I can get at least 2-3 cups in me. Clean up Jackson. Clean up his highchair. Clean up the floor. Clean up after breakfast while the kiddies are watching The Cat in the Hat. Start the laundry. Play with Addison and Jackson. Get them down for a nap. Clean up any bottles. Check email. Start writing a post. Until they wake for lunch. Prepare food, let them eat, clean up Jackson, clean up his highchair, clean up the floor. Change them into daytime clothes. Take the dogs for a walk. Stop a pint sized meltdown. Call the hubby and hound him about when he is coming home. Dinner...bath time...bed time. I sit down on the sofa.

Now during this constant activity I am often rewarded with dancing, talking, laughing, playing, hugs and kisses. Addison even helps take the laundry out of the dryer (while leaving a trail behind her) and once folded Jackson likes to throw the clothes on the floor. They both really enjoy helping.

My life, as a stay at home mom, is not glamorous or relaxing but I do get paid with "I luv yous", hugs and kisses that just melt my heart.

I think friends are shocked by how easily I slipped into this life. Hell, I'm more shocked than they are (especially by my hygiene issues).

And p.s. hubby it is so not hot to ask how many days it has been since I have showered… that will not get me moving. Because by this point, I have had all I can stand of other humans hanging off me. So sorry. No shower tonight. Rain check please…

Day 47

We play Jack-in-the-Box

Thursday, December 2, 2010

No Use Crying Over Spilt Juice & Day 46. 319 Days Left.

“Mommy, I’m going to time out!” I turned to look at Addison, whose juice cup spilled all over and under the sofa and side table. She looked back at me defiantly. “I made a big mess,” gesturing toward her juice cup that was now laying on the floor (while Jackson happily splashed in the puddle). “I am going to time out,” she reiterated. “You…you can’t have a time out,” I stammered “it’s MY job to say when you get a time out – you don’t get to tell ME when you are having one. (By this point Addison already placed herself on the time-out mat (which is really the dog bed), along with her dinosaur and Jackson (who follows behind her every move and I am sure he had a part, other than splashing, in the spilled juice). “Addison, you are not getting a time-out. We need to go wash your hands, rinse off Jackson and you are going to help mommy clean up this mess.” As I am holding Jackson and she is following along to the sink she begins screaming “I want my time-out, I spilled my juice.” I tried to explain the mess was an accident and she did not deserve a time out for an accident-“we all have them“. Well, this made matters worse and she was now in a full fledged meltdown.

I thoughtfully considered what the hell just happened? The spilled juice, the request and her attempt for punishment, my response to her bold demand, all orchestrated by a barely thigh-high child who thinks a snowman is called a “nu-sa.” Meanwhile, I am cursing myself for giving into a three year old by allowing her juice in a cup with a crazy straw rather than giving her a sippy cup. This was my fault; I knew what was going to happen the moment I handed her the juice. Did I really think she was going to listen when I told her “Addison be careful and do not take it to the sofa.”? Why did I give into her request for the lady bug cup? Was it because she was so sick and finally feeling herself or because I wanted to be a “good mommy”? But I am certainly not going to give in to her demand for a time-out. What kind of push over does she think I am?

She is a firecracker. I get it; she is three. She is trying to find her way and establish a sense of self. I like that she’s trying to run circles around me; the key is to not let her know when she has succeeded, or let her see my slight smile of "you-go-girl"approval as I turn away from yet another Addison mini-meltdown.

Day 46

"Mommy, We Ride"

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toddlerism: The Fashion Nightmare & Day 45. 320 Days Left.

From the moment I heard it’s a girl I immediately envisioned pretty ruffled dresses and cute little bows.

Well, she had no hair so pretty dresses it would be.

That was until she hit three; she has become an independent, self-dressing fashion nightmare. Trading her pretty sundress for boy tee shirts, mismatching her dress-up clothes with her everyday clothes, pairing pok-a-dot pants with nightgowns, green striped shirts with pink leggings and red Valentine’s day socks and the socks with sandals statement.

She is always insisting on picking her own clothes and dressing herself. So, I focused my battle--and it is, most days, a battle--on getting her to be weather-appropriate, and let the "fashion" slide.For now.

She will eventually have a sense of fashion right? That is something all girls, at some point, develop- isnt it?

Until then, there is this…

The "it's not a boy shirt" but really it is a boy shirt Armadillo tee she just had to have...and has to be washed every night because she wears it at some point EVERYDAY.

"Mommy- I ready to walk the dogs"

"OK,I ready for bed"


Day 45.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To my Children & Day 44. 321 Days Left.

As we all prepare for the Holidays and take the time to reflect on what we are Thankful for, I would like to share what it is, in life, I wish for my children…

I wish for my children to always forgive and forget- especially when it comes to one another. That they never let anything in life separate their bond as siblings because, one day, each other will be all they have.

I wish they understand that every decision I have made has always and will always be in their best interest; even if they don’t get it immediately. I wish they know I support them in every decision they make and will be here for the consequences of those decisions, good or bad.

I wish that they grow to be self-confident, independent, and empowered adults who lead a balanced life. A life, full of happiness; a life, they want to live.

I wish that they continue to grow and learn more about themselves and those around them.

I wish to encourage and plant the seeds of discipline, that they may learn diligence and commitment to whatever path, in life, they choose.

I wish that my children never lose their voice and fight hard for what they believe.

I wish for my children to find that someone in this world that they are crazy in love with and who loves them back.

I wish that they truly respect me as a person but most of all as their mother and know I love them unconditionally.

I wish for my children to always have a faith in whatever religion they feel called to. I wish for them to have an ongoing relationship with God. I wish for them to give more than they will ever take from this world.

I wish my children to Live everyday to the fullest and Love like there is no tomorrow and understand the Laughter will come naturally.

Happy Thanksgiving…

Day 44

The Paper Towel Castle

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Addison’s Story & Day 42. 323 Days Left.

She was due December 6th 2007. She had other plans.

First let me begin with pre-pregnancy. A year prior to conceiving Addison, I had to have emergency surgery. This was only a year after the hubby and I were married. I had an ovarian cyst which ruptured. The rupture caused a liter of blood to float around my tummy and chest, causing me to lose consciousness. Everything happened so quickly. I was prepped for surgery and signing a consent for a partial or full hysterectomy.

After my surgery, I remember briefly waking up and seeing my mom and hubby. I looked over and said to my mom “sorry, no grandbabies” and drifted back to sleep.

I spoke with the Dr. who performed the surgery. She did not have to remove either ovary but she suggested after recovery to begin “trying” to conceive because “the road to conception may be very long and difficult due to the damage from the cyst.”

10 months were spent trying. 10 months I drove the hubby crazy with pills, charts, ovulation kits and thermometers. 10 months of phone calls to my girlfriends “I really thought this month was it.” while they tell me to “just relax, it will happen.” And every “just relax” phone call left me wanting to stab a box of puppies. 10 months of peeing on sticks and nothing.

Month 11. While at work I was peeing every 15 minutes. Finally, the 98th time I just knew. On my way home from work I bought another pregnancy test and a 32oz bottle of water. I ran into our tiny apartment and peed on the stick. Before I even put the test down it showed a +. Ok, well that was too fast. Stick #2 +. I ran back up to Walgreen’s and bought a different brand double pack test. Both positive. I remembered seeing the digital tests; so to be certain, before mentioning to the hubby, I ran back up and spent the $30 on the digital tests. It flashed POSITIVE. YES! This is it!

I paced the house trying to figure out the best and most creative way to tell the hubby. I was too excited… I called him at work.

My first trimester was pure hell. My day, every day, consisted of throwing up after every meal, feeling nauseous when I wasn't eating and losing 15 pounds. My OB prescribed something to help with the nausea but as soon as I got home I threw the prescription out. I was not putting any drugs in my body while growing this precious little bundle that I worked so hard to conceive. The first trimester also brought the worst migraines and cramps I've ever experienced. The ones that last all day, all night, and won't let you sleep. After a number of ultrasounds, they determined the baby was growing fine. Nothing was wrong. It was a disaster and I was so glad when it was over. Especially, since hearing and reading the first trimester is the worst. I was looking forward to the second.

Unfortunately, the second was not any better. I was still dealing with the horrible cramps and vomiting. Was pregnancy really supposed to be this difficult? When I hit four months and thought I was out of the clear, I began telling friends and co-workers. It was a Friday. Saturday night I went to bed a little early because I had horrible cramps. I woke up around 12 midnight and had to go pee. The cramps had gotten worse. After peeing I noticed blood. I grab my What To Expect When Your Expecting and thumbed through the pages. I gave it an hour. The bleeding got worse and we ran to the emergency room. The worst moment of my life was signing in: The cause of your visit? I think I am miscarrying (I write with a shaky hand). List your symptoms: Bleeding and severe abdominal cramps for the past hour & half. I am finally seen by the Dr. and taken back for an ultrasound. The baby has a heartbeat. Thank God. The Dr. came in and explained that the chances of us losing the baby within the next 24 hours is 50%. I was put on bed rest for a week.

We arrive home Sunday morning and the hubby and I spent the day in bed; crying. We both call our employers. I take the week off. He takes a couple of days. By the end of the week, everything was fine. The 50% was in our favor. We were truly blessed. After a follow up with my OB we had an ultrasound scheduled. I was now well into my 4th month and the ultrasound done determined we were having a girl! We were so excited. Exactly what we were hoping for! We walked out of the office and called our parents. “We are having a girl. Addison Jean.” We ran to Carter’s and I bought the most perfect little layette for her.

After that trimester I had all the rest of the symptoms. My back was in pain all the time, I always had to pee, exhaustion set in from not sleeping, was never comfortable and I even got an infection.

It was November 21st, 2007. My 28th Birthday. I was 38 weeks. My sister came over to have lunch with me. After finishing the dishes I had to pee. I stand up and a swoosh of water rushes out. “Mon, I think my water broke.” She says, “Are you sure you didn’t pee? It is two weeks early.” “Yes, call the hubby and I will call my OB.” They tell me to head on over to the hospital, they will check me there. I jump in the shower. Meanwhile my sister is screaming at me to get to the hospital. Fine, Mon. I won’t shave my legs". She did make sure I grabbed five towels to sit on so I didn’t get her car seats wet.

We get to the hospital and they do a test wipe. “It is blue. Your water broke.” Happy Birthday to me. I am not dilated. They give me until 8pm Wednesday night. Nothing. They begin the Pitocin drip and get labor started. I had to sleep with the IV in that was hooked up to a line of fluids and monitors on my tummy. Going to the bathroom (which I had to do every 10 minutes because of the fluids) was a whole process altogether: unhooking the machine, unplugging the monitors and dragging the metal thing holding everything. (First they wanted me to use a bed pan- I refused). I finally got a little sleepy and managed to sleep a couple hours at night. Hubby gave up sleeping on the chair and crawled up on the bed next to me.

Thursday, November 22nd. 2007. Thanksgiving. I had a number of visitors. My parents, my sister and a close girlfriend. My girlfriend and I were chatting when suddenly I turn to her and say “Hey, Jay I am feeling a ton of pressure.” She (a nurse) said “don’t push. I am going to get your nurse.” The nurse came in and finally after 26 hours I was 10 centimeters. My nurse called my OB and within seconds I was ready to begin pushing. My Dr. tells the hubby to grab a leg and my girlfriend to grab the other (so much for her Thanksgiving plans). While pushing my sister came into the room to say goodbye. She had to drive back home. I hear her say, “ok were doing this. I guess I can leave a little later”. She grabs my camera and begins snapping pictures. My mom arrives shortly after and the Dr. says “no one else in the room.” It was a circus. My sister runs into the bathroom to grab a cool damp rag for my head and leaves the door open. The giant mirror captures an incredibly perfect shot of Addison crowing. I scream, “Mon shut that door!”

Finally after 2 hours and 40 minutes of pushing she joins us.

Welcome to the world Addison Jean.

Born Thursday, November 22nd 2007. Thanksgiving Day.

At 4:40pm. Weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces. Measuring 19 inches.

So on this special day; your 3rd birthday, I say, I would do every second over again because our lives are more perfect now that you are here.

Day 42

Happy 3rd Birthday Addison Jean.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thirty-Something & Day 41. 324 Days Left.

I have officially hit thirty-something. I feel nothing; well, other than tired. I can’t really say I feel older, though I am, can’t say I am excited about my birthday, because I am not, today really just feels like another day.

I did spend the day the only way I would dream of spending my birthday, with the hubby, my mom and my two little blessings. The hubby made my favorite breakfast, eggs benedict. The kids hated it but oh, well some part of today had to be about me. (Because after all today will forever be remembered as the day I went into labor with Addison. Her birthday is tomorrow.)

The afternoon was spent at St. Jerome Fall Festival. Their annual church carnival. (I went to St. Jerome from K-8th grade so I was excited about sharing this with my children and equally exciting,it was the first time either has been to a fair.) As we were preparing Addison for the day, I told her we were going to a fair and there would be rides and games. She looked at the hubby and me and said “and boys?” Fabulous, we are going to be in a shit load of trouble come middle school. Boys. She is three. Now I definitely feel my age...Thirty-something.

Day 41

Our Day at the Fair

Jackson enjoys his first funnel cake. He ate the entire fried dough goodness. The first time he didn't throw his food overboard.

we take a little break

We celebrate my turning thirty-something...

make a wish

Although, I already have ALL that I have wished for.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mommy’s Crime to Survive & Day 39. 326 Days Left.

The Tale of The Little White Lie

I was making dinner this evening, and Addison needed something to do. So I sat her down with one of those Color Wonder Coloring Books, the kind with special paper on which a picture is revealed when you run the special marker across the pages. The beauty of these is that there’s no ink, no crayon, and therefore no chance that your child will, for example, make a masterpiece on your white tile floor and grout or on your perfectly painted walls. Which by the way, even “washable” crayons leave evidence of that once composed beautiful work of art.

“She thinks she’s coloring,” I thought to myself, “but she’s really not.”

It started me thinking about all the little white lies I tell her throughout the day.

“The M&M’s are all gone.”

“Sorry but that toy needs new batteries.” (this is my favorite. I use it frequently)

“We are all out of bubbles for the Hippo bubble blower..” I would really love to sit there and hold the handle down so it can make hundreds of soapy bubbles all over my already moped floors.“

“After we pay for our groceries we will head back to the toy section.” (yup, so far this works~ Lifesaver at Target)

And then there are the deceptions: the cookies that stay hidden and are brought out only after she and Jackson go to bed, the drawer locks I put on on every cabinet, not only to prevent injury to tiny fingers but to keep my monster Jackson from pulling every pot and pan or towel out.

Truth be told, all these little white lies and deceptions make my life a little easier.

Do I want to be the painfully honest mom who says, “I’m too tired to take you to the park and have to deal with this horrible heat and the fact that you will not use a public restroom; instead you will make me rush you ALL the way back home just to have you pee in your underwear“” or do I want to be the mom who says, “We don’t have time for the park today – how about we take the dogs for a little walk?”

Do I want to be the mom who says, “Coloring is an activity denied to you until the age of cooperation and understanding”, or do I want to be the mom who says, “Look what I have for you! It’s a special magic pen and special magic paper!”

I suppose these little white lies have their purpose. It is cuter when kids go around announcing that they know they have to brush their teeth because they don't want their adult employment limited to being either a pirate or monster, rather than saying, "I have to brush my teeth so I don't suffer from periodontal disease and halitosis."

And there you have it, I’ll take lying, pleasant mom any day.

Day 39

We Fingerpaint

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 38: Addison's 3rd Birthday Party. 327 Days Left.

As most of you know, we are huge Yo Gabba Gabba fans in this house.

So, for Addison's 3rd birthday, we kicked it Yo Gabba style...

Addison started watching Yo Gabba Gabba when she was 6 months old, she would get this huge smile on her face and shake her feet and arms all around. Jackson was also immediately drawn to the show; dancing his way through each episode.

When I originally looked online I saw that there wasn't much Yo Gabba birthday stuff to buy. I was extremely disappointed.
Then I went to and found a ton of really cool ideas and was like "Ok, I can do this!"

So here are some pictures of my daughter's 3rd birthday.

The Decorations and kid's party favors were made by using printables from Nick Jr's Yo Gabba Gabba selections. For the boom boxes, I printed copies from Nick Jr's party printables. I cut and glued a boom box to each side of the animal cracker box. They fit perfectly.

I made both Addison's and Jackson's shirts by using the Foofa and Brobee iron on printables.

We purchased Addison's cake.
I do not attempt to decorate cakes. They typically end up smashed because I get so pissed off. I bought the cake and added a few new Gabba toys for her collection.

Ultimately, Addison had an AWESOME third birthday!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And the Award goes to…& Day 37. 328 Days Left.


I have the most amazing readers.
Mama Becky bestowed upon me the Versatile Blogger Award.

With all of these awesome awards and the “tell so many things about yourself” rules, there will not be much you don’t already know…

To accept this, there are 4 rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
Thank you so much to the lovely, soon to be mama of three, Becky over at A peek over the fence.
I so appreciate you thinking of me!
I am looking forward to seeing that new baby boy of yours.

2. Share seven things about yourself
- Before Addison was born I had emergency surgery and told that conceiving may be difficult, possibly impossible. A year of “trying” we welcomed Addison and surprise Jackson was not very far behind!
- I LOVE Glee. Yup, I am officially a Gleek. I only just begun watching the show, three episodes and I am hooked. Season One on Amazon here I come!
- I Hate milk. I can’t drink it- I gag uncontrollably.
- I dream of Addison’s and Jackson future. Everday.
- I can't stand the cold; So. Fl is the perfect place for me.
- I am a crazy perfectionist. It drives those closest to me, well, crazy. Perhaps “control freak” would be more accurate…
- I NEVER wanted to be a stay -at-home-mama; I wouldn’t trade it for ALL the wine in the world! I have the most important job and I love what I do (good days and bad)!

3. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic.

First Time Mama- First Time Blogger
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The Chronicles of a Rookie Mom
Confessions of a Daydream Believer


Day 37

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Most Insulting Comment Ever & Day 36. 329 Days Left…

First and foremost, I write to express an idea or something I have experienced. Blogging is about telling a story. Often, opinions become part of that story. Some will understand and agree while others may find themselves completely offended. I get that. It is all part of the territory.

Part of the joy, with sharing my thoughts, is receiving comments. I am a comment whore; I crave them. I love comments. All of them. Yes, I even enjoy reading the comments where people disagree with what I wrote. If everyone liked what I had to say or agreed with me it would be pretty boring. At times you may get offended or think what I post is distasteful but they are my opinions. It is MY blog. I will post and say whatever I want.

The worst comment ever came on a post I titled “The One Without a Title”. For those of you who have read the post you will understand.

The offensive comment:
Blame It On The Stork said...
“Thanks for stopping by our blog! Your kids are so cute! I love the picture at the end of you blog where they are sleeping nose to nose! So adorable. We are following you right back!”

Are you wondering why this was so insulting?

Well, this particular post was about my children, mother and me being attacked by hundreds of bees and the fear I was going to lose one if not both babies. Her comment was not even relevant to the topic. She basically scrolled through my page(my pictures) and left a comment on the most current post.

Well ladies, thanks for the follow but I just unfollowed you. Feel free to do the same.

Truthfully, I don’t care about numbers. I would rather have readers.

I find this is very common. As I am searching through the bloggy-verse reading post and the attached comments, I often come across someone asking for a follow. Could you really not take two minutes to read the post and write a relevant comment before asking for a return follow? It only take a couple of minutes! Come on people. Comments like that are for places like Facebook, Bloggy Moms, Blog Frog or E-mail.

So just remember if you really want to visit my blog and leave a comment have something pertinent to say.

Day 36


Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 35. 330 Days Left

On this beautiful 70 degree So. Fl day

the girls play...

Movie Star



Thursday, November 4, 2010

They Are Gross and They Baffle Me & Day 34. 331 Days Left.

My mental capacity is diminished. Mostly because I am a stay at home mom and talk to a three and one year old all day. Therefore I have been having simple thoughts. Which are mostly amusing. My first thought is... kids are weird. Don't you think?

My kids will do things from time to time and no matter how I try to figure out the sense behind it. I'm just left curious.

Why, Jackson, would you eat Wrigley’s (our dogs) fresh poop? Didn’t you realize it smelt like something you would keep away from your mouth? And as far as the dog…thank you for pooping in the house you asshole.

Why are babies so curious about their poop that they have to take their diapers off and play in it? Makes for wonderful cleaning, especially with the help of dogs… just ask both Addison and Jackson!

Now this is something both my kids did; how about yours? Why do they poop in the bath tub? Addison did it frequently until about 15 months old and Jackson has done it about three times, he is now one.

Ever wonder what happens to that boogie once you decide to stop taking it from your child? Just ask Addison… it goes in your mouth. Really? Why? Ewww!

Why are disgusting things like dead bugs or, in this mornings case, Petunia’s (our pug’s) eye gunk so fascinating that they have to pick it up and give it a full inspection?

Why does Jackson find Addison using the potty to be so fascinating that he has to slip his hand in her stream?
Yes, that is a picture of Jackson playing in Addison full training potty.

Moving away from the ewww factor… Why does Jackson find it amusing to throw all of his food onto the floor? Every. Meal. He is hungry twenty minutes later and it plays out the very same way. Just Eat Your Damn Food!

Addison insists on having exactly 20 stuffed animals in her bed, and knows exactly what is missing, if I should attempt to remove something. Does that look comfortable?

Addison has no problem walking up to a stranger and letting them she has a whoo-ha and Jackson has a penis.

Jackson hates diaper changes. He gets so angry that he reaches down and tugs his penis hard enough he cries. So why if it hurts does he repeat this at every change?

Why do they taste things like crayons and play-doh? You can see by their reactions it is gross and yet they go back for seconds or thirds.

Finally, Why does Addison insist on running around the house naked even if she is freezing her little tushie off? And what a cute little tushie it is.

I am sure I will never know the answers to any of these.

So what strange things do your cute little munchkin heads do?


Day 34

Addison look at mommy