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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm Gonna Get You, Sunshine for Mama Kimberly and Day 33. 332 Days Left.

Mama Kimberly tagged me in a friendly game of bloggy tag and I have been it for weeks!
Finally, I am gonna get you… so start running!

To begin, I had to answer the following:

4 Things in my Handbag:
First I must confess my handbag is a diaper bag and has been for the past three years!
1. Neosporin, band-aids and Benadryl (since the bee incident). With two kids under the age three I learned these MUST stay fully stocked in the bag.
2. Diapers
3. Tons of Target and Publix receipts.
4. Crumbs- crumbs and more crumbs- of all sorts…

4 Things In/On my Desk:
1. Pictures of Addison and Jackson
2. My broken laptop- sniffle.
3. Jackson’s birth certificate form- I filled out and never sent in- oops
4. Baby Monitor.

4 Favorite Things in my Bedroom:
1. Our Wedding Pictures which hang over our bed.
2. Other family pictures- I am a picture gal!
3. My big brown chair which was given to us by our neighbor who moved out. Even though it matches nothing in our room, I love that ugly chair.
4. My bed spread. I love it; our room is green and the bed spread is black and white. It makes our small uncomfortable bed, beautiful.

4 Things I Always Wanted To Do (But haven’t yet):
1. Go to Hawaii and Vegas.
2. Travel outside the U.S.
3. Have another baby- been working on the hubby but it is not financially smart at this time.
4. Play in the snow. As an adult not a one year old.

4 Things I Enjoy Very Much At the Moment:
1. Nap-time. Addison is sleeping and Jackson in his crib watching Yo Gabba while playing with his glow worm. I LOVE nap-time
2. Having a glass of wine with the hubby while the kids are still napping. Yummy.
3. Working on Addison’s birthday party favors and decorations (Yo Gabba themed).
4. Talking with the hubby about our day.

4 Song I Can’t Get Outta My Head:
This is so shameful…
1. There‘s a Party in my Tummy: YGG.
2. Animals on the Farm: Disney’s Choo Choo Soul.
3. Willy was a Whale: Justin Roberts.
4. I Don’t Like Candy Corn: Nick Jr's Moose and Zee.
Embarrassing to admit- I know!

4 Things You Don’t Know About Me:
1. I yell- A LOT! If you are my neighbor you already know this...
2. I speak my mind- probably a little too frequently.
3. I hate the garbage disposal. It freaks me out. I cringe every time I have to turn it on… I am a freak, I know. They could make a successful horror movie with what goes on in my mind.
4. I miss being close to my sister and my bestie Liz. Especially now that I stay home during the day.

Now’s my turn to tag 4 more blogs…
1. 8aPlenty
2. Haute Mom
3. a peek over the fence
4. The Mean Mommy Club

I love learning more about the people behind their incredible blogs.


And now for you Mama Kimberly; the Sunshine Blog Award.

You are truly an inspirational and amazing women and mother.
You always have a positive outlook and I truly enjoy reading your blog.

So with this award ,as all, there are a few rules:
The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity & creativity inspires others in the blog world.

The rules for accepting this award are:
Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.
Link the nominees within your post.
Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.


This year Addison embraced all that was Halloween

from her paintings of pumpkins and spiders:

to her movie selection
The Nightmare Before Christmas. Which we rented than purchased and have watched 50 times in four days.

Finally to her nap time...


Kimberly said...

Oh my dear, you have me in happy tears over here. Wow. Thank you so much!! This means the world to me! You rock mah socks!
PS. My son has been totting skeleton heads around the house. He insists that he sleeps with them. Too funny!

Becky said...

Oh how cute is she with all those rats... eek. lol

Dana said...

you've inspired me to publicize my to do list! Maybe if i put it out there I'll actually feel more pressure to get it done!

Skye said...

Great blog!! The rat picture made me laugh outloud- too funny!! LOL! And I love the list- I may have to steal your idea (and of course credit you!!) - You've got me as a follower!

Danielle said...

I just followed you back. I busted out laughing about the songs stuck in your head. Your number 1 There's a party in my Tummmy is a song I sing to Daylan almost everyday. Im walking around constantly saying "there's a party in my tummy so yummy so yummy there's a party in my tummy...." hahaha