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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This is my life & Day 117. 248 Days Left.

As a mom, my days are filled with many toddler activities. Most of my time is dedicated to Addison and Jackson. I don't say this to shed myself in a favorable light; after all, I am the type of mom that yells loud and often.

My days are spent sitting on the floor playing cars with Jackson often while Addison is styling (pulverizing) my hair or "reading" me a book. I do, spend a lot of time DOING stuff for them. I didn't realize how much time was going to be spent just trying to keep up.

My kiddos are busier than some, they require constant attention. They like to be entertained; Addison talks from the moment her eyes are open, expecting an answer to her every question and a response to her every thought. Jackson spends his days following Addison around trying to get her attention by hitting, pinching, pulling, biting, wrestling and occasionally kissing and hugging (but more often violence is his go-to attention grabber!) When they are not fighting or talking my ear off, they want more mommy time… mommy to color with them, paint with them, read to them, sing for them and dance with them. Jackson wants to play outside but Addison wants to play in their room. They are rarely quiet, or still.

When they are quiet, there is trouble… paint on the tile, crayon on the sofa and walls, artwork made by using condiments, Jackson standing on furniture or playing in the toilet because Addison “forgot to close the bathroom door”. Toilet paper and tissues have started to go missing; perhaps why the toilet keeps getting clogged, so occasionally (several times a week) I have to plunge the toilets... what do you think is happening to the toilet paper? Jackson has a fascination with wipes, diapers, toilet paper and toilets. That is pretty exciting right? This is a SURE sign that potty training is right around the corner... no, the only thing that might be around the corner is a pee puddle or poop that seems to have mysteriously appeared there while Jackson has taken off his shorts and diaper for a little "air"! Be careful at our house or you might just be the next sucker to step in it!

Ah, yes, The Sankey clan; (once you have more than one child you are forever referred to as one entity. We come with our own demolition name and warning… can’t you hear it: “Look out here comes the Sankey clan”) we are loud, we yell from room to room to communicate, we laugh loud- play hard, we are constantly chasing a toddler around yelling “NO!”, someone is always in the middle of a meltdown, Addison I can mostly reason with but Jackson’s come with laying on the floor, limbs flailing, head banging all while screaming- first class temper- tantrum. Wow! Will I make it through another TWO YEARS?

This is my life... Always chaotic...Always amazing.

Day 117

The Potato Heads


Lindsay said...

Our lives sound very similar. I love it!

Amy S said...

Life with toddlers~ beautiful chaos! Very cute pictures.

Heather said...

Oh, I'm so looking forward to the days of wondering, is this the dogs do?, or...

Haha, your life sounds pretty fun though. Toddlers always keep things interesting.

OneMommy said...

Having 2 always keeps you busy! Never a dull moment. I just spent the last hour playing princesses with one and fighting off dragons the other had, and my brain is fried.

JennyBean said...

Awww, the cherubs!