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Monday, June 27, 2011

A magic brush in my bed & Day 116. 249 Days Left.

Every night before I go to sleep, I go on a scavenger hunt; searching Addison's and Jackson's beds for whatever random toys they managed to slip in with them. This is my way of avoiding a wake up call from toddlers rolling over on hard plastic dinosaurs or race cars; because once up, they end up in our bed.

Last night, while pulling toys from under Addison, I woke her. Her eyes popped opened and she whispered “mommy, there is a magic brush in my bed… and a mirror… and flashlight.”

I run my hands through the covers and found the brush first than the mirror and flashlight. I asked why she had this stuff hoarded in bed. Her response; a quiet, half mumbled, “I wanted my hair to grow like Tangled and be magic. I needed to brush it.” I ask her “but why the mirror and flashlight?“ She replied; “how else do I see?” Sounds about right.

Twenty minutes later, she, her magic brush, mirror and flashlight, along with a handful of Toy Story Friends, ended up in bed with us.

What has been the strangest thing you found stuffed in your little cutie's bed?

Day 116


Angie said...

I just love reading all the adorable things your daughter has to say. Really brightens my day! That picture could not be any cuter!

Ado said...

When my oldest was 4 I started noticing that she was into building pyramids of her stuffed toys and putting them on the bed before going so sleep but after I'd tucked her in. At first I thought it was cute but then I started wondering - she had, for years, a superstition about leaving anything on the ground when she slept - so would put EVERYTHING - up on the bed w. her, even bits of paper, old shoes, you name it. So um, that was pretty strange!

Skye said...

that's pretty funny. nothing yet here... she just has a handful of stuffed animals and chewy type toys (sounds like my dog's bed too! LOL)