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Sunday, June 19, 2011

House-sitting & Day 113. 252 Days Left

My parent’s decided to revoke our father’s day dinner invite and spend the weekend with Dr. Doyle, DMD (Aunt Mon-ka). My thought- ahhh, a quiet weekend at home; there are plenty of to do’s around here.

Should have waited until my parent’s were out of the house before having that thought…

Phone call from my dad…

Dad: "Hey hun. Your mom and I are heading out this weekend to see Monica.”

Me: “um, ok”

Dad: “Listen. Why don’t you and Justin bring the kids and have dinner here Friday and Saturday nights, I have steaks out for Justie and fresh fish for you, You guys can grill, the kids play in the yard, plus we are taking the German Sheppard’s so you can bring the dogs and they also have the yard. So plan on spending the next two nights, would you babe? Your brother will cut the grass so you don’t have to worry about Petunia with the bees (yes, the pug is allergic to bees. In fact the first time stung almost killed her).”

Translation: Please come over and baby-sit man-sit house-sit for the weekend.

Me: “um, ok”

So with that I pack for a weekend, less than an hour away. Load up enough shit necessities for two toddlers, three dogs and a couple changes of clothes for the hubby and me. With toddlers, light packing does NOT exist. No matter the circumstance.

Get to the house, unload everyone and everything, say hi to Uncle Brian who huffed “you my babysitters”, made dinner, cleaned the kitchen and went to bed. Kids finally fell asleep around 11pm.

Saturday the kids enjoyed the late morning and afternoon in the yard. They played in their sandbox, in the pool and Addison even helped Uncle Brian with the yard work.

(see how helpful- she is putting the leaves “away”)

This morning Addison made the hubby blueberry pancakes; dumping almost the entire bag of frozen blueberries into the batter. They were blue.
(notice the blue face. she just about ate as many blueberries as she dumped in)

(Addison's "bestest blue blueberry pancakes")

(the hubby & Jackson enjoying Addison's "bestest blue blueberry pancakes")

Later, we decided to take the kids to Target to pick out a slip-n-slide. Toy Story for obvious reasons. How very exciting and so much fun! We spent another afternoon playing in the yard. Really can’t complain because we had a great weekend after all. My parents do so much for us that house sitting for a few days was the least we could do for them. The kids really did have a wonderful weekend.

Hope all of you amazing dads out there had a wonderful Father’s Day.



One amazing daddy


JennyBean said...

Melissa, you always have great pix! Addison is the most adorable cook I've ever seen, and au naturel, too.

Sounds like a marvelous weekend, and you've inspired me--I'm going to get a slip 'an slide!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weeekend for your beautiful family! Makes me want to go out and have fun on a slip en slide- I remember those days. Looks like your little cutties had a blast! Love all the pictures.

Best wishes,
Amber S.