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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A toddlers mind & Day 95. 270 Days Left

We have been on a Toy Story Marathon. The past few days Addison has insisted requested to watch Toy Story… Followed by Toy Story 2… Followed by Toy Story 3 (my favorite).

Growing up, I remember having Cabbage Patch Kids and Barbie’s. My sister and I, together, would engage in creative imaginary play… but I don't remember us playing anything like Addison.

Our Toy Story marathons have encouraged her to be more imaginative during play time.

Must say, really, really fun to watch. Her. Not the movies.

I am pretty sure Daddy and Jackson are over watching Toy Story. I know I am over the movie. But I enjoy Addison learning to use her imagination and if Toy Story helps- well so be it.

Scene 1:
“Evil Princess Monkey, Evil Dinosaur and Evil Giant Rabbit took Flower.”

Scene 2:
“My friends are going to save you Flower.”

Scene 3:
“Mommy we saved Flower.”

Scene 4:
“Oh no mommy! Evil Big Baby took my friends boat go get him Mommy! Lock him up!”

Scene 5:
“Dr. Eeyore has to check Disney Dog for a boo-boo. He has a splinter from saving Flower.”

Scene 6:
“Disney Dog needs to go get Rex to take by Dr. Eeyore. Rex has a spider bite from Evil Princess Monkey”

Scene 7:
“Everyone is all better. We are having a cupcake party. Mommy, lock up Evil Big Baby with Evil Princess Monkey.”

Note to self: Teach Addison to sit with legs closed. Had to stop and put clothes on her. still didn't seem to help.


Day 94

Jackson and his new buddy


OneMommy said...

LOL. I liked your note to self; I have the same issue with my daughter. Easter Sunday I kept having to re-sit her on the pew at church.

Ado said...

We are on a Free Movies marathon today - Fairies, and also (as usual) Wild Kratts. (-: Your kiddos are so cute.
PS: I have awarded you The Versatile Blogger award. (-:

mommysankey said...

Thanks Ado! I love to feature your blog. I suck at passing along awards- as I have mentioned I am pretty damn lazy... I will get to this tomorrow...(hopefully!) Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day :)

Skye said...

That is precious that she plays so good like that - so cute. I do the same thing - I watch Julianna playing too - even at her young age, you can see her mind spinning over certain things. It just makes me smile!:)