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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday & Day 111. 254 Days Left.

It’s no surprise kids’ say the funniest things, and what comes out of the mouth’s of toddlers is often hysterical and sometimes downright pee your pants funny! When what they say isn’t humorous, their words can melt your heart. To help make sure I never forget these little toddler quips and because they make me smile, I have decided to share them in a weekly post called “Toddler Talk Thursday.”

After hearing a commercial for Egg-land’s Best eggs…

Addison: “Mommy I want some Egg-land’s best eggs.”

Mommy: “I don’t have those but we SunnyFarm eggs.”

Addison: ”Noooo!” (as she is inspecting the eggs for the official EB stamp) ”Egg-land’s best because they are the best!”

Mommy: “Okay- why don’t you go and find your sippy cup and I will get them started. You can come scramble them.” (I crack the eggs and dispose the evidence of my lie egg shells as quickly as possible)

Addison: (while eating her scrambled eggs) “See mommy the Egg-land eggs are the best.”

She devoured two eggs. Most mornings I am lucky if she will take two bites.
She even helped Jackson with his.

What are you toddler's saying?

Day 111

Welcome to the family Slinky Dog

Thank you Pop-pop and Gredda

1 comment:

OneMommy said...

They are so funny sometimes. Glad you got the evidence disposed of in time!