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Friday, May 6, 2011

The teething night crawler & Day 94. 271 Days Left.

Neither of my kids have been particularly good when it came to teething…

I tried everything marketed for teething relief. Nothing seemed to ease their discomfort. Most of the teething products ended up in the trash or pushed to the back of an already overflowing drawer. Addison was far worse than Jackson. I could not even giver her Tylenol or Orajel; she would vomit the moment it hit her mouth.

However, nothing comapred to the molars.

They morphed into something that crawled out of the latest horror novel…

The past few days, with Jackson, have been rather difficult; missed afternoon naps, late nights with frequent wake-ups and even earlier mornings. He has a horrible diaper rash which, for him, is not normal. We were fortunate enough that neither Addison nor Jackson really had problems with diaper rashes- until teething; mostly molars.

He is miserable. Clingy. Cranky. Tired.

We tried Tylenol- not helping. He just wants to be comforted and held. He does not want to leave our arms. If I put him down he runs to daddy crying, arms stretched, waiting to be picked up. He whines and moans and cries and throws himself on the ground. All. Day.

Not fun for anyone. Especially our little guy.

Last night, by far, the worst. It went a little something like this…

8:00pm: After their bath, we put a very cranky Jackson in his crib and Addison in her toddler bed. An hour later he climbs out of the crib, crying.

9:01pm: Put him back in the crib with a sippy cup of milk. More crying. More milk.

10:30pm: He finally feel asleep.

2:46am: Jackson wakes crying. Addison comes running out of the room. Take Addison potty. Change Jackson. Crib. More milk. Put Toy Story on for the one millionth time. Addison falls back to sleep. Jackson fusses.

4:00am: Jackson is sleeping. The hubby's alarm goes off for work.

5:00am: I hear the door shut- hubby left.

6:00am: Pug wakes me- she was snoring.

6:15am: I go sleep on the couch.

7:00am: Addison comes running out “it is wake up time mommy! Take me potty.”

7:30am: Jackson wakes. Crying.

One down. Three more to go.

I just want my happy little man back.


Day 94

Jackson and the words "yea" or "weeee" while in another room- NEVER a good sign... at least I have not mopped the floors and I caught the mess before he really got into what he was doing. Needless to say the frig is now Jackson proofed.


OneMommy said...

I hate molars! I hope they come in quick for your little guy. With my daughter she acted fine but had terrible diarrhea every morning - up to her neck, seriously. My son had awful diaper rash, too, and was just the crankiest thing ever. My husband always says that if adults teethed there would be a multi-million dollar industry of pain relief...

Hungrigyrl said...

Glad you got the camera out to snap a photo of the refrigerator mess. I don't know how many times my kids have done something that is so photo op worthy but I am so frustrated/bummed that I forget to get the camera!

Ado said...

Holy molars, I hope they happen soon. Ouch. Good luck