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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The circle of life for a stay-at-home-mom & Day 107. 258 Days Left.

It all began Sunday afternoon…

As previously posted, Sunday we decided to take apart Jackson’s crib and transition him to a toddler bed. Today I can say what the fuck were we thinking? We decided on the toddler bed for two reasons 1) he was climbing out of the crib. Though he never got hurt, this paranoid mom watched a Dr’s episode and Dr. Sears mentioned that any baby climbing out of their crib should be put into a toddler bed; climbing out can result in serious injury. Me: we have to get a toddler bed NOW! 2) Addison decided that their room, when the TV is off, is spooky and she talked me into allowing her to invade Jackson’s crib. The two of them had no space to comfortably sleep. Me: this is never going to work. We have to get a toddler bed NOW! We did exactly that. I will point out that even though Jackson was climbing out of the crib; when it was nap and bedtime, you never seen a baby happier to climb in than him. He loved his crib. What I loved is he slept during naps and through the night. So what were we thinking? Right?

We have been out of the house since Friday. Jackson has not had a good nap in five days. You may think sans nap he would be eager to bed earlier but with Jackson it is the exact opposite. If he does not get a decent nap he has an awful time sleeping at night. The past two nights he has been up until 11:30pm- 12:00am and waking at his normal time 7:00am. He is cranky.

Cranky Jackson= cranky mom.

While out, the three cats and three dogs have had the run off the house. Five days. As you can imagine, five days without vacuuming and moping while owing six pests pets, the house is a fucking pig sty.

Messy house= cranky mom.

Today, our first full day home, I decided to clean… I dusted, having to stop every five minutes to get Jackson and each time he would throw a fit complete with screaming and head banging. Once I made my way to the hall, I smelt something burning; the dryer. Fantastic. Call the hubby to bitch. He tells me if I notice smoke to take the kids and dogs with me to get the landlord. “But the house is a fucking mess. I can’t have him come in here.” Hang up. Light a couple of candles to rid the house of the pungent animal odor. Vacuum as quickly as possible. Lock the kids and dogs up in the nursery so they are together in one place. Mop the floors. The mop breaks. Clean the bathroom that has the washer and dryer in it and notice the smell is gone. Think to myself: good the hubby can check it when he gets home. Lay the kids down for a nap. Jackson won’t stay in toddler bed. Lay the kids down for a nap. Repeat. Call mom to bitch. Go pee, the toilet doesn’t flush; try again it starts filling up. Seriously! Lay the kids down for a nap. Sit down with a cup of coffee. Start this blog post. Lay Jackson down for a nap. Hear a popping sound and notice one of the candles flaming. Try to blow out candle but continues to flame. Grab pot holder rush candle to the sink and douse with water. Lay Jackson down for a nap. Think to myself: why did we take down his fucking crib on Sunday!

Tonight the crib is going back up so all will be right with this mom's universe.

day 107

"Look at the camera for mommy"

Love how neither are looking and both wearing the same expression


OneMommy said...

I think I'll keep my little monkey in his crib for now... One kid who can escape her room at will is all I need. Hope your world gets back on track soon!

Life by Cynthia said...

Oh boy! Sorry Mama! Mommy juice time! Hugs!

Jackie said...

I agree... mommy juice time! :) And I'm the same way... messy house = cranky momma!

Jackie @

Rosann said...

Oh my... you've had quite the week! I do understand all too well. We also just transitioned our two year old into a big girl bed for the same reason. For the first week...or was a nightmare to get her to nap. She's always been a very good sleeper so this posed a big problem for me.

Also, like your Jackson, if she doesn't nap during the day and goes to bed over-tired she cries out in her sleep a lot. Night terrors. Horrible.

We perservered and pushed through a difficult couple of weeks...and now, she's back to normal sleep during the day and at night. The difference is that for nap, I have to lay down with her until she falls asleep. Otherwise she just reads or plays quietly in her room instead of going to sleep.

But this is not a problem at night, for some reason.

Best of luck to you. I know it's hard. I agree with the others...time for some mommy juice! :)

Many blessings,