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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And another reason why I am slowly going insane & Day 114. 251 Days Left.

As I am turning the corner into the hallway, I saw Addison’s little box of hair-ties, splattered about the hallway like a spilled bag of confetti. “Addison, come here for a second, please!” I called out in a very authoritative, Mom-means-business tone.

“What?” She responded, holding a handful of her barrettes.

I ask why her hair ties were spilled all down the hallway.

"What hair ties?" She asks.

“What do you mean what hair ties? Those!” pointing down to the mess on the floor. The mess she had to walk around and through to get to me. “Why are they all over the hallway floor?”

“Where?” she asks.

“Where? There! Look down in front of you!”

Addison looking to the side “I don’t see nothing.”

"Anything." Addison: "huh?" Me: "Anything. I don't see anything." She looked confused... Me: "Forget it. Just, please pick up the hair ties."

"huh?" Looking around. clearly confused by my requests.

"Addison! There! Look IN FRONT of you!” Finally, looking down… “Why are they all over the floor?”

“Because Jackson didn’t sit still.” She retorts.

Clearly she’d been playing dress-up with Jackson.

After snapping a few pictures, of a less than happy Jackson, I ask her to pick up all the hair ties before they get lost.

Again- “What hair ties mommy?”


Before she can ask “what?” I reiterate, “THERE!” pointing now, frustrated from repeating myself several times. “Put them away. NOW!

“What?” she asks.

“What do you mean what? The hair ties. Pick them up, put them back in the box and put them in the drawer. You know, where they belong!”

“The drawer?” she asks.

“Yes, the drawer!” I repeat.

By this time, my patience- GONE. “Addison, why are you just standing there? Go PICK them UP and PUT them AWAY. OVER THERE! I motion, again, pointing to her drawer and this time giving a little nudge.

“Oh! These hair ties.” she responds.

"Are you freakin' kidding me?" I mumble under my breath, grateful she finally seems to get what I’m saying.

Day 114

Day at the butterfly gardens of a local nature center


Kimberly said...

Hey totally do that on purpose! Mine does the same thing. Drives me bananas!!

OneMommy said...

I laugh every time I read your blog! Your kids remind me so much of my own! Oh my! We had a similar dress up incident a week or so ago - Only Peanut wanted her brother to wear the Minnie Mouse dress....

Thanks for a good read!

Q. said...

Your blog was recommended by a friend- I have to say I am so glad I stopped. I have my share of conversations that played out the very same way. I almost heard my very own voice in this. I agree- they totally do it on purpose!

Thanks for the laugh! Q.

Life by Cynthia said...

Oh boy! I think I'm in for it once our guy starts talking more. Sigh...Some days I feel like I have conversations like this with my dear hubby! LOL! Great post! I love it.

Trish said...

mommymmsankey rocks! Thanks for keeping it real!