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Monday, May 16, 2011

Beware the light sleeping mommy & Day 97. 268 Days Left.

There was an era, ages ago, when I could go to sleep and stay asleep through the night- undisturbed, unruffled, unpushed and my comforter stayed on me till I chose to toss it off in the morning... that day is long gone!

I am a tired mommy.

Pretty sure I have mentioned this once or twice before. I will go a step further... I am a light sleeper therefore I wake up a tired mommy.

The worst part- most nights it has absolutely nothing to do with the kids.

I do wake up occasionally to the rustling of the kids moving around their beds- we still sleep with the baby monitor. Some nights Jackson lets out a little cry but he ventures right back into dreamland. Addison will occasionally wake to go potty or from growing pains or to come into bed with us (we then have to lift her over the baby gate that blocks our bedroom door- this way our fabulous dog can’t pee on the carpet- his favorite night time hobby)… mostly the kids sleep straight through.

I am mostly sleep deprived because of the hubby, the pests pets and the fact I am a light sleeper, little noises wake me and I often have a difficult time returning to sleep.

At first, a big part of the problem was that the husband likes to snuggle to the point of chasing me across the bed. On more than one occasion, I woke up hanging off of the side of the bed and got up and moved to his vacant half so that I could get a little sleep.

Doesn’t seem like such a big deal but add the three cats and three dogs and on some nights, one or two toddlers- to the mix- not much room to move.

Then there is the snoring… have you ever heard the exaggerated snoring on cartoons? You know, that obnoxious snore that has resemblance to a chain saw? That’s how the husband and our Pug snore; I lye in-between the two while listening to snoring in both ears. Waking the hubby and telling him to roll over because he’s snoring used to work. Now he rolls over and still snores, and I don’t get to go back to sleep. After being awake listening to snoring for an hour I give the hubby a good kick light nudge to wake him. If he is irritated enough he will get up and go on the sofa… I yell to him “Take the pug with you!”

On those nights the hubby’s snoring is not the issue, I am plagued by thoughts from the day and worries of the next. And once awake, the animals seem to take the reigns. Cats using the litter boxes, stench of cat poop, scratching, fighting, pug snoring, animals licking themselves and taking up the bed.

Then there are the noises- car alarms, ice maker, babies rustling in their beds, noisy neighbors and the joys of condo living…

Finally, I fall back to sleep… the hubby’s alarm.

I am a light sleeper- the hubby is not.

On this particular night, mommy was tired.
I did not even hear Addison come to the gate so she could crawl in bed with us… oops. Hope she found the sofa to be comfortable.

I do wonder how long she was standing at our door before she gave up…

So here’s to all you other sleep-deprived mama’s, 'cause there's nothing more defeating than a fellow perky mom who's got it all together!


Day 96



mominrome said...

these pictures are so funny!!!

:) How can they fall asleep in those positions?!?!?!

Ado said...

What a cute photo of baby on the couch sleeping w. one leg on, one leg off. I hear you on the snoring thing (despite the loud snores coming from your house...) Also love how you wrote pests accidentally not pets.

Rosann said...

Oh, I do know how tired you must feel. It's by the grace of God that my children are finally sleeping through the night in their own beds, most nights. But it's been a long road to get them to this stage of sleeping. My problem, is my hubby often falls asleep on the couch after I go to bed, then he wakes up, makes a bunch of noise as he turns off lights and finds his way to the bathroom and then our bed. Usually, it's only an hour or two later that the alarm goes off. Then I have this bad habit of not drinking enough water throughout the day, so I try to cram as much in as possible at like 9 or 10pm, only to be up and down all night going to the bathroom.

Praying for you to get some better, more peaceful rest soon!


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Those last two photos cracked me up! I also haven't been sleeping well lately, though we got an adjustable bed--it has helped my husbands snoring a ton!