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Monday, May 2, 2011

Just take out the trash & Day 91. 274 Days Left.

Most women have that thing.

The one thing our hubby’s can do to make us melt; make us swoon.

The key to my heart isn’t the dishes. Not the laundry. Not vacuuming. Not cleaning the house. Not cooking dinner. Not breakfast in bed. (Granted those things would be nice).

I just want my hubby to remember to take out the damn trash.

(my husband is wonderful when it comes to helping with the kids. The moment he comes through the door he will take them from me, most of the time, before he has even had the opportunity to shower.

And prior to children my thing would have been quality time together… but now I would rather have him take out the trash… funny how children change us.

Here is why… I spend the day with tiny humans hanging off me, spending playtime together followed by one on one time with each. When the hubby comes home the last thing I need is more time with another human… sounds a little selfish. I know.)

But the trash is full of yesterday’s poopie diapers, snotty tissues, paper towels filled with cat, dog and baby vomit and any other number of disgusting things I have to throw away during the course of my day.

By the next morning it stinks is repulsive. I cringe at the thought of having to open the lid. I move as quickly as possible only to be left gasping for air. Plus no matter how many baby proof latches I install, Jackson finds a way in and I am left digging out sippy cups, toys, clothes, shoes, the computer mouse and a number of non-trash items Jackson decides to toss out while holding my breath.

Still wondering what the big deal is?

I have two options…

1. Wait for the kids to nap. If, at this time, I do decide to take the trash out I have to contend with my three stupid dogs which bark the moment I open the door. Series of events to follow… toddler’s woken--> two very cranky miserable children--> one very cranky miserable mom--> one very unhappy hubby just home from work.


2. I can bring them with me. Put shoes on Addison and Jackson, chase Jackson down the entire hallway while hauling yesterday’s over flowing garbage, dodging spiders on the trash shoot, listening to a screaming Jackson refusing to go back into the house.

You can see this is a real pain in the ass chore.

So please honey, the love of my life, please before you come to bed each night or before leaving for work in the morning TAKE OUT THE FUCKING TRASH.
Love me

Day 91

Planting Marigolds


Becky said...

Ah yes. Hubbies, hey. I want mine to put the kids to bed a couple of times a week. Not asking that much!!

SortaSuperMom said...

LOL! Omg- I don't have to worry about my hubby taking out the trash (one of the perks of having a much older child), but I would do a happy lil' jig if my hubby would remember to just put his clothes in the laundry. I DO, however, know what its like to dig things out of the trash- my middle son's favorite thing to dispose of was the remote for the TV and Wii remotes.
Thanks for the comment, btw. I'm following you now. *hides behind corner, peeking at you*
Talk to you soon!

Kirsten said...

I found this blog to be very funny! :) though as much as I fight, complain, and be miserable I have given up on worrying about the garbage or little things in life. Being married once before .. I realize it's not worth all the fighting. It's just more to stress over! I though do have three older children, one is 17, 12 and 10. I try to get my 12 year old take the garbage out .. and YES I will fight with him about it! He will eventually do it. Though my time with my boyfriend ( whom I do live with ) is more important to me then fighting over things like that! Not saying you do not have a right to fight for that garbage .. I fully understand.. though personally I have given up .. along with picking up the laundry, putting your dishes IN the sink .. NOT next to the sink ( still do not get that whole concept .. lol ) so all is well ... so I move on .. do my best to hold my breath and continue down the path of never ending garbage, dishes, laundry and cleaning!
I wish you all the very best .. love your blog and I will be back ;)

By the way .. I found you off of VB (voicebok.Com) I am also now following you. Please feel free to visit BOTH my sites .. my blog and I see you have a beautiful little girl .. you may be interested in stopping by my bow business at

Have a beautiful Day !

mommysankey said...

Hi Kristen, thanks for posting. I know such silly little selfish things we (I) sometimes worry about... I really do tery to pick my battles with two toddlers, three cats and three dogs and the hubby I have to ick wisely. This is just a difficult one for me to left go... once again silly I know. I guess it is just after cleaning up after pets and humans all day I would like not to have to worry about the most dreaded hose chore and have a house pet & poopie diaper odor free.

OneMommy said...

Nodding my head in agreement the whole time I read this... Do I dare point this out to my dear husband? Maybe I could ask for it to happen each day as my Mother's Day gift, since he certainly will forget that again this year... LOL.

JennyBean said...

This is a perfectly reasonable request. Unfortunately, men aren't reasonable.

Love, love, love the photo!

mommysankey said...

seems perfectly reasonable to me... would love not to have to reason with the hubby especially after having done it all day with toddlers. Perhaps one day...

Skye said...

Seems like a reasonable request....
I do love the kids planting flowers by the way - so cute!! They look like they love it.

mommysankey said...

reasonable request... why are they so unreasonable? My hubby is good with giving the kids a bath each night... but they, mostly, don't have a repulsive stench like the trash.

mommysankey said...

Addison especially loved planting the flowers. She plans on more this weekend...