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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One of those days & Day 92. 273 Days Left.

Yesterday was one of those days where the night before I didn’t get much sleep, and all I could do was just be.

One of those days I knew I was not going to get much done and what I did decide to do, got done wrong. Coffee spilt all over the counter, in-between the oven and cabinets, on the floor. The kids breakfast, banana nut muffins, were accidently made sugar and egg free. How do you skip an entire step? Especially with a recipe you make a couple times a month? You know, one of those days, while yelling at three dogs, three cats and two toddlers, you accidently load the dishwasher with Super Miracle Bubbles.

One of those days my trouble seeking little guy and his curiosity irritates me a little quicker than normal. And I was slightly less resilient to my ornery three year old and her incessant demands.

One of those days when in a flurry for food the pug ran into my leg; “stupid dog”. Her protruding eye, she has glaucoma, began to leak fluid. I panicked. I ran around the house praying it was not serious.

One of those days I could not wait for naptime and even more so, bedtime.

One of those days the hubby was home early from work, woke the kids from their naps and all normal conversation turned into an argument… “Do we really have to have this conversation again? How many times do I have to repeat my self?

One of those days I was exhausted and not looking forward to workout plans with a friend.

Something had to be done to get me out of the funk. I was determined.

Yesterday quickly became one of those days

I discovered the kid’s would devourer sugar-free muffins.
Thankfully they were eatable.

The hubby and I grabbed the kids and cuddled up on the couch watching Toy Story.

I spent a little extra time with the Pug, petting her, cuddling with her, talking to her, tending to her eye.

Jackson and I played peek-a-boo under the covers of my bed.

The hubby, kids and I were able to have lunch together.

I went and bought a new pair of sneakers, to get pumped, for my first workout with a friend. What an amazing workout it was and I look forward to today’s. After all, you are only as good as you feel.

By the end of the day, yesterday was a really good day.


Day 92

my two of a kind


Skye said...

Aww sorry you had "One of those days" - luckily when the new days starts, it's a chance to start over each day :) Hope the little Pug is ok! Awww!

OneMommy said...

Glad to hear you were able to turn the day around; that is so hard to do sometimes!

heidi said...

I hate days like that. Glad you were able to turn yours around!! Cute little peas you've got there. :-)