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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday & Day 99. 266 Days Left.

It’s no surprise kids’ say the funniest things, and what comes out of the mouth’s of toddlers is often hysterical and sometimes downright pee your pants funny! When what they say isn’t humorous, their words can melt your heart. To help make sure I never forget these little toddler quips and because they make me smile, I have decided to share them in a weekly post called “Toddler Talk Thursday”.

Mommy: “Sonofabitch!”
As I stepped in a puddle of what could only be dog pee.

Addison: “*long dramatic gasp* Mommy, you don’t ever say that again- understand me!”

Why she would be so concerned with my choice of words when I have spouted so much worse—not my proudest moments…

Mommy: “You are right Addison. Mommy is sorry that is a very bad word.”

Twenty minutes later...

Addison: “Sonofabitch!” well, at least she used it correctly.

She and Jackson were fighting over a cardboard box house—Jackson won…

What are your toddlers saying?

Day 99

The cardboard "Toy Story 3 friend's house"


Sarah said...

I love how they know exactly when to use the word.. always in the right context. They're such little sponges and it's so funny when they do it, that it's hard to get mad at them.
Great idea for your Thursday posts!!

mommysankey said...

Thanks Sarah! They certainly do have a way with words... I try so hard not to laugh but it is impossible.

Anonymous said...

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SortaSuperMom said...

OMG- too funny! I have to gasp at some of the things my kids say, too (especially when they pick it up from me).

Have a great day!

Becky said...

Hahaha - oh my!!

mominrome said...

laughing. laughing. laughing!


great post!

Why do children always love small houses?!?