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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

He who does not speak & Day 101. 264 Days Left.

My adorable little Bubba Jackson— that tubby, huggy, lovable, blue-eyed, oh-so-stubborn 19–month-old of mine. He jabbers all day that unintelligible jibber-jabber of a one year old, complete with hand gestures and voice inflections but only says about five “real” words. None of which anyone else can understand and none of which are “mama”. In fact, the more I try to get him to say a word- especially mama- the farther his little chin juts out in a try-and-make-me defiance. He will take off in a 2-minute babble of Jackson-Speak, finish, look at me awaiting a response and when I say “yes Jackson, whatever you say” or “oh, really?” he will laugh hysterically. There is no telling what I am agreeing to. He is probably saying "Hey mom, when I am 16, will you buy me a motorcycle? Oh, and I plan on driving down to South Miami to get tattoos and hang out on the beach picking up hot girls in their bikinis- okay?"

So please tell me I am not alone here… Right? Pretty please? Reassure me!
I am hoping it is because (as a friend said) Addison and I do all of the talking for him and because, as I have discovered, he is a stubborn 19-month-old determined to do things only when HE is good and ready.

Ah yes, my stubborn- I am ready when I say I am ready- chubby, toe-head I love... Mama or no Mama.

Day 101

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OneMommy said...

You are NOT alone! LOL. My little guy just turned 2 and until 1 month ago he had a vocabulary of 4-5 words, mostly using "car" for anything he wanted (I guess since his sippy cups all have cars that made sense to him to just say car..) As for "momma" he would say it at night, when he thought no one was listening and refused to say it during the day for the longest time. He's a bit stubborn, too. Must be a boy thing!

Sarah said...

You are NOT alone!! My little one is 18 months and says next to nothing.. Maybe 4-5 words and all the classics... mommy, daddy,car,bum, ta ta, eye, hi, bye bye... okay, so maybe 8-9,, but that is it. I worry all the time.. Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone!

Rosann said...

You know... I've heard that when they take a little longer to talk, it just means they won't stop once they finally decide to start. So this could be good or very bad depending on how you look at it. :)

Of course, I have two girls and they were both eager to get their words out at very young ages and haven't stopped talking since. {might just be a girl thing} Some days I really wish I could get some peace and quiet.

Your little man is probably just quietly listening and soaking up all those new words and sentences he hears from you and Addison. Trust me, before you know it...he'll be surprising you with how much he has to say.


JennyBean said...

You are not alone! Moose is 26 months old and only still babbling.

Last week when we went to have his hearing evaluated, the ENT told me that most children who have a speech delay and no other delays, has some sort of ear/hearing problem. Moose has had a few ear infections.

There's also a book called "The Einstein Syndrome" about late talking chidlren who are just more left brain and are naturally late talkers. Moose exhibits a lot of those traits too.

And then I've talked to a speech therapist who said that especially with boys, delayed speech is not uncommon.

The ENT actually referred us to another doctor who will do a language assessment, and that's our next step.

So, no, Melissa, you're not alone. I know with or without therapy that Moose is going to talk, and I'm just as sure that Bubba Jackson will too. As mothers, we worry....

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

LOL! My Ms. Diva does the same thing, LOL! She is being pretty stubburn about saying real words. She knows she has told you what she wants, she knows you know, and dosn't understand why you expect her to repeat herself, LOL!