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Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of the World to-do-list & Day 100. 265 Days Left (maybe)

Before the grand apocalypse takes place in 8 hours... there are a few things I need to do...

1. Baptize our cats and dogs.

2. Kidnap a nun or priest to keep us Holy for the remaining 8 hours.

3. Buy more cat and dog food (in case we don’t get away with #1)

4. Teach pets to be self sufficient… Probably not necessary being that neither the hubby nor I will be among the ruptured. Chances are neither will the kiddos being that we had them baptized in a backwoods Catholic Church a.) it was quick and convenient b.) no classes to take.

5. Buy shotguns… since the Sankeys will be left behind we need some form of protection for fighting off zombies.

6. Buy plenty of sunscreen- since earth will be a fiery hell.

7. Buy lotto ticket- chances of winning are greater with less people around.

8. Give the hubby a little afternoon nookie why the kiddos are napping.

9. Attend Addison’s bestie’s 3rd birthday party and pray that the rapture actually begins at 6pm (as the rapture event hosts say. However, I am little confused about the time~ is it by time zone?) because damned be the person interrupting a toddler’s birthday party— can you imagine the tantrums from the pissed off three year olds?!

10. If all fails and Sunday arrives, begin preparations for December 21, 2012 Rapture taking place in 579 days 13911 hours 834666 minutes and 50078500 seconds.

Day 100

Addison cuddles


OneMommy said...

I like number 5 and 6... LOL. Thankfully we are prepared on those! (B/C we'll probably be here still, too...)

Optimistic Mom said...

Especially loved #7! Great list. LOL

JennyBean said...


Skye said...

LOL great post. I am still laughing!!!
So much for rapture LOL