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Monday, March 14, 2011

Beauty Sleep & Day 69. 296 Days Left.

Apparently 6am is the new 8am around here.

A few days ago, when Jackson was waking up at 6am it wasn't so bad well, because Addison was actually going to bed at a decent hour and sleeping through the night.

Seriously who am I kidding? It was still sort of sucky, particularly because I was still going to bed at midnight. It's hard to enjoy the fact that they slept from 8pm through until 6am when it's still dark out and you're oddly more exhausted then you were when you were waking up to feed them every three hours.

However, the past week, Addison has been fighting us to the point of exhaustion, She refuses to go to bed. How does a three year old refuse to go to sleep? Well, since you asked…

It begins with a normal bedtime routine. Dinner. Bath. Teeth. Movie. Bed. Yes, I said movie. Clearly I am in need of much deserved peace. Terrible parenting? Maybe. Do I care? NO!

Most nights they are sleeping long before the movie is over. 8pm.
This past week she has come running out of her room with a slue of demands. Another movie. I have to pee. I have to poop. I need a kiss. I want a hug. I need a blanket. Ice water. I hungry. I need socks. My eye hurts. My knee hurts. My butt hurts.

Yes, her butt hurts…

Which all translates to I want to sleep in Mommy’s bed.

As you can imagine, by 12am we I cave. Addison comes running into our bed. I am exhausted. I want to sleep.

She does not immediately fall to sleep; instead she begins rolling around hitting, kicking & head butting me, tapping on the headboard, tossing pillows about…

After I have finally worn out the “Addison go to sleep” it is 1am; she is finally sleeping.

6am. Jackson is up and ready to eat. I need my fucking coffee.

But what they don't realize is that I need my Goddamn beauty sleep.

Day 69

Pumping gas


Becky said...

I am starting to think it's the age. Ellie is doing the same thing. If there's an excuse to not go to sleep then she will use it, though, we've not yet had 'my butt hurts' - if she knew about it she'd use it. How I miss easy bedtime.
And Kahlei's started, too.
Fingers crossed it doesn't last long - I hear you on the need for beauty sleep.

Anonymous said...

I remember my daughter going through this (she's 11 now and sleep like a log most nights), but it was very frustrating. She's also autistic and found sleeping difficult when she was younger. I got really tough I'm afraid as I need my sleep too (I'm epileptic, we're a bit of a dysfunctional family, lol). It took three nights of being quite brutal, sitting outside her bedroom door and the minute she came out of that bedroom I would march her straight back to bed. It happened many, many times in a night but after 3 nights, she realised that I wasn't putting up with it. It worked.

CJ xx

Sandra said...

Ok. If letting your kid watch a movie translates to bad parenting, then I suck. My kids watch Teen Mom!
PS: I checked out the post with the balloons in the toilet, and yes, I'm smiling!

Ado said...

Oh my goodness! You listed *my* blog under BLOGS I LOVE. This is my very first time someone has linked me. Am all choked up! You are very nice. I'm also going to give you a shout-out today on the Momalog Blog page on Facebook. Thank you! (-:

Re. the after dinner/bathtime movie - I'm right there with you. Not so sure it's terrible parenting (maybe depends on what the movie is...) however I have sunk to letting them watch a little Scooby Doo to relax. It used to be PBS and educational. Now it's cartoons. But on that front, a happy and relaxed mommy is a better one, so take your little break wherever you can get it.

PS: I have not had beauty sleep in 9 years. (-:
- Ado

Life by Cynthia said...

Ditto what Ado said! Thank you for adding me, I am thrilled. Both you & Ado are definitely on MY "BLOGS I LOVE" list!

As far as beauty sleep...will I ever again know the feeling of "sleeping in"? Ladies, please lie to me and tell me yes. One day??? Maybe???