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Friday, February 25, 2011

A for Apple, B for Butt, H is for Hoo-ha & P is for Poop. & Day 63. 302 Days Left.

Recently Addison has become especially interested in the way words are spelled. I get asked several times a day to spell words for her. Since the hubby and I are planning to send her to school in August, I have taken full advantage of this and sound out the words for her to give me the letter name.

That being said, today, while we were in the room playing with her critter clinic, she asked me to spell "butt". I sounded it out and she gave me the letter names. Next, she asked me to spell "penis". Trying not to laugh, I sounded out the word and she gave me the letter names. Once we spelled penis, she asked me how to spell “hoo-ha”; the word we use for vagina. I said to her “how bout we spell animals words instead.” She didn’t like the idea because “spelling animals words is so boring”. She than asked me to spell “poop”. I asked why she only wanted to spell potty words. She responded with: “Because they are so so so so so funny mommy.”

Great, as long as we've got that clear.


Day 63

4th floor balcony swimming


Skye said...

Potty words are funny - CLassic! hahaha!!

The Naked Mother said...

Whatever holds there attention works for me! I'm afraid my kids will ask me to spell some of the four letter kind...Oops.