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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fairies, Wings and Bad Words & Day 56. 309 Days Left.

Damn it”... a few seconds later I hear “Arrrgh, Damn it. I can’t get them in there.” I go into the nursery to see what is going on; “Addison what is the problem?” She is playing with Tinker Bell and her fairy friends. “Mommy, I can’t get them in the damn school bus.” Being mother of the year, I of course couldn't help myself from laughing. "Mommy, are you laughing at me?" "Yes, pumpkin I am." "You're laughing because I said damn, right?" (Laughing harder at this point!) "Yes, I am!" “So, it is fine to say damn?” Now I am scrambling to figure this out. “No Addison, it is not okay to use those words; they are bad words.” She pauses… “Oh, just like shit is a bad word?” I am trying to hold back the laughter, in disbelief that I am having this conversation with my three year old.“Yes, they are both bad words.” I can see she is thinking… “But mommy you say shit and damn it.” more thinking “so when I am big like you I can say shit and damn it huh?” Trying to turn the conversation, I tell her "fairies do not need to ride the school bus they have wings, they can fly.” She looks at me and says with the most serious face, “No mommy, they don’t have wings. You took the bad word wings off.” Really can’t help but to laugh… because the fairies clearly don’t have their “bad word” wings.


Day 56

Breakfast: I am mother of the year


Heather said...

Hell yes you are mother of the year in my book! How can you possibly pass up such an opportunity to spray whipped cream into adorable deserving mouths? Plus they giggle when you do it, how much cuter can it get?

We have 4 older girls and one of my twins heard me getting mad about something (my step-daughters mother to be exact although I was careful no one knew that part) and she wrote down "whore muffin" on a piece of paper (because they know they are not aloud to talk like that and will lose important electronic devices if they do) and I about spewed diet soda out my nose! We have gotten to that time in life where your kids have phrases and words I haven't heard before! I am not sure I want to know where they get this stuff, but it is funny none the less.
Of course I am not off the hook with the toddler words though cause we have a 2.5 year old also!
Your post made me laugh...thanks! I needed that.

Skye said...

LMAO about the bad words - and the whipped cream - that is classic. Just too funny!! :)

The Naked Mother said...

I win the (bad)Mother of the Year award for food choices more often than I'd care to mention. The other night we had pancakes for dinner.

As I was cutting them up for my boys a huge wave of guilt rushed over me so we had pancakes- with butter and maple syrup of course- and a side of steamed vegetables. Yum. Right?

GrumpyGratefulMom said...

Just found you--Loved your story--what a fun blog! Janae