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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Girl in the White Shirt & Day 52. 313 Days Left.

Just when I think I am the most unreasonable parent some dim-witted mother comes along…

I decided to take the kids to the park for a little weekday fun and get the hellions out of the house to burn off that pent up energy. Addison found a little girl around her age to play with. They were having so much fun together. The mom was sitting close by with her newborn twins. Jackson was climbing up the stares and sliding down the slide on his belly- I don’t know; he just likes to slide that way and why would it bother me? Well Addison brought her new friend over to play on the slide with Jackson. The three of them took turns climbing and sliding down on their bellies. After a few minutes the little girl’s mom looked over and said “No, don’t slide down on your belly you are going to get your shirt dirty, slide on your butt.” The girl’s mom dressed her in a white shirt and told her not to get it dirty…AT THE PARK! Really? So the little girl decided she did not want to get in anymore trouble and left Addison and Jackson behind. Stupid mom.

Day 52

A Day at the Park


Becky said...

Ahaha, 'don't get dirty.'
What a silly thing. Children get dirty and life's not much fun if you can't. The only way I keep my kids (okay, Kahlei) from getting clothes dirty is to not dress her!
Beautiful photos

Jansen Family said...

That is amazing. I can't believe the way some people think! I came across your blog through Skye's blog--I love it! You have some terrific posts! I'm a new follower.


Janelle said...

This post made me laugh because I see so many moms put dresses on their girls and then get mad at them for climbing or playing in the sand box at the park. Really? Anyway I found you through Bloggy Moms and I am now following you. Would love for you to follow me back.