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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hooray for Package Day & Day 59. 306 Days Left.

The doorbell rings, the dogs bark, Addison and Jackson come running out of their room half naked because the only time I dress them is when we leave the house- I digress…

This can only mean one thing… it is package day! There is a twinkle in Addison’s eyes as she jumps up and down waiting for me to sign and get the package in the house. I ask her “who do you think this is from?” and without hesitation she shouts “memaw and pa-pa S.”

I open rip open the package with the help of a one and three year old; they throw the paper and peanuts in every direction. It is a competition to see who can get to the goodies first. The clothes get a brief glance and go flying… what they really want – the toys! Today’s package came loaded with clothes (which mommy loves) and musical books. Thomas the Train for Jackson and Tinker Bell for Addison. They both jump up and down, grabbing and anxiously waiting for me to rip open the cellophane and hand over the prized goodies (as if they don’t have a room full).

I finally hand over the goods and they each play with their new books; only momentarily. They want what the other one has. They switch back and forth for 15 minutes before deciding Addison decides which book suits her best. Today it was Thomas the Train. Sorry Jackson, Tinker Bell it is.


Day 59

Picking Flowers

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