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Friday, February 11, 2011

Up Butt Coconut & Day 57. 308 Days Left.

For Christmas Auntie M got Addison her very own digital camera… but that was not all.

Addison loves surfing around on YouTube with us. She loves watching the various music videos from Nick Jr and other preschool favorites. When mommy is not around the monkeys (which include Daddy and Auntie M) will play. The hubby found some not-mommy-approved music videos that he and Addison were rockin’ out to and later discovered Auntie M reinforced. I did not know any of this until Addison was walking around the house singing “Up Butt Coconut”. I asked her where did she get that and her response was “Daddy and Auntie M”. Fantastic.

Well today, Addison & Jackson were playing with their dancing monkey toy when she suddenly got the urge to grab her digital camera. She pulled it out and started to "snap" pictures of all her stuffed monkey butts; the entire time signing “up butt coconut- hahaha butts are funny!”

Her pictures were not limited to monkey butts. No, she decided to include the pug butt, Jackson butt, plastic toy butts, Maggie (our other dog) butt, jellyfish butt and even mommy butt (I will spare you the visual of the mommy butt). Why? Well because “butts are funny”.

Oh my. Maybe she's going to have a gallery of art someday only of butts.


Day 57

When she is not taking pictures of butts and saying bad words she is my girly little princess


Tabetha said...

HAHA, this is too funny

Ado said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Very funny! Potty/butt humor always gets us going in our house. Cute pix.