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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Take a bite & Day 71. 294 Days Left.

Three words I hate most.

Seriously,I must repeat them a million times during the course of dinner.

Addison was not always a horrible eater. In fact, it seems as though she only has a difficult time during dinner.

See the look of disgust on her face... she really does not want to eat what is crammed in her mouth...

I touched a bit on her eating habit once before. At the time she was going through a cinnamon toast and cereal only phase….ah, toddlerism.

Dinner takes anywhere from an hour to two, sometimes longer. “Addison, take a bite” seems to be the only dinner conversation. Each time she politely responds yells “no mommy, I have food in my mouth; see! I need to take a drink to send it to my belly.” She is so matter-of-fact. Apparently, Mommy is so stupid.

I sit and watch as she swooshes her chocolate milk around her food stuffed cheeks in the hopes she can hide the taste of the repulsive dinner I spent the last hour preparing and cooking. Disgusting. Toddlers are disgusting. Don't you think?

Day 71

Happy St. Patty's Day

Be safe


Christina said...

First, those are two of the cutest kids...
Second, yes, toddlers are disgusting. My daughter likes to try mixing her soup (whatever kind it might be) with applesauce. It looks awful, and rarely will she eat it afterward. (I wouldn't,either, but still...)

MamaTales said...

It's so hard to figure out what to feed them. For lunch, I made a toasted peanut butter wheat sandwich, cut grapes, a bowl of yogurt and soy milk for Izzy. Which she responded by immediately throwing the dog all the sandwich pieces. It's frustrating at times because you want them to eat well and they end up playing with the food or turning up their nose without even tasting it.

Cassandra said...

Hi, I just found your blog, I have an almost 3 year old girl and 4 month baby boy so I'm loving reading about your kids so far :)

My daughter is extremely picky and dinner for us is just an absolute nightmare. I used to set a timer and told her she had only 30 minutes to eat and if she didnt she wouldn't get this and that. but now she hates the timer and is in tears at just the mention of it. We go through the whole "take a bite" charade for an hour every night too. I hate it and half the time I want to just give in and let her not eat. But yes toddlers are completely disgusting!