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Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 67: Artwork…or the art of getting messy. 298 Days Left.

There is not much more in life (at this point) Addison enjoys more than painting. She sits quietly, for hours, handing me one masterpiece after another to lie out and dry. I have been letting her experiment with paints from about 15 months (just as Jackson does now). I did find with Addison she had quite a knack for painting and even more amazingly, for naming each “piece”. I would hope having artists in both my and the hubby’s family, that eventually, the ability to make something magical was bond to hit one of my children. And it did.

My kitchen is a beautiful gallery of Addison’s artwork. I envision, that one day, the hubby and will be standing in the middle of her very own gallery…

There is a glare because they are framed hanging in my kitchen

"My Family"

"Pumpkins in the nighttime"

"Speedy Spiders"

"Cat and Dog and Friends"

"Happy Rain"

Today's Masterpieces


sidenote: A Nusa is a snowman...I have no idea why she calls it a Nusa when she can say snowman...just one of those things that make you go hmmmm.
"A Monster Rainbow"

Jackson creating a masterpiece on paper

Happy artistic exploration!


stay@homedad said...

Love the pictures. My little girl Ella loves to play with her finger paints, but sadly we only do that "outside" when it's warm enough for her to undress down to her undies. I think for her, half the fun is painting herself with the paint, much less the paper.

Wendy S. Marcus said...

For years my kitchen was an elementary school art gallery. Just 2 years ago (my children now 13, 16, 19) I took it all down and painted. But my kids loved having their artwork displayed! And I loved looking at it. I've saved everything that has a hand print. Or says I Love You, Mom/Dad. Time goes by soooo fast.

Ado said...

Stumbled across you on mommyblogs and must say, really nice tot-artwork there. I especially dig the pumpkin painting.


Skye said...

Wow, that is so awesome that addison loves to paint and be artistic at this age already. So wonderful! And there is talent there - you can see it in her works of art! :)

Supermodel Blogger said...

our sons are the same age. I have to get him going on the paints! I was thinking it was too early. Gonna go out this weekend and find infant friendly materials. thanks!

mommysankey said...

Crayola finger paints are washable, non-toxic and clean up me, Jackson has made it into the paints when I was not looking... check out my post Peace&Quiet! Both my little ones love painting. Have fun!

Mom said...

What a great mom! I sooo don't love the mess of fingerpaints. I am new to the blogging world, but I would love to have you come over and read about the antics of my 12 children at
Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

MamaTales said...

I just got the crayola fingers paints for Izzy to try out. I put some on her hand while she was in the bath. She just stopped playing and looked at her hand with horror until I washed it off. Plus side - it washes off easily. Negative - Kinda grosses her out. Guess we'll have to try again later.

Lindsay said...

I just did fingerpainting this morning with my son. Isn't it great to watch them create!

Just started following your blog!