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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Airplane & Day 75. 290 days Left.

A wife's guide for starting the perfect argument with your hubby…

let your parents talk you into assembling a toy
<-----like this. Step One for creating an argument: Placement of the box before it is even opened… after all you open the box where you are going to assemble the toy right? Well, not according to the hubby. He decided to start in the garage. Why? I still do not know and if you ask or suggest the box be moved, creates a perfect reason for argument #1. After much bitching convincing, by me, the box was moved to a shaded area outside.

Step Two for creating an argument: The instruction manual and the list of tools. Your ideas of tools are far different from his. What do you really know anyway, you are just a woman. And by all means DO NOT suggest he read the entire instruction manual before assembly!

Step Three for creating an argument: Laying out the parts. Do not suggest any of the following: laying the parts out by color, number or size. Because even though he has NOT read the entire manual, he is the man and he knows best.

Step Four for creating an argument: Leaving the hubby “hanging” as he attempts to assemble the toy himself in the 85 degree South Florida heat. Meanwhile you are in the air-conditioned house trying to get two overtired and cranky sweet toddlers to nap and dozing yourself.

(Hubby's progress after 2 1/2 hours)

Step Five for creating an argument: Ask your hubby (after 4 hrs 40 min) how much longer he thinks he has.

Or even better, do this…
Unleash the anxiously waiting excited toddlers on him.

Addison: "Daddy are you almost done building the airplane?
Ok, we help you Daddy."

Total time for toy assembly: 8 hours over two days. Number of arguments with the hubby… I lost count after the first day.

Note to my mother:If you ever purchase a toy with this type of assembly again I am going to bury you under the toy, before set-up, so the kiddos can stomp all over you.

Finally! Playing with the finished toy.

According to my mom: “worth every second!”

According to the hubby:


Day 75

Keeping busy while waiting for the airplane


Lindsay said...

Awesome post! Sounds just like me and my husband! Totally made me laugh. : )

Mitzi G. said...

I love it & I would have to agree with you on the fact of burying mom under something that requires that much work to put together!!

my3littlebirds said...

Ha! What a cool toy! Thanks for visiting my3littlebirds : )

GonzoGirl18 said...

Hahaha! Love this! My hubby and I have had arguments like this. When we purchased the outdoor climber for DS he helped carry the box out back, said "have fun" and left me to do it myself!!

Our Life in the Deep End said...

I love this and I want this and I will enjoy watching hubby put it together! I am going to find it on Mr Google now!

Bum Luxury said...

In my house, I would be the one assembling. My husband hates putting anything together. You should have seen me big, fat and pregnant assembling the nursery furniture. We should have taken pictures of that! BTW-my daughter is 9 months old too!

Bridget from

dosweatthesmallstuff said...

Haahahahaaa. Thanks for making me laugh. Following you from Bloggy Mom.