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Thursday, November 4, 2010

They Are Gross and They Baffle Me & Day 34. 331 Days Left.

My mental capacity is diminished. Mostly because I am a stay at home mom and talk to a three and one year old all day. Therefore I have been having simple thoughts. Which are mostly amusing. My first thought is... kids are weird. Don't you think?

My kids will do things from time to time and no matter how I try to figure out the sense behind it. I'm just left curious.

Why, Jackson, would you eat Wrigley’s (our dogs) fresh poop? Didn’t you realize it smelt like something you would keep away from your mouth? And as far as the dog…thank you for pooping in the house you asshole.

Why are babies so curious about their poop that they have to take their diapers off and play in it? Makes for wonderful cleaning, especially with the help of dogs… just ask both Addison and Jackson!

Now this is something both my kids did; how about yours? Why do they poop in the bath tub? Addison did it frequently until about 15 months old and Jackson has done it about three times, he is now one.

Ever wonder what happens to that boogie once you decide to stop taking it from your child? Just ask Addison… it goes in your mouth. Really? Why? Ewww!

Why are disgusting things like dead bugs or, in this mornings case, Petunia’s (our pug’s) eye gunk so fascinating that they have to pick it up and give it a full inspection?

Why does Jackson find Addison using the potty to be so fascinating that he has to slip his hand in her stream?
Yes, that is a picture of Jackson playing in Addison full training potty.

Moving away from the ewww factor… Why does Jackson find it amusing to throw all of his food onto the floor? Every. Meal. He is hungry twenty minutes later and it plays out the very same way. Just Eat Your Damn Food!

Addison insists on having exactly 20 stuffed animals in her bed, and knows exactly what is missing, if I should attempt to remove something. Does that look comfortable?

Addison has no problem walking up to a stranger and letting them she has a whoo-ha and Jackson has a penis.

Jackson hates diaper changes. He gets so angry that he reaches down and tugs his penis hard enough he cries. So why if it hurts does he repeat this at every change?

Why do they taste things like crayons and play-doh? You can see by their reactions it is gross and yet they go back for seconds or thirds.

Finally, Why does Addison insist on running around the house naked even if she is freezing her little tushie off? And what a cute little tushie it is.

I am sure I will never know the answers to any of these.

So what strange things do your cute little munchkin heads do?


Day 34

Addison look at mommy


Becky said...

Oh my gosh! Yes, the questions a mummy will never konw the answers to! Just the other day I was asking why my 23 month old daughter was licking her foot instead of eating the chocolate chip cookie I gave her for a special morning tea... They really are weird little things, aren't they?

Lita said...

so very cute!!! it's so true there are all these questions we just will never know the answers too!! But what fun to wonder, huh?!?!

FAAS said...

Great questions!! I find myself complely related to them...Diaper change with my baby is really a two man job. Especially when he poops, cause he tries to reach down to make a nice mess!!