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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The demise of "Boy" & Day 70. 295 Days Left.

Addison came running out of her room “Oh no, Oh no, mommy Boy!”

She was heartbroken and crying…

What could possibly be wrong with Boy, a Fisher-price pull along dog, to warrant so much drama?

I asked Addison what happened… she answered “the damn cat ate him mommy. See?”

She is holding the red rope that once was attached to Boy’s collar.

The fucking cat chewed the rope off of Boy’s collar. That damn cat walks around the house eating strings until he throws up. every. where. I hope he dies. I digress.

“I so sad mommy, no more Boy. He is my best friend mommy!” Tears are streaming down her face.

Beloved Boy, who has been dragged lovingly along for two years and has the wear on his wheels showing his many travels, who has his very own dog mat in front of Addison’s Tinkerbell kitchen.

Boy, who is feed nightly a bowl of plastic cheese, bread, eggs and an occasional cupcake. His plastic food bowl was selected with BFF plated on the front. I remember the day Addison picked out the bowl. “Mommy, what does BFF say?” I told her it stands for best friends forever. She grabs the bowl and throws it into our shopping cart. I ask her what we needed with a dog bowl. She looks at me and says “it for Boy! He is my best friend.” The tone in her voice said duh mommy! Do they come equipped with that tone? She is three!

I tried to calm her down explaining that I could fix Boy. I would take her to go pick out a new rope.

I was shocked by what came next…

“No not a rope mommy it’s his leash!”

“We need a red one!”

Okay Addison, we will go pick out a new red leash for boy. Finally, something stupid mommy said got her approval.

As promised we headed out in search of a new rope leash for Boy.

Instead he came home with a fancy new leash and matching collar.
I would like to see the cat try to chew that in half. Maybe he will choke.

When did three year olds get so damn smart?


Day 70

Going Shopping


Skye said...

OK that is so sweet that she loves that little doggy so much! (Damn cat!) - ANd even better that Mommy could fix it! Addison must be one happy little girl now!

Lindsay said...

Seriously so darn cute!

Life by Cynthia said...

Hi Mama. I'm on lunch break and had to catch up! YAY, you saved the day and fixed BOY. I hope to be my kiddos hero one day. I think your 3 year old got her "smarts" from Mom! Love the pictures. Gotta run. Cynthia