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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 74: Get off the phone! 291 Days Left.

What happens when I leave my monsterschildren unintended in the bathroom to assist my mother SOMEONE, over the phone, with how-to facebook questions…

Notice the three empty rolls.
The stupid mommy left the child proof cabinet lock undone.

Note to self… Get off the phone!


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Cabubsmom said...

LOL1! I have totally seen that before in my own house because my 3 boys team up and make a disaster! Hope you were able to save that TP so it didn't go to waste :)

Cabubsmom said...

Sorry, I tried to comment on your croup post, but couldn't find the comment section.

I went through the same thing with my middle child and it is freaky! He was at home with dad and I was at work. Every time I called to check on the baby, my husband told me he was sleeping. Finally a few hours later, my inlaws stopped by the house and I get a call to meet them at the doctors office! I drive over here and run to the office, they know exactly who I am becuase of the look on my face and I run back to the room and OMG! He is breathing so hard that I can see his RIBS! The nurse got the oximeter and wouldn't let me see it because it was so low and then the doc is like "don't freak out, but we have to call an ambulance." Instantly broke into tears! He ended up staying in the hospital overnight and he ended up being just fine a few days later, but what a scare! Now that everything is fine, I tell my husband that the baby was asleep all day because he kept passing out from lack of oxygen LOL!!!

I hope your bebe is doing good now and feels better :)

Ado said...

Oh my God, that is so funny. You should tell the person (your mom?) who gave you the gift that it's okay for them to give another similar gift that requires assembly in future - so long as they assemble it before they give it to you!
My hat is off to your husband though because I can't even start to figure out how to open the instructions, let alone read/understand 'em. I stay completely out of any assembly lines and just let the pro (my husband) do it, b/c I really do not have a clue!
PS: Yes I think you ought to change your moniker to Slankpiller (isn't it creeeeepy???) I do use filters for Spam btw. (-: Thanks for the tip though.

Jackie said...

HAHA!! That picture says a thousand words! Love it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello btw. :)