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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lets Play! & Day 73. 292 Days Left.

Today I took the kids to my oldest friend’s house for a playdate with her daughter.

The age difference between Bina and Addison is only 6 months. From the very first moment they just connected; much like Fluff and me. I have known Fluff for 26 years… WOW! That really dates us… we were in the same Kindergarten class and became inseparable. How amazing it is to watch our children grow together.

What I love about playdates is that the kids develop relationships along with a strong sense of self and they learn important concepts like sharing. What I love most about playdates is that I get to engage in adult conversations with a mommy who understands everything I am experiencing. Also, because Fluff and I have been close for so many years the conversation is easy, comfortable, enjoyable… effortless.

The girls just love one another but Fluff recently has added a new member to our growing playgroup and needed some time before I threw Addison and Jackson back in her face. Her daughter Bella is 2 ½ months and growing fast. Poor Jackson is going to be so out numbered.

Spinning Addison in the egg chair

writing letters... until Jackson tried drawing on other surfaces

Snack break

Lunch time

Today was a great success; Jackson did not break anything.
Just a little mishap with markers and a table of water which made for great splashing fun!


Day 73

Addison first slushy


stay@homedad said...

I have selected you for the Stylish Blogger Award!!

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Christina said...

Having a friend with kids your own kid's age is great. My oldest and dearest friend has children close to my daughter's age, and getting together is great b/c you can always start your conversation "where you left off". We've known each other for, wow, 25+ years... Now I feel old...LOL. It looks like your kids had fun, too!

Skye said...

Yes Christina is right ... having a friend with kids the same age as your own is wonderful! I havea good friend who's son is 3 weeks younger than Jules! I know they will grow up together and have many playdates!

Anonymous said...

It was a great day all around! Sabrina had so much fun with her bestie. They play so nicely together. I appreciate you coming over & cleaning up after the kids, while I tended to my hungry hippo! You & our 26 year friendship hold a special place in my heart! So excited to watch our little ones friendships continue to grow. We love you all! Love, fluff

Kara said...

Aren't play dates the best when the kids are already starting 'friendships'? I love getting together with my friends, who have kids that my boys already call their 'buddies'. It will be fun to see how the friendships grow as the kids get older. I am following you through Bloggy Moms! Cute blog about life with little ones!