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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Something to Blog about & Day 128. 237 Days Left

I have made it a year. The first year is celebrated with paper, right? Doesn’t seem appropriate… instead how about my first lame blog post Surviving Motherhood:100 ways you know you are a mom.

I am not sure what I expected, if anything. After all, I rarely follow through with anything. Addison can certainly attest to that… I think I was mostly hoping for something bigger to do with my spare time along with somewhere to deflect my rants away from the children and a very exhausted hubby or, better yet, hoping to give you all a glimpse into my chaotic life as a stay-at-home mom. With a load of encouragement from friends, children patiently waiting to be fed or bathed and support from the hubby, I was able to commit to this little blog.

In the past year we have celebrated birth stories, birthday celebrations, baby’s firsts, anniversaries, hilarious toddler conversations and moments; you have read about my struggles with motherhood, bad mommy confessions, my biggest fears, terrifying moments and the life changing ones, along with a shit load of rants. All from the comfort of home.

You have made me realize, there really is nothing bigger than what I am already doing; loving my husband, loving my children, finding a creative outlet to keep me sane so I can do it all over again tomorrow. This has been an amazing year and I thank you all so much for taking the journey with me and helping me to find that there is a place in this enormous bloggyverse for even me. I have truly cherished this experience.

Toddler Talk Thursday

It’s no surprise kids’ say the funniest things, and what comes out of the mouth’s of toddlers is often hysterical and sometimes downright pee your pants funny! When what they say isn’t humorous, their words can melt your heart. To help make sure I never forget these little toddler quips and because they make me smile, I have decided to share them in a weekly post called “Toddler Talk Thursday.”

Addison: "Mommy will you go get Mr. Pickle Pants?"

Mommy: "You mean Mr. Prickle Pants."

Addison: "No his name is Mr. Pickle Pants!"

Mommy: "No pumpkin, it is Prickle Pants."

Addison: "Call him Mr. Pickle Pants! That's his name!"

Mommy: "Why do you think his name is Mr. Pickle Pants?"

Addison: "Because he has a Pickle in his pants."

And there it is...

But really his name is Mr. Prickle Pants
not so sure that is any better.


Day 128 of pictures

Bubbles... always fun!


Rosann said...

Congratulations on surviving one year of blogging. :) You've done great and I know I've certainly enjoyed reading your posts and feeling encouraged that I'm not alone in my sometimes chaotic mommy moments.

Is it just me, or has your daughter had a massive growth spurt in the past few months?

Hope you're enjoying the summer!


mommysankey said...

Thank you Rosann. I always enjoy reading your comments (and your blog- you are always so encouraging and inspirational. Thank you for continuing. It is wonderful to know I am in good company.

Yes, Addison did have an upward growth spurt. She is a tall little thing. She certainly did not get her height from me. Now if I could only convince her to wear clothes- she is "so naked" in every picture. It is amazing I can get something on her when we have company.

Hope you and your family are having a wonderful summer as well!

Lindsay said...

Congrats on your Blogiversery!

I have passed the Blog on Fire award on to you! Go to to check it out!

Life by Cynthia said...

Happy 1 year Mommy! Don't ever stop blogging :)

mommysankey said...

@Lindsay- thank you mama you are awesome.

Thank you Cynthia. I love all your Bloggy ventures esepcially 'The Skinny'!

JennyBean said...

Congratulations on a great year!

I'm still snorting over the pickle!!!

mommysankey said...

@Jenny- thank you so much for following along.

Addison certainly has a way with words.

kim Atkinson said...

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Septorinoplasti said...

very helpful post. thanks a lot.

OneMommy said...

Happy bloggiversary!
I love that-- Mr. Pickle Pants! Too funny!