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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thirty-Something & Day 41. 324 Days Left.

I have officially hit thirty-something. I feel nothing; well, other than tired. I can’t really say I feel older, though I am, can’t say I am excited about my birthday, because I am not, today really just feels like another day.

I did spend the day the only way I would dream of spending my birthday, with the hubby, my mom and my two little blessings. The hubby made my favorite breakfast, eggs benedict. The kids hated it but oh, well some part of today had to be about me. (Because after all today will forever be remembered as the day I went into labor with Addison. Her birthday is tomorrow.)

The afternoon was spent at St. Jerome Fall Festival. Their annual church carnival. (I went to St. Jerome from K-8th grade so I was excited about sharing this with my children and equally exciting,it was the first time either has been to a fair.) As we were preparing Addison for the day, I told her we were going to a fair and there would be rides and games. She looked at the hubby and me and said “and boys?” Fabulous, we are going to be in a shit load of trouble come middle school. Boys. She is three. Now I definitely feel my age...Thirty-something.

Day 41

Our Day at the Fair

Jackson enjoys his first funnel cake. He ate the entire fried dough goodness. The first time he didn't throw his food overboard.

we take a little break

We celebrate my turning thirty-something...

make a wish

Although, I already have ALL that I have wished for.

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Becky said...

Happy Birthday :)
Love these pics!