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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Friends with benefits & Day 127. 238 Days left.

What a wonderful few days we have had!

Friday and Saturday my bestie was in town with her adorable man baby. We spent a few hours together on Friday and the entire afternoon Saturday. It is amazing, though we are so many miles apart, the moment we are together, we pick up exactly where we left off.

Two perfect days... but there is a shadow on those otherwise perfect days; yet again, I have to say goodbye to my bestie. She is my life-long friend and will always be a strong presence in my life, no matter the number of miles between us.

Today, I had a friend over with her two boys (come to find out they are the same age as my kiddos) for a playdate. I very much enjoyed myself... watching our children play and catching up after more than 18 years. Amazing!

Days like these make me realize how lucky I am to have met the women that I have met. These incredible women who have made me realize how remarkable we truly are, women who are mothers, who love themselves and love their kids (even on the bad days!), women that have supported themselves, their husbands, their children and their friends.

It is so important (especially with the isolation that is a part of being a stay-at-home mom) that I surround myself with women who rally around me, help me and support me. They are the reason I have not gone entirely insane.

Thank you ladies. I cherish you all.


Day 127 of pictures

Bubbles and Tutus

and golf

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