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Saturday, April 9, 2011

It’s that time again! & Day 80. 285 Days Left.

Holiday Picture season is amongst us.

You know the pictures we parents force our children into taking. We insist they get dressed up and sit on the Easter Bunny or Santa’s lap with the hopes of capturing the “perfect memory”.

Why do we torture our children when they always turn out horrible and cost a ton of money?

Take for Example…

Christmas 2009 Santa:

Cheesy Santa refusing to hold Jackson, mommy stuck in the picture and neither of the kiddo's particularly happy.

Easter 2010:

Only Jackson was willing to cooperate because Addison refused screamed at the top of her lungs “I not going! I scared!”

Christmas 2010:

Jackson screamed for the first five shots. This was the best out of the bunch; notice Addison’s “I am uncomfortable next to this thing and so over-it” half smile and Santa’s eyes… closed.

Easter 2011:

This year was no better. Jackson screamed and Addison wearing her “get us the hell outta here” smile.

I am determined to get a great decent holiday picture which includes two smiling kids. Hopefully, this will be accomplished before sitting on the Easter Bunny and Santa’s laps becomes, well, just too damn creepy.

Day 80

Disney fun at the mall... unleashing the hellions

Jackson throwing bouncing balls around The Disney Store

Addison making her mask for Minnie's Masquerade Party


Our Life in the Deep End said...

I am debating taking my son to see the Easter Bunny because I think the bunny looks nuts LOL Sad I know! I have a picture with him and a real bunny for it. We will see maybe when he comes to our community park.

mommysankey said...

The Easter Bunny does look nuts- I thought the white rabbit was terrifying- Jackson had every right to scream... I am still determined! A real bunny is a great idea- I will be stealing that.