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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Noisy blessings & Day 86. 279 Days Left.

I truly enjoy quiet moments. However, usually during those moments I find something my toddlers have, themselves, discovered.

While I am a firm believer in finding quiet moments for ourselves, I am also a lover of the day to day noises in my house. We all have them… whether you are a college student, just married, are enjoying the fighting giggling of your children or the pitter patter of four (or in my case, twelve) fur paws.

Whatever stage of life, we are all blessed with a routine of sound that is very much our own.

Most mornings I wake to my own noises; hubby getting ready for work, Jackson crying, dogs barking, Addison or Jackson or Pug snoring in my ear, and admittedly wish for a quieter wake up call. However, given the chance (most mornings) I would not trade it for the world.

My days are typically filled with children laughing- sometimes crying and fighting, the clicking of megabloks masterpieces being built- sometimes tossed, toddler requests- sometimes demands, kissing sounds that come from the countless smooches on chubby cheeks, dogs running around (sometimes barking) with squealing children, the hum of the air conditioner, the clicking of the keyboard, the occasional honking of a car or lawn people outside and sometimes the noise of a less than quiet neighbor- which with two toddlers and three dogs I certainly am not. And at the end of the day I enjoy; the giggling of two happy toddlers enjoying their bath, a room filled with once upon a times, happily ever afters, goodnights and I love you’s.

The music that inhibits our car has changed from my favorite radio station and cd’s, to the ever popular Backyardagins, Elmo or Yo Gabba DVD’s; and daytime television rarely sees Good Morning America or Regis and Kelly. And this is perfectly okay, because soon these noises will change and simply become a memory in time.

What are the unique sounds of your home?
Would love to hear what they include.


Day 86

spaghetti night... need I say more.


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Our house is rarely quiet either. When it is quiet, usually someone is up to no good.

I love to hear my kids giggling and playing with each other.

Your messy kid pictures are awesome!

Skye said...

SPaghetti on the dog's head. TOO FUNNY! Love it! It's quiet here -for now - until julianna gets her running shoes on!!
Your post will resemble our household in a few months. Julianna already dropped her teething biscuit on the floor the other night- and Pepper ran off with it! The dog is smart. SHe hangs under the child's chair for every meal. LOL

Lindsay said...

My house sounds like your house! Love the spaghetti pics!

Kathy said...

Even when they are older quiet is never a good sign. I love the noise too, (or try too, because you are right, before you know it the house will be quiet again) I love the spaghetti pictures too!

OneMommy said...

The sounds in our house often include 2 little ones running up and down the hall after each other, followed by the dog - her nails on the kitchen floor are unmistakenable. Most days some kind of kid's music is playing in the kitchen for a while, whether its Laurie Berkner Band, Steve Songs, or Veggie Tales...(all I hear on the car radio is that,