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Friday, April 8, 2011

Dinner Talk & Day 79. 286 Days Left.

After 1 1/2 hours of trying to get Addison to finish her dinner, she decides she is mad!


Day 79

Things I allow so I can get dinner done


Ellie Hirsch-Mommy Masters said...

Love it! You do what you gotta do! From a fellow stay at home mom! They are adorable together!!!! Love the pics of them sleeping. Come read the April parenting tip and latest articles at I think you may be already following.

Have a great night.

Maryann's Mama Tales said...

Such a cute video! "That's not funny mommy! I'm mad!" I can't wait for Izzy to start talking more. Lately, she's been "yelling" at her dolls after she gets in trouble. She shakes her head, wiggles her fingers and says "Nooooo!" I can't help but laugh even if sure just got in trouble for hitting or whatever else my little trouble maker tries to do.

Sarah said...

Hey - you gotta do what ya gotta do. And good for you for keeping your sense of humor about it :) Your kiddos are cuties - looks like they get along well. What's the "days left" project all about?

Ado said...

Your dinner hour takes over an hour? OMG, it takes me some time to make the dang thing but to eat it we're like a herd of squirrels going after a nut during famine and it's over in less than 15 minutes! Usually under 10! Am I doing something wrong here? Are we speed-eating? (-:

Becky said...

Love the video. She is SO cute!
And those photos are great, the things we do to get things done, hey?