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Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting Crafty & Day 83. 282 Days Left.

Today I decided to let Addison forgo naptime with Jackson for a little craft time with mommy.

We have had such a busy week with traveling and numerous doctor appointments; I thought I would give her a break in routine, especially with all the” lay down it is naptime” and “no’s” I throw at her.

What we did...

I found Easter egg pintables and had an idea for craft time fun; an Easter egg tree. I printed the eggs and Addison colored them.

I traced her hand down to her wrist onto a piece of construction paper which she colored brown (we were out of brown). I cut out the hand print and we glued it onto another piece of construction paper. This is our tree trunk.

While Addison was adding a sun, flowers, clouds, grass and gluing the tree trunk I was busy cutting out her colored eggs.

Once I finished cutting out the eggs, I had her glue them onto the tree limbs.

Her finished masterpiece.

I loved spending one on one time together and seeing her face light up as she hung her picture on the frig.

That hour, amazing- even though now, at 11pm, she is an overtired monster refusing to go to bed.

Have you done any crafts with your children lately? What are their favorites?

Day 79

baking cookies

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