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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Only in my house & Day 68. 297 Days Left.

Addison: “Mommy, I have a boogie”

Mommy: “ok, so get a piece of toilet paper” Addison running down the hall…”and don’t forget to close the bathroom door!”

Addison: “here mommy, get my boogie now”

Mommy: “Did you remember to close the door?”

Addison: “Yes”

Well, you can expect my surprise when I pass the bathroom and find this

Only in my house would you find a balloon in the toilet.
suppose, that is what I get for tying a rubber duck to the balloon string.

I guess someone forgot to close the door.

Day 68

after making mud soup


Skye said...

Ahh Balloons in the toilet LOL! Too funny!
Mud soup... too cute!!

MamaTales said...

Haha! Hilarious picture of the balloons! The little things toddlers do that make you stop and smile.

A Mom From The Burbs said...

I've had tons of things in my toilet but I don't think my sons tried this one yet LOL!! Too funny.

Brandi Vas said...

I literally just LOL'd at work looking at the balloons in the toilet. No one else here at work one else here at work has kids. I'm still laughing. They've since given up trying to find the humor;)