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Saturday, September 11, 2010

You Don’t Get Out Much

As we are driving to yet another appointment, this one for the dog, the hubby and I get into a dispute over an off ramp on the highway. I have never seen it and asked when the hell did they put that there? He said it has been there. Oh really how long? because I have never seen it. The hubby’s answer was as long as he has lived here (which has been 15 years). Really? I think I would have noticed an off ramp on the left of the highway and I have lived here 30 years. The dispute then turned into how they hell do people in the HOV lane not end up on the public transit off ramp. Well this dispute was shortly followed by another. I saw some jackass yanking on a bank door. When that one wouldn’t open he went to the second door. Who would have thought,also locked. He then started peeking in the windows,no luick. Back to trying both doors. I say, Look at the fucking jerk. It’s Saturday what bank lobby is open on Saturday? The hubby's reply this time “Boy you really don’t get out much“.

1 comment:

Becky said...

I have that kind of thing happen ALL the time! The last time I went out, one of our two grocery store had completely changed brand.
I really don't get out much, but that statement would really annoy me!