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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm It!

So as my new fave mama Kimberly, over at All Work And No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something, puts it so perfectly. I am using her words: Remember playing tag in grade school? That game was totally invented by parents. Like you ran like the dickens and didn’t even know that you were secretly burning all the sugar you consumed in your morning Pop tart. Parents are genius. Playing tag made for some good times except when the person who was “it” was a known nose picker and was trying to hunt you down with cootie ridden boogie fingers. So not cool.

Well Mama Kimberly tagged me, the new mama on the blogging block, in a blog tag game. Now I am it!

The rules are to answer 4 questions that she picked and then create 4 more questions of my own and then tag 3 more blogs.

Ready. Set. Here Goes…

1. What is something you want to do before you die?
I would LOVE to own my OWN home. I live in a beautiful condo (when it is not gigantic spider season) that really meets our lifestyle and is great with space… but I would LOVE to have a backyard for the kids and dogs with a swing set and all the room out there to play and run around. That I do not have.

2. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Fuck, just one… really I have so many…ummmm, I hate when my hubby tries to help clean-up and puts things back in the wrong (not mama approved) place. Go ahead ask him.

3. How did you come up with the name for your blog?
It started with a just for fun list of Surviving Motherhood laughs I came up with and posted on facebook. I got so much great feed back that I thought, Hey maybe I can do this whole blogging thing. Thus Surviving Motherhood was born. How am I doing?

4. Do you like Cheese Whiz?
Hate, hate, hate it! My children will NEVER taste that shit. Come on people cheese in a can?! The fact they have CHEESE in the name baffles me.

Now my turn to tag…
These are my three fave bitchin' blogging mamas. I read them everyday- go on check them out.

You are it!
Sorry ladies but I would LOVE to know so much more about ya!

1. Becky over at a a peek over the fence. Her girlies are both so beautiful and with baby #3 on the way, it will make for more interesting reads.
2. Aimee at The Mom Who Stayed Sober. She speaks her mind and cracks me up doing so.
3. MaryAnne over there at ThePunkRockMom. Love her, Love her photo challenges, Love her blog.

And here are your four questions:
1. What is something you regret NOT doing thus far in life?
2. What is your most favorite thing to do with the kiddos?
3. Why did you start blogging?
4. What is the one thing you hate doing most?

Thanks Kimberly for tagging me. Now go check out all four of these amazing women. I promise you will love them.


Aimee said...

AWE! you are such a sweetheart!! i posted up my questions just now!! AND cause i just love ya AND your blog i've now put you up on my BlogRoll page!!

thepunkrockmom said...

Thank you so much for tagging me! I love it! :D
I just saw this today (I've been a little blog lazy this week :)), so I'll get to posting it tonite or tomorrow.

And about blog hops- yeah I have seen they do help improve my readership- especially when I join a few and take a good chunk of time looking through the lists of hoppers and picking out a bunch I like (not just 1 or 2 like they suggest) and posting meaningful comments and say that I'm following them. I usually get all that I follow to follow me back and I get residual readers from those follows. And b/c of that I get a lot more daily readers/ followers. So yeah, I find it to be really beneficial if I have a nice bit of time to do them. So I usually only hop on Fridays- if I tried to do all of the hops through the week, I would be on the comp 24/7! (Not like I'm not already tho! LOL)